Turtle Crossing

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  • Started: 7/16/2010 11:15
  • Ended: 7/20/2010 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 22
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Turtle Crossing
Contest Directions: This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images.
Photoshop this Turtle Crossing image any way you wish . Some examples are - making this turtle cross some other places, merging the turtle with some other animal, designing a poster with this turtle crossing, putting this crossing turtle into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.
Many thanks to Iva Villi and Stock Exchange for providing this photo.

Contest Info

    • Started: 7/16/2010 11:15
    • Ended: 7/20/2010 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 22
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
22 pictures
  • Turtle Hopper Spaceship

    Turtle Hopper Spaceship
        • WOW, what an imagination you have...humm! Great work
        • Diz turtle iz hi-tech, and kikz seriouz azz!

          May the force be with it!
        • Congrats on the win, Rain! Another golden turtle in your collection
        • I guessed right-a Winner. Congratulations.
        • Thanks all, may the farce be with you
        • High marks. Almost looks real, great depth and clarity, nice colors too. Congrats!
  • Turtle Army Vehicle

    Turtle Army Vehicle
        • Parabéns Zorro13!
          Fico feliz em um você entre os vencedores!
        • Innovative concept 'Z' and Congratulations.
        • Yeph!! Thank you all, friends

          [Edited by User on 7/25/2010 11:21:33 AM]
        • That would be so cool. lol enemy would never expect it, lmfao!
  • The Volkswagen Tortoise

    The Volkswagen Tortoise
        • This is freaktacular and freakabulous!

          Now we are talking real all-terrain vehicle indeed!
        • Congrats Steven Fine job, like what you did with the head too.

          [Edited by User on 7/20/2010 7:28:32 PM]
  • Military Turtle War

    Military Turtle War
        • wow Great work on details and love how the sun looks like
        • Solid work, and nice light effects!

          I'd add some shadows on the ground under the turtle though. Otherwise the critter looks a bit levitating
        • thx kratos
          thx newsmaster i agree,
          maybe its need more shadows
        • Really good edge control -- cutting all those bits together and making them clean.
        • Congrats Medo Ninja turtles been outranked, lol
  • Turtle Carrying Fairy and Flowers

    Turtle Carrying Fairy and Flowers
  • War Zone Turtle

    War Zone Turtle
        • Whoa, excellent!
          Love the damaged "turtle X-ing" sign!
  • Swimming with a Turtle

    Swimming with a Turtle
        • Impressive. If I'd seen this picture outside the contest I'd think this is a real photo with some artistic touch-up!
  • Campbell's Turtle Soup

    Campbell's Turtle Soup
        • Make that 2 giggles and a chuckle-good luck.
        • made me laugh!
          Poor turtle. Hope the soup is tasty
  • Turtle Island

    Turtle Island
        • Almost subtle at the first look. Very impressive at the second look!
  • Jaws Vs Turtle

    Jaws Vs Turtle
  • Turtle on a Rocket

    Turtle on a Rocket
        • That should enable him to beat the hare, too.
        • and the turtle wins by a hare! (hair)

          Nice one!
  • Turtle Dinosaur with King Kong

    Turtle Dinosaur with King Kong
  • Lady Gaga's Turtle Hat

    Lady Gaga's Turtle  Hat
        • I'm not a big fan of gaga, but this turtle hat just suits her personality - slow talent in a strange shell!

          Great chop!
        • That's kinda conservative for a Gaga outfit, innit?
  • Turtle Swiming Around Underwater Mines

    Turtle Swiming Around Underwater Mines
        • LOL, looks like some patience is needed here for a turtle not to make a wrong move
  • Queen Turtle Under the Sea

    Queen Turtle Under the Sea
        • great work on the source.
          I'd change the top part for some other source - it looks a bit like clouds rather than the water surface

          Welcome to Freaking News!
        • There's something kind of haunting about this one.
  • Turtle Attack on Toledo

    Turtle Attack on Toledo
  • Teenage Mutant NissanTurtle Car

    Teenage Mutant NissanTurtle Car
        • LOL, you even did the back like on the race car!
  • Turtle Race Victory

    Turtle Race Victory
        • Classic story told in a evilishly nice twist, lol!
  • Turtle Love

    Turtle Love
        • pretty cool!
          I'd add some shadows under the turtles and the crabs
        • (turtle) love is... giving crabs to someone you love

          [Edited by User on 7/20/2010 11:33:31 AM]
        • OH-OH...I knew this whole Turtle thing was trouble; No more animal or fish projects for me. Thanks for the heads-up Newsmaster.
        • If you were to take the bottom layer, copy it and put it on top, and make it very transparent, that would give a better underwater illusion, with the waving light lines in front of the objects. (In reality, the lines of light would change shape as they moved over three dimensional objects, but ain't nothing wrong with quick and dirty).
        • Sweasel! Where have you been hiding? I will go to my, limited, PS sandbox and try your suggestions. Thanks for the tip.
  • Ninja Turtle Wars

    Ninja Turtle Wars
        • Nijna teenage turtles - I remember them from the 80s cool.
        • I agree - good call on TNMT! And this boss turtle may be teaching them some new tricks
        • The original idea for the turtles supposedly came from a couple of stoner comic book guys sitting around brainstorming about what animal would make the WORST ninja.

