The last Freak Show

Contest Info

  • Started: 4/4/2017 05:00
  • Ended: 4/12/2017 23:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 91
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
The last Freak Show
Contest Directions: UPDATE: Freaking news will go on. READ MORE HERE.
This is the last FN contest. Photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). The site has been around for over 13 years, and it's been a great ride. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Farewell.
Many thanks to TiredTom for the themepost.

Contest Info

    • Started: 4/4/2017 05:00
    • Ended: 4/12/2017 23:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 91
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
91 pictures
  • pcrdds

        • This is a very nice chop! Love it!

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        • The etheric tonal values and gentle crispness is outstanding
        • Wonderful tribute, Hidden!
          "Doc Paul" I know he's watching and smiling!

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        • Congratulations on the coveted GOLD of GOLD's. Qtrmoonshop what a moving piece. Best wishes to you and yours.

          An early Birthday present.

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        • .

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        • Way to finish the course, my friend. You made one hellova chop. Congrats on the gold!!! Stay with it; you have a lot to give.
        • Congrats! Couldn't think of a better winner. I miss that man so much, he would have loved this.
        • Thank you kindly to one and all! It's been a lot of fun here at Freaking News meeting and being influenced by some fantastically talented artist type peoples. I hadn't entered a chop in almost two years, but it was nice to know FN was there and I always enjoyed visiting to see the latest stuff . . . I'm glad Doc was able to make an appearance in the winner's circle one last time! Special thanks to Funkwood and PSMandrake for the caricature chops on the wall. Glad Tidings and best regards to all!

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        • Congrats on a Beautiful Chop, haven't seen you on for a while, you take care, hope we all get to chop again some day, going to miss everyone.
        • Congrats on a Beautiful Chop, haven't seen you on for a while, you take care, hope we all get to chop again some day, going to miss everyone.
        • Great tribute and beautifully executed art Qtrmoonshop! Proud to be on the podium with you and Doc.
          Congrats and Best regards, hope to see you around bend.
        • Congrats on the gold, QTR! Wonderful tribute and a nostalgically touching chop, filled with memories!
          I do have some treat for all of you
          READ MORE HERE

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        • I actually choked up Vlad. Someone allegedly died and was resurrected in a few days times. It just happened again. Overwhelmed mate. 🏆

          [Edited by User on 4/13/2017 1:25:26 PM]
        • Me too sweetie, Pshaveyouseenthis, I feel like I had a few nips of wine, darn I feel good from this good news!
        • God bless sweet Paul.This is beautiful tribute to a man who blessed up with his humor and his gift of chopping greatness.Every chop he did was greatness.I believe he is an angel watching over all of us with that beautiful smile.Kellie I believe he sees more then we think.
        • Aweeeeesome! Masterpiece!!!! Gold Congrats, Qtrmoonshop!
        • We remember Paul and miss him. He was the best.
        • Congratulations, QMS! Wonderful Execution. I'm sure Doc Paul absolutely loves this.
        • Sorry I'm late moon, this is beyond fabulous! It's so real! welcome back to the (NOT!) contest! lol
  • LightBulb Moment

    LightBulb Moment
        • Love to see a step-by-step on this. I get the glass shards, but the bulb treatment is unknown to me.
        • Great to see you do one last chop here, Hidden. It's xlent as always
        • Congrats Xaos54 on the last chance saloon Silver. I cut myself just viewing it lol. Best wishes to you.
        • .

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        • Great chop, really subtle messaging but exquisite delivery. Congrats on the silver. Don't be such a stranger. I think there is a thread in forums where Kellie posted a list of other chop sites. It would be good to see you show up and play more.
        • Wonderful work Xaos, Iíve always admired your chops . . . Happy trails to you as well!
          P.S. Thanks for marking my Marx Bros chop as a favorite, Iíve just recently had it included in a book put together with the help of Harpo's son featuring all of the different art created about the Marx Brothers.
        • As always fantastic Xaos....good 2 c u 1 last time.
        • heyyy xaos my friend ,, was great work congrats
        • Congrats on the win, good one, take care.
        • Xaos, mate, that last contest would not be the same without you! Congrats on the silver!
          and I do have some exciting news!
          READ MORE HERE
        • Thank you,
          oo0cns0oo, Newsy, MsgtBob, hobbit90, Kratos, Kellie, QTR, SteveGSO, PShaveyouseenthis
          Hitspinner, SplatShot, and SomethingOdiferous for the votes and for all the wonderful comments!
        • Congrats on the silver Xaos,awesome chop
        • Congratulations, Xaos. Amazing work, as always!
        • Thank you, Wanderer, andwhat, SplatShot!
        • Thank you, Kellie and Hitspinner for the Fav!
        • Mind blowing 54! I love working with light bulbs, don't know why, but I do. I was hoping this almost final contest would bring back a few of the pros.
  • The Last Freak Show

