Traffic Signs
Contest Directions: Chicago suburb started installing second traffic signs below the normal ones. The new traffic signs are meant to grab drivers' attention by showing unusual traffic sign messages, like "Stop ... in the name of love" and "Stop ... right there pilgrim". Mayor Dave Heilmann said the "strange sign" campaign is mainly meant for "busy" people who are using iPods, blackberries, and cell phones while driving, and need to see something fresh and unusual to concentrate their attention.
Photoshop traffic signs one way or another. Design a new traffic sign from scratch or edit the existing ones. Change their shape, content, location; include traffic signs in paintings, etc.
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  • Drink and Drive

    Drink and Drive
  • Caution Traffic Sign

    Caution Traffic Sign
  • Traffic Signs

    Traffic Signs
  • Cheney Hunting Traffic Sign

    Cheney Hunting Traffic Sign
  • Stop the Violence Traffic Sign

    Stop the Violence Traffic Sign
  • Car Falling Traffic Sign

    Car Falling Traffic Sign
  • Purgatory Traffic Sign

    Purgatory Traffic Sign
  • Microsoft Caution Traffic Sign

    Microsoft Caution Traffic Sign
  • North Pole Traffic Sign

    North Pole Traffic Sign
  • Stop Sign

    Stop Sign
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Traffic Sign - A standardized graphical picture, installed at the roads for the communication of particular information to the participants of road traffic. Classification: Traffic signs are divided into seven types: *Warning Signs. They are in a triangular shape. Background - white, picture - black. Red border. The participants of road traffic are warned of dangers. *Priority signs. Regulate the discipline of cross roads and narrow roads. They are of different in shapes. *Prohibitory signs. Shape - round, background - white, picture color - black. Prohibition of some particular actions (for example, U-turn); Prohibition of movements of some transport vehicles (for example, ban for movement of tractors) *Mandatory signs. Shape - round, background - blue, pictures - white. Prescribes some particular actions to the traffic participants for example, turnings. *Special regulation signs. Informs the participants of the road traffic about the character of the road, position of the tract movements etc. Signs of direction indications, distances, kilometer signs, signs with city names and river names come under this category. Shape - square or rectangle, background color - generally blue (rarely - green), picture color usually white. *Service Signs. Inform the participants of road traffic movements regarding different services: fuel filling stations, hotels, motels. Shape - rectangular, background color - white, picture color - black, blue border. *Additional Information Signs (panels) - These are additional signs to the above listed categories. They are not used separately. Confirms the usage of the basic signs in a particular time (for example, only in working days) or they are applied to some particular category of transport vehicles (for example, only for trucks), or provides some other additional information. Shape - rectangular, background color - white, picture color - black, border - black.

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  • Ended: 10/9/2007 06:00
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