          Nicely executed.
  • Boys with Sacred Turtle

    Boys with Sacred Turtle
        • Nice concept. Add some shadows from the turtle though!
        • I missed the shadows this time but, next time I will add some. Thanks again.
  • Wilbur, The Other Nunja Turtle

    Wilbur, The Other Nunja Turtle
        • I like the idea.
          the mask looks drawn with one solid color though, and the sword needs some shadows under it
22 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Unlike all other modern reptiles, turtles are the only reptiles, whose body is safely covered by shell, which is represented by two shields: on the back side - carapace and on abdominal side - plastron. Carapace is made up of 20-30 small bony shields, fused with ribs and spinal outgrowths. Plastron is a modified clavicula and the abdominal ribs also have the form of individual plates. The shell is so strong that it can withstand 200 times more load than the weight of the turtle. As the turtles grows, a horny substance is deposited along the edges of each shield, forming yearly grooves, by which the age of turtle can be determined. Sea turtles are the large reptiles with limbs having a shape like oars. They come to shore very rarely, mainly to lay eggs. On land, they become very helpless and it is very easy to catch them on land. Therefore, many of the kinds are mercilessly killed by people for meat, shells or eggs. For example, the eggs of Loggerhead sea turtles are widely used in cooking to prepare different types of sweet dishes. Radiant turtles, living in Madagascar, are on the brink of extinction because of poachers, who hunt them for their meat. Another reason for a drop in turtle population is their illegal trade, as reported by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Zoo protectors say that without urgent action, the radiation turtles would disappear from the Earth in the coming 20 years. Among other factors that negatively affect the population of Madagascar turtles, experts term as prolonged drought, which resulted in a decline of agriculture on the island, people were left without food and did not find anything better than to hunt animals, even in protected areas. Extinction of turtles and other species of fauna is also contributed to the clearing of land for agricultural purposes and political instability. Meanwhile in Indonesia, zoo protectors are discussing the fate of Sumatran rhinoceros. In wild nature, not more than 200 species of these animals are left. Over the past year, the number of Sumatran rhinos declined by 50% mainly due to poachers. In the Indonesian zoo, one female rhino got pregnant some time ago, reports BBC News. Zoo staff eagerly awaited the birth of the baby rhino, but later it appeared that the pregnancy was false. This was concluded by the biologists, after studying the ultrasound results of the eight year old female named Ratu. Another attempt to make Ratu conceive will be made this month. If she becomes pregnant and bears a fetus, the baby rhino will be the first in Indonesia, to be born in captivity. Nowadays, the surge in the illegal trade of rhino horns is observed around the world, which is due to the increasing demand for this material in Asian markets. Especially, they are popular in China, where rhinoceros horns are used to manufacture longevity elixirs. 95% of all hunting cases by rhino poachers are registered in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where animals are killed for making veterinary medicines. Till 2006, Zimbabwe's rhino population increased and remained stable for several years. But from 2006 to 2009, Zimbabwean hunters killed 235 rhinos and in South Africa 210 rhinos. By the way, victims of poachers more often are hammerhead sharks, the fins of which are used for making soup. Every year, just for the sake of fins, 1 - 3 million sharks are killed. A kilogram of fins can be bought on an average for 120 USD. Scientists have conducted DNA analysis of the fins, sold in Hong Kong, and found that 21% of them belong to sharks that inhabit the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, where this species is classified as "endangered species". The Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) is sometimes called the "soup" turtle: its tender and tasty meat has become a desired meat for chefs around the world. It is now necessary to take special measures to restrict its trade. Among many international festivals, there is one very important but less known festival in Russia - World Turtle Day. It is celebrated on May 23 by sending postcards with funny turtle themes to friends, actions to protect the turtles are being organized and some even dress up in turtle costumes, which children enjoy. Why should we not adopt this great tradition? World Turtle Day has being celebrated since 2000 on the initiative of the "American Tortoise Rescue" society. This organization was founded by enthusiasts in 1990 in Malibu, California. "And why conserve them? Turtles live for 300 years without knowing grief "- say ignorant people who are totally wrong. The not unknown tortilla with its song about "three hundred years ago" has misled many. A turtle's life realistically is up to 200 years. On an average, they live from 30 to 130 years. The record for longevity, registered by Guinness, belongs to the Tui Malila turtle, which was presented by James Cook to the King of Tonga in 1773 or 1777. It died in 1965 after living for 188 years or 192 years. The longevity phenomenon in turtles has always interested the researchers. Who does not dream to stay young forever and live up to 200 years? American gerontologist Steven Austad suggested that, life expectancy directly depends on a feeling of security. So, animals, living on an island, where there are no predators and no people, live twice as long compared to their "civilized" colleagues. Without purpose, the turtles are not carrying a heavy shell for the last 200 million years, it may be tiresome, but it makes them feel safe. On roads, turtles are practically unsafe. The shell can save them, but like most other animals, the turtle just does not have enough time to react to sudden danger.