    The Last Freak Show
        • There is that magical background again.
          More and more I'm thinking the magic goes on in front of this background (as in this case here) and the bg can only be described as versatile.
          Super Last Chop, Hidden! 'bravo'
        • LOL TY. I had you in mind when I chose it in fact Sort of a last wink.
        • This would make a trippy poster. Perfectly freakish for the last Freak Show.
        • Thank you DD and Coolkat. It's almost psychedelic Maybe I will put it up for prints on Deviant when the smoke clears here?
        • Congrats Hitsy on one more piece of deserved recognition. Always go the extra mile in your work. Good luck my friend.
        • Congrats Hitsy on one more piece of deserved recognition. Always go the extra mile in your work. Good luck my friend.
        • Thank you PS and Steve. I guess it is on to the next adventure
        • Great chop, Tim "Hitspinner" Dowling . . . I was sure this was yours. Congrats on the cup! It's so bittersweet, ain't it though, the last Freaking News contest. Iím sure youíll keep chopping and Iíll be looking forward to your future work.
          P.S. I took the liberty of sharing your ode to Doc on the FN Facebook page Ö I hope you donít mind, I thought it expressed wonderfully the way folks were feeling at the time and felt the sentiment applied to the departure of FN as well.
        • Thanks for all the eye candy over the years Tim.
        • Thanks Kellie. I know I'm a crochety old sod but I did try to make it worth it. It has been my pleasure for the chance to contribute to what I feel is an important part of art history. This was a movement that will be recorded. 1/4Moon, No problem at all. Bittersweet, hmmm I suppose. It is what it is. I did figure FN would outlive me. I would have liked to finish out on my own terms but wish for that in one hand and crap in the other and see what I'm left with LOL. Mick said it best, "You can't always get what you want..." Good luck to ya
        • Congrats on the win,beautiful work, God I'm going to miss you and the rest,I've check out the other sites, done add up to this, I Love my Freaking News Family and will miss them greatly.
        • Congrats Hits! Colors and composition are perfect in every way.
          Iíve truly enjoyed your art and talent. All the best my friend!
        • Congrats on the bronze, Hits, and thank you for honoring me here too. FN will go on!
          READ MORE HERE
        • Congrats, Hitspinner. Always on the top.
        • Congrats on the bronze Hits.This is a colorful freaking awesome chop
        • Congrats, Hitman! Wonderful image! But... I am so happy that it is totally irrelevant now!~

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        • Spinner, I don't even know what to say other than when you turn it up, YOU TURN IT UP! Perfect!
        • Ahhh even more comments! Thanks all!!!!!Yeah DD there is a little gas left in the tank but I noticed everyone else turned it up too!
  • The Explorer

    The Explorer
        • Morley Safer after a close encounter of the third kind.
          Freaking Cool! Love the lighting.
        • A true photoshop master. I wish I could score this more than a 10!
        • Quality shines through. Congrats on the final Woody. All the best.
        • Quality shines through. Congrats on the final Woody. All the best.
        • Awesome chop and you got a woody to boot!!! Stand proud with some whopper chops in this final battle for the podium We'll see you over the fence wherever that takes us. Cheers
        • Great work, HOAT . . . great lighting FX! Congrats on the cup!
          Merry Chopping . . .
        • Love the face on this guy, congrats on the win, take care.
        • Nothing short of brilliance, HOAT! Congrats on the wood, and here's some exciting news for ya READ MORE HERE
        • Congrats, John! Totally All-time Awesome!!!
        • Way out of my league! Makes me look like a 5 year old drawing on the wall with crayons!
  • Stones

        • Very good, Love it.

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        • Great piece deaddog. Always up there, quality chopper . Did we both witness the same sunset lol. Take care buddy.
        • Great piece deaddog. Always up there, quality chopper . Did we both witness the same sunset lol. Take care buddy.
        • Excellent chop!
          I really thought this one would score higher. But then again I thought mine would too hahahahaha. Congrats on the TOP 5!!!! with 91 entries that means something more than usual. Don't be a stranger, stay in touch, please.
        • Your entries are always so smooth,clean realistic. Thx for always sharing DD.

          [Edited by User on 4/13/2017 4:14:56 AM]
        • Really nice D-Dog . . . love the perspective! Nice work on the hair as well. Always enjoyed your entries and your comments too! Live the good life . . .
        • Top 5 'grats, DD! Clean as a whistle!
          FN is here to stay READ MORE HERE
        • Top5Congrats, DD! Freaking Great Work Man!
  • Hootie

        • What happened . . ? This is great too, but I have to admit I preferred the rooster version Ö
          This is definitely a real hoot (someone had to say it)
        • Thanks, QMS.
          I see you remembered the image. This comment response is almost word for word of the original. lol... nice curve-ball! You almost had me.
          What a great contest too. Loaded with some heavy-weight talent. I and the rooster were lucky to finish fifth.
        • Thanks!
          Hootie-who, Gummster. Hootie-who
        • Thanks, DD! It's been a real Hoot. I'm gonna miss this place and all you guys.
        • We're going to miss you unless you make camp at a new place. Great chop... so many top plate submissions any one of them could win. This is certainly one of those I know we won't loose touch. See you deviant.
        • Always good stuff from you Mr, Shot . . . I've enjoyed the show! This is a great chop rooster or owl . . . it's such a great setting you could just keep featuring a different centerpiece I'm on DeviantArt under BillyMacNeil ... let me know where you are - peace out . . .
        • I did love the original version with a rooster and I do love this guy Billy too! So, how about this - FN is here to stay! READ MORE HERE
        • Thanks, Hits. I will be around and its gonna be fun!
        • Thanks Kellie, you are so kind! Doc explained to me how to be funny once. Went right over my
        • Thanks Billy, I will look you up.
          Thanks, Xaos!
          Thanks, Newsy! Wow, this is awesome Freaking News. Lets Get The Party Started
          Freaking News Still Undefeated at 13-0.
        • splat this is truly great, mean it! Love the worm!
        • Thanks, DD! A fun sort of image. I probably never would have posted it had it not been the closing of FN. I'm glad I did now!
        • Funny, I too dumped in STUFF just to play
  • Cage

        • Nice work, Hidden! Great job of binding your elements together.
        • Super chop, could easily have placed in the top spots. You have talent my friend! Hope to see you out there...
        • Really like this one, oo0cns0oo . . . Lol at the cinder block steps ... is that a redneck haunted house?
        • 00, this is just a perfect picture, pro poster quality.
  • Mr Bean Dead or Alive.

    Mr Bean Dead or Alive.
        • Nice, Hidden!
          Over-Cooked to a crisp, poor Teddy meets a tragic ending once again!
        • Lol Thanks Splatshot. Best wishes for future endeavours.
        • Didn't heard about it. But something I know: you perfectly made a picture from that hoax.
        • Cheers TiredTom appreciated. All the best.😎👍🏼
        • Thanks Hobbit90 All the best for future endeavours
        • The return of Mr Bean! All the best, Hidden!
        • Thanks for all who voted. It set out in first place after the first voter which made my day. Happy travels one and all. It's been an epic ride. Vlad you must feel so proud. I don't envy anyone running a webpage. Appreciate you buddy. Best of luck in your new adventures.
        • 8.5 and A+++ !!! You can hold your head high. It is a splendid chop!!! Way to finish up!!! Hope to see you around Cheers mate
        • Thanks Hitsy deffo keep in touch. Thanks for your encouragement during my stay
        • Been great watching you grow. This is a beauty.
        • Nicely done, PShyst . . . I especially like the foxy shadow cast from the headlight. Good to see Mr. Bean in the last contest. Merry Chopping!
        • Thanks Kellie I've thoroughly enjoyed the learning curve. Thanks Qtr it's a buzz when a chop comes together. Merry chopping to you too. 👍🏼
        • However great this chop it is, turns out this was one of your last after all
          READ MORE HERE
        • Yes Newsy 🙏 elated my friend 😎
        • Thanks Xaos54, deaddog and Armatien 👍🏼
  • Thankyou

        • L O V E I T !!!!!!!! God I'm going to miss you all!!!
        • heyyyy that's awesome work and thanks for put me there going to miss this site SO MUCH
        • Thanks hobbit90. Thanks and You're welcome DesignerKratos. Cheers deaddog a tribute to the talent that blessed this site.
        • how you are Hobbit and Deaddog ? been years since i joined !! miss you all guys
        • Impressive Image, Hidden! I am pleased that you could work me in! Thanks!
          It's hard to believe we have to go! Goodbye Everybody.

          [Edited by User on 4/9/2017 7:48:39 AM]
        • Doing great, you should try to get something in.
        • Thanks Splatshot, you're welcome. I hope all the best choppers have a last ride. I see one or two recognised entries 😎👍🏼🍻
        • I tried to honour the Hall of Fame order from the top coming down. The bottom are as many members I recognise or have commented often. 😎
        • I will be in The Last Freak Show for sure... my Friend!
        • Oh, I see my avatar in here! Great!

          But I really think you have to make it more realistic - what's with the shadows? The phot will cast a shadow on the other one that cast another shadow on the next one... and so on!

          (Just kidding... great job!)
        • Yeah TiredTom lol shadowing crossed my mind but didn't want to detract from profile recognition. 😎

          Good luck 👍🏼 Sad this is the finale
        • hey hidden freaker thanks for this one
        • I'm honored! Thank you and I wish you well!
        • Thanks allanpanisa and SteveGSQ. Wish you both all the best 🍻
        • Thanks allanpanisa and SteveGSQ. Wish you both all the best 🍻
        • Been feeling emotional about it all tonight. Take care Hobbit90. Hope to see you around like other regular choppers. x
        • This is a most fitting tribute. Great job and I can tell it was a labor of love. Best wishes
        • This took a while. Very nice. God, I'm going to miss this place.
        • Thanks Hitsy and SomethingOdiferous. A Hall of Fame keepsake. Will miss you all for sure. 🍻
        • You're welcome PSMandrake. Definately be looking out for you guys 👍🏼
        • Very honored to be on this family portrait
        • You're welcome Denlig. All the best 👍🏼
        • Thanks to all who voted, I can take heart I was leading for a short time with two entries, I appreciate that. Bless you all, goodnight and thanks for all the fish.
        • Thanks to all who voted, I can take heart I was leading for a short time with two entries, I appreciate that. Bless you all, goodnight and thanks for all the fish.
        • I thought this would take second next to the Doc chop. This is so well thought out and so good! I'm saving it
        • Appreciated Hitsy. It will remind me of these days and the talent I witnessed.
        • Excellent tribute chop . . . thank you for including me!
        • You are welcome Qtrmoonshop. All the best. Are you sleeping with the Gold trophy 🏆 tonight 😎

          [Edited by User on 4/13/2017 1:58:11 AM]
        • Excellent work!!! and many thanks for the shout out. Best of luck to you!
        • Really appreciated Xaos54. You are so welcome Happy Chopping 👍🏼
        • Frankly my favorite chop in the bunch, that's why I made it a contest header!
        • Bless you Newsy. Means a lot mate. It's been an emotive few days. Looks like the sun just broke through the clouds with the breaking news 🤡.
  • FN On The River Styx

    FN On The River Styx
        • I don't know what that cool looking thing is under the water near the boat, but I like it!
        • LOL Steve. It's whatever lurks under the surface of the River Styx. I can't imagine it to be very warm and fuzzy. Cheers mate, we'll see you out and about I hope.
        • Thank you, Hits! We may sail this river one day, but FN is here to stay!
          READ MORE HERE
  • DJ Lobot

    DJ Lobot
        • Hack I thought that most of it was an established background! Wow, crazy work!
  • Blending

        • Love it, Hidden! Its like it rode right out of a dream.
          The bad dog and tag-plate are the sugared topping.
        • Thank's Splat, on this final show, that means a lot.
        • Thanks SO, bummer it had to start the final show with a D
        • Excellent chop! Poster quality goodness!
        • So clean and brilliant I am jealous! Perfect!!!
  • The Joy Of Hiking

    The Joy Of Hiking
        • Very good, As always your chops ask more questions than they answer.
        • Thanks, Gummy!
          That's because I finally found my artistic niche. "Random Disorganization"
        • Thanks, Paul! Where is Bob? he's extremely quiet lately.

