Trash Bin
Contest Directions: Photoshop this trash bin image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: putting some objects in this trash bin, reshaping the trash bin, merging it with other objects or animals, putting the trash bin into some unusual environment, using this trash bin image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.
Many thanks to Jean Froidevaux and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.
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  • Garbage Man Takes Center Stage

    Garbage Man Takes Center Stage
  • Mafia Cleaning Service

    Mafia Cleaning Service
  • Area 51 Alien Ship

    Area 51 Alien Ship
  • Turkey Cooking in a Trash Can

    Turkey Cooking in a Trash Can
  • Burlesque Dancer with Trash Can

    Burlesque Dancer with Trash Can
  • 3rd World Robot Trash Can

    3rd World Robot Trash Can
  • Roman helmet

    Roman helmet
  • Trash Can R2D2

    Trash Can R2D2
  • Trash Can Holding Umbrellas

    Trash Can Holding Umbrellas
  • Where the Bad Cats Hide

    Where the Bad Cats Hide
  • Trash Can Christmas Tree

    Trash Can Christmas Tree
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The trash can is a container which is kept on streets (and in premises) for collecting garbage. Usually, a garbage collecting container in the can is a replaceable one. Sometimes, turn-over variants also exist, in which garbage clearing from bins is accomplished by turning over the can around its axis. The trash can is usually made of tin, plastic, wire, zinc-plated or stainless steel or even from concrete. In addition, trash cans can be fireproof, i.e. the lid of the trash can act as a guaranteed high-quality fire extinguisher by cutting-off air in case of a fire thereby extinguishing the flame. Most of the household waste, naturally, goes into a garbage can, but part of it, nevertheless, remains in the sink – even the most accurate person does this. It is an unpleasant but necessary task to clean the sink from garbage consisting of potato and onion peelings and tea leaves. Because garbage, after getting into the sanitary pipes, sticks to the inner walls of the pipes and block the pipelines. This can be very annoying. Once the pipes are blocked, it becomes mandatory to call a plumber and pay them your hard-earned money or you have to clear the blocked pipes on your own. Try not to make yourself dirty from head to toe! Also it smells foul! Flushing the valve can be handy for the foul smell but useless against clogs. Wastage – a favorable medium for the multiplication of bacteria and insects. Therefore, it is necessary to empty the garbage can, especially during summer several times a day. It is not an issue if the trash chute is fitted in a home but what if you are required to go to garbage containers which are miles away? Is it possible to get rid of the “pleasure” of using your hands to clean the sink by plucking away the onion peelings or fish scales from a clogged drain? Is it possible to reduce the number of “walks” to the garbage can? Solid household wastes - also called Municipal Solid waste or simply MSW, garbage – items which have lost commodity properties, the lion's share of consumption waste. The garbage quantity increases approximately by 3% per year with respect to volume. Garbology is the science, of studying the recycling methods of garbage. Composition: Presently, the following components dominate the composition of MSW (solid household wastes): Paper – Newspapers, journals, packing materials; Plastics; Food and vegetative wastes; Various metals (nonferrous and ferrous metals); Glass; Textiles; Wood, sheet The MSW composition differs in various countries and cities. The MSW composition depends on many factors including the well-being of the population, climate and improvement. It can change depending on the season and weather conditions. Effect on wildlife: Household waste dumping places serve as source of food for synanthropic types - infection carriers, first of all, rats. Cans, bottles and other containers with organic matter can play role as traps for wild animals, for insects. Burial, treatment and recycling technologies of waste products: The separate collection of different categories of waste determines the efficiency and cost of the recycling of individual components. Mixed waste, containing a mixture of bio-decomposed damp food waste, plastic, metals, glasses and miscellaneous components is the most inconvenient waste for recycling. Burial: The cheapest method of getting rid off the waste is to bury the waste. This method dates back to the elementary way - throw any waste away from the house to a dumping place. History has shown that it is not possible to address the issue by simply throwing the waste products from the house. In the 20th century, we had to switch over from the spontaneous creation of junkyards to the designing and realization of special engineering objects of refuse dumps for burying the domestic waste. The project envisaged a minimum impact to the environment and a strict observance of sanitary and hygiene requirements. The most widespread method of recycling MSW is burning the domestic waste and subsequent burying of the formed ashes on a special ground. The method possesses serious disadvantages such as the formation of highly poisonous chemical compounds, for example, dioxins and furfurans. It is required to carry out so called “after-burning” for their neutralization (heating of forming gases above 850oC temperature and maintain the temperature for at least 2 seconds). Many garbage burning technologies exist - chamber, layer-wise and in a fluidized bed. Garbage can be burnt along with natural fuel. From an ecological point of view the most dangerous method is low-temperature burning in boilers.

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