Trump gets Knighted by the Queen
Trump gets Knighted by the Queen
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      • That granny served in wartime, something the orange 5 time draft dodger never did...
      • Well before you who live in a glass house go throwing rocks perhaps you may want to research how your messiah O'Bama dodged the draft.
      • Really Gummy. just so you'd know Obama was never drafted, and if he was he was only 8 years old..I don't think they were that desperate, I was drafted, and they didn't give a rats butt that I was still going to school. But then I didn't have a rich Daddy to bail me out. with a phony medical excuse.
      • Hobbit the others didn't insult POW's or Gold Star Families, or Military widows either.. in fact none of the Presidents have.
      • Look Ed, your TDS really is getting out of control here. These comment sections have been used mostly for discussing the chops. What you like, what needs to be fixed but, You can't seem to help yourself from throwing rocks at Trump here. OK we get it you don't like him. But rather than to debate here on politics, perhaps you should have used your time to fix the over whelming amount of mistakes in your chops. We here are all equal opportunity offenders, We get it. Chop Trump any way you wish till your hearts content. But your comments are really uncalled for. Splatshot was paying you a bit of a compliment and you threw a rock at him, as you did me in someone else's picture. Now if you want a list of all the mistakes in this chop that need to be fixed I'm sure there are plenty of people here that will point them out to you. I would be more than happy to but I would need a lot more space than we have here.
      • I never mentioned a thing until people start defending the orange idiot..What I did say is a true fact, now if people get butt hurt becuase of the truth, then that's their problem. I post the images, whether you like them or not, I could give a crap..I am no expert, and I doubt you are one either. This is a contest. As far as Trump is concerned you always come out to defend him. And that messiah Obama crap is just that, Crap. He was not drafted because he was 8 years so I suggest you do some research before you start casing on other people..
      • See your still beating that dead horse. This is a chop comment thread not you private TDS section. Give it a break. Sure chop any pictures you want but as for your TDS Just sit down and shut the "F" up already.
      • you're the one to talk .. so what happen to Messiah Obama comment. no I ain't going to shut the "F" up when it concerns facts..
      • Ouch. She's clearly not a Trump fan.
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