          [Edited by User on 4/12/2017 5:03:32 PM]
        • Thanks, Vincent! I am Happy you like it.
        • Thanks, Steve!!!
          Finally The BG Worked, Spinner!
          It really works!

          [Edited by User on 4/12/2017 8:17:24 PM]
        • I thought this was probably yours. It is freaking outstanding. Leaves so much up to the imagination. A+++++ in my book
        • Great Background! Thanks, Hits!
          Thanks very much, Xaos! Good luck to you as well. Hope to see you around here a little more!
        • What makes this so cool for me Splat is that it left me asking questions, it has a mystery to it.
        • Thanks, DD! I'm happy it turned out so well. Purely an accident though. I was just tinkering around with the background Spinner turned me on to, and threw some things together from a random file collection.
          Which happens to be the way most of my chops originate.

          [Edited by User on 4/14/2017 11:04:38 PM]
        • Like pulling toys out of the toy box to play! Lol
  • Wandering Freaks

    Wandering Freaks
        • Thanks, Steve! It's one of my personal faves. Quite often I keep it set to my desktop background.
        • No question this was yours. ??? why it didn't do better. It fully captures the spirit of freakshow
        • Thanks very much, Hitman! Dark chops are a hard sell to some voters. And it only takes 1 or 2 weak scores to knock you right out of the running. But overall I'm pleased with it. An 8.002 is not too shabby.

          [Edited by User on 4/13/2017 11:07:15 PM]
        • Thanks, DD! Pretty simple, but I like this one. As a matter of fact it's set as my desktop BG at this very moment. I kinda relate to the questioned expression on the freaks face! "WTF?"

          [Edited by User on 4/14/2017 10:58:49 PM]
        • It's like it just saw Rosie O'Donnell streaking in the Joker makeup screaming " Why so serious? "!
  • Abduction

  • Extinction, Goodbye!

    Extinction, Goodbye!
        • I always like your style.

          [Edited by User on 4/11/2017 3:59:37 PM]
        • Well you know I love chopping and I love dinosaurs just as much so need I say more? LOL Fantastic job, B.
        • Dinos are always a treat! Thanks for a great chop
        • Thanks Hits, and Newsy! Dinos remind me of myself..."Old" lol
        • Yes... I agree, DD! You need to go back as a photoshop instructor. We could all learn a great deal from your techniques.
          Seriously, No Joke!
  • Daydreaming

        • Super Doddle, Hidden! Love the Contrast!
        • I am so glad you showed up to be counted. You might be the first and last chopper standing. This is of course splendid and my favorite color combos and tropical motif is my favorite state of mind. Dam great work, Kellie. XXOO Stay in touch. Do you kids still have that little chop site up and running? It might be a good time, huh?
        • SO nice to see chops from you after many years! and they are still classy!
        • Well, well, well, look who we have here! Nice job Kellie!!!
  • My Last FreakShow

    My Last FreakShow
        • Glad you put my ex's portrait to
          Good use lol jk nice critter 😎
        • Ha! Great chop. Way to finish! I said it once and I'll say it again... stick with it. XXOO I'll see you out and about
        • Thanks andwhat for always persevering & growing, you also are a PS great
        • Thank you PShavey,lol on your ex.Thanks Steve.Thank you Hits,I will keep on chopping.Thank you kellie,what you said meant a lot to me.Thanks for being the gracious administrator you always were.
        • Love your passion andwhat! ... Your growth is apparent to all who have paid attention just as we all have grown as artists because of this cool place.
        • Beautiful work and great talent! Good luck to a bright and creative future.
        • Hey, Debbie, great chop! But FN is here to stay after all - please read the site news!
        • Thank you Qtr,very much.Thank youXaos and woot woot Vlad
  • Yilnaar

