Tom Cruise for Seroquel
Tom Cruise for Seroquel
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      • Nice play on the use of psych drugs which Scientologists do not believe in.
      • It had more to do with what Tom said about Brook Shields and his conversation with Matt Lauer. Not everyone can be treated with vitamins and exercise, me being one of them, I'm Bipolar. Obviously a lot of people agree with me because his career has gone down the toilet since he said those things.
      • Thanks Doxie and Kellie, I had fun making it.
      • Nice one -- although I personally thought his career went "down the toilet" ever since he got arrogant about the movie "Legend" ... great spoof.
      • Curious comments. I'll interject an interesting fact or two. Oddly enough, there is no scientific evidence to support the actual existence of Bi-Polar, ADT, ADS or any other trumped up so-called mental illness. ZERO. Hard to believe but even psychiatrists admit it. However there is direct and irrefutable evidence that psychotropic drug abuse can be traced back to the rise in murders in our schools and suicides. Of course if I owned stock in Eli Lilly I sure would want you to believe you had all of the above afflictions. There is Big money in drugs. Consider you might just be human and subject to the vagaries of life just like the rest of us, Mia. I know lithium helps considerably in conditions of wide mood swings and I would elect to take that over SRI drugs like Prozac or whatever. Vitamins, yeah, good for a lot of what ails you but not an end all. I reckon Cruise was out of line a bit with Brook but understand his outrage. I think his eyes are open on the issue of the copious, irresponsible use and promotion of these profitable but very dangerous drugs. You don't have to admire his movies but I admire him for tackling the problem. The side effects are not worth the benefit in too many cases. Anyway, Minority Report rocked And Legend...heheheh yeah pitifully weak flick. I'd love to see you find some natural way to handle that bi-polar condition, Mia. You know, sometimes emotions are there to give you warning signs that you might be doing something wrong and need to change something in your life. Sometimes... Be well
      • Hitspinner, I just want to respond without turning it into an argument. I agree that there is psychotropic drug abuse. Antidepressants are definitely not for everyone, if you are depressed because of a recent event I'd say try St. John's Wart or another natural way, first. In my case I was diagnosed at 9 years old, my Mom, and 4 of my siblings also were diagnosed. It's all a crap shoot on what drug will work. I've been on almost every one you can think of. I had to keep trying because the alternative was far worse. Finally I am on the right mix of psych meds, I've been the most stable that I've ever been. That has nothing to do with my life improving. In the last 5 years, my Mom and brother passed away, I'm on disability, not just because I'm Bipolar, I also have PKD and Fybromyalgia...another illness that a lot of people don't think is real. Also my daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's, my husband had open heart surgery and is now on disability too. Some people think that people who are on disability are lazy and don't want to work...they couldn't be more wrong. I know that there are people who have been through so much worse and have been able to cope without drugs. I am not one of them, but that doesn't make me a weak or bad person, it means I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. That is no more my fault then me having PKD. Being on the right meds have helped me cope with what life has thrown at me. On a positive note, joining Freaking News has done the world of good for my self esteem. Photoshop is something that helps me a lot and entering the contest have done a lot for my self confidence. Everyone here has been so nice and encouraged me when I've entered contests.
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