        • Another great speed painting indeed. This reminds me of Disney animation. Well done my friend
        • These series of paintings of yours are simply awesome!
  • Trumps XRay

    Trumps XRay
        • This reminds be of John Heartfield's photomontage of Hitler back in 1932 long before Photoshop lol
        • Remember that Simpson picture. Frankly, yours is a way better meme, and very news topical too! FN is here to stay, by the way - please read the site news!
  • The last shorty

    The last shorty
        • Hey, Denlig, it turns it's not the last after all! Please read the site news!
          I love the realism in your shorties!
        • As we say in French :
          "Áa pour une nouvelle, c'est une bonne nouvelle !!"
  • Denise Richards facial hair.

    Denise Richards facial hair.
        • Sweet!
          Charlie never had it so good!
          Delicate work on that neck line, Awesome!

          [Edited by User on 4/10/2017 9:18:16 PM]
        • The beast bearder and the best bearding I have ever seen!!!! My jaw hangs slack when I see your stuff.
  • S'mores Wars

    S'mores Wars
  • Short rotorcraft

    Short rotorcraft
  • The Last Tyrannosaurus Rex

    The Last Tyrannosaurus Rex
        • Doesn't have to be your last. You are good at this, keep making them and maybe someday you can share them again!
        • Thank you very much, Katrina!
          I plan to continue chopping. Probably not as much though. Fortunately I have another more physical addiction that I can fuel for a while yet.
        • Yes, I remember Gummy. As I recall it took years of therapy to stop you from flashing the servers at our local IHop pancake house.

          [Edited by User on 4/12/2017 12:34:00 PM]
        • Thanks very much, Vincent! They are lots of fun and interesting to work with.

          [Edited by User on 4/12/2017 5:27:40 PM]
        • Thanks, Hitman. Just a little!
          Thanks, NewsMaster! You'll probably have a dinosaur contest now. And I'm fresh out. I used both of mine here.

          [Edited by User on 4/13/2017 10:48:06 PM]
  • Lavatrok

        • Ominous Character you've created here, Hidden! Great Art!
          Love the gentle tones and the multiple layers of depth.
        • thanks alot splatshot glad you love it
        • thanks guys ,, it's tooks me around 20 hours working !!
        • That was 20 hours well spent! Excellent work!
        • Cool!!!! You have a whole lot of talent!
        • This is my favorite of the three . . . great work, Kratos - very cool imagery.
  • Clockwise

  • Ear Doctor

    Ear Doctor
        • lol... the geekish guy on the right will probably chew his ear down to size!

          [Edited by User on 4/9/2017 9:55:36 PM]
  • Angel

  • Eldranok

  • Only On Freaking News

    Only On Freaking News
        • Pretty funny! Love all the crazy zany things you have done with this chicken theme.
        • Off the hook!!! Are the chickens coming out of the paintings poultrygiest? Bwhahahaha. OOB is a nice way to finish. I wish I had done one now. This is marvelous work, sort of neo-Americana folk art. Sending you a big sloppy hug, E.
        • Always enjoyed your chops, hobbit . . . cool that your daughter is chopping also! Best Regards ...
        • Enjoyed your Presence hobbit 😎. I LOVE the chickens flying out the painting. I can see that as a stand alone image with the panelled background being a gold all by itself. Take care. Hope to see you around 👍🏼
  • Freaking News Historical Museum

    Freaking News Historical Museum
        • Criminally under rated. I appreciate the massive amount of work in this. The layers must have been nuts and you didn't loose any perceptible degradation. So clean as has always been the earmark of your work. Fair roads GRM, hope to see your work again someplace else. Cheers and be well
        • Nice tribute and well done, always clean & concise.
  • The Last Freak Show

    The Last Freak Show
  • see ya later aligator

    see ya later aligator
        • Now that is Freaky!!!
          Nice Job, Hidden! Later My Friend!
        • FN goes on, mate dont fry yourself yet
  • Star Wars Father Daughter Croquet

    Star Wars Father Daughter Croquet
        • Great job to include her reflection in his helmet!
  • Kate Upton stopped shaving

    Kate Upton stopped shaving
        • Hahahahaha, what a hoot. It makes one glad our women lost all the hair they used to have. This is real food for thought
  • Big Tree

    Big Tree
  • Zebra

  • Vulture Monkey

    Vulture Monkey
        • Shame it doesn't exist imagine a full blown monkey scream with this wing span comin at ya 😳 👍🏼
        • This needs to become a real thing. Sweet!
  • Putin the Gay Clown

    Putin the Gay Clown
  • Ivanka Trump with A Beard

    Ivanka Trump with A Beard
  • The last crusader

    The last crusader
        • LOL Andrew. I knew this was yours. I expected to see more chops.
        • Always thought you and pccrds had a similar style, it's been good having you here and seeing your work.
        • Hey, Andrew, great chop! FN is here to stay - please read the site news!
        • Thank you, Hobbit, Steve, Hitspinner, Kellie and NewsMaster. Vlad just read Last FN News. It is awesome! Freaking News has to be forever!!!
  • Olivia Wilde

    Olivia Wilde
  • Electrified Solar Panel Border Wall

    Electrified Solar Panel Border Wall
  • Beardless And Beautiful

    Beardless And Beautiful
  • The Princess And Her Swan

    The Princess And Her Swan
  • Your Fired

    Your Fired
  • Miley Cyrus with stubble

    Miley Cyrus with stubble
  • State thieves

    State thieves
        • Great job LOL. What are you going to do now, Andrew? Where will you go to do your political satire?
        • Thank you, Hitspinner. I don't know. I still don't believe our club is closed. May be (I hope) Vlad will change his mind and create new website. We will see. If you find some place for my opuses, please let me know.
        • Just read last FN announcement. Our Club has to be forever!!!!
  • Tiger

        • Solid 8+ Very nice. That looks like Fractalius on steroids. Very nice effect. The Zebra was a bit too much but this is perfect.
        • This is my favorite of this style, very cool work! Good luck with all your future endeavors, Kellie . . . thanks for all you contributed to making FN the special place that it was and still is!
  • Mr Bean Awakens

    Mr Bean Awakens
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps
        • Sure is nice work. I thought it was yours for a time, SS.
        • Nice work, Gummy . . . it's been nice chopping with ya - Best Regards!
  • Shumer and the Circus.

    Shumer and the Circus.
        • Excellent! This is no less than an 8 by my standards. But it ain't all me voting, is it? Sure gonna miss you
  • The Strategies of New Russia

    The Strategies of New Russia
  • Cara Delevingne, the first bearded model

    Cara Delevingne, the first bearded model
  • The Freaking Years

    The Freaking Years
        • Ha! Heads will role, I tell ya!
          Is this the New Zodiac sign for Gemini?
          Good one!
        • Good Ash. Bad Ash

          [Edited by User on 4/10/2017 10:06:09 PM]
        • Lol SplatShot, thanks. Cheers 🍻 deaddog.
        • Take care Gummy 👍🏼 🍻
        • This is pinning my WTF-O-Meter hahahahahaah.
  • See you in a minute

    See you in a minute
  • The Revenant

    The Revenant
  • Russians are not afraid of Western sanctions

    Russians are not afraid of Western sanctions
  • Forrest Gump Memorabilia Sale

    Forrest Gump Memorabilia Sale
  • Three Stooges of DC

    Three Stooges of DC
        • Top Notch!!! Take one of my gold cups. You deserve one for this hahahahahah
        • Excellent! FN is here to stay - please read the site news!
  • Newsy Potter Movie

    Newsy Potter Movie
        • no need to vote guys!...just put my name on the last page lol
        • Allan, a blast from the past! Good job, pal! It got an 8 from me
        • Thank you, Allan! FN is here to stay though - please read the site news again
        • thanks guys for voting..

          nice to hear the news sir newsy.

          [Edited by User on 4/19/2017 12:25:32 AM]
  • Before this meeting Putin thought he is big and strong

    Before this meeting Putin thought he is big and strong
  • Salma Hayek with beard

    Salma Hayek with beard
  • Jessica Alba with a beard

    Jessica Alba with a beard
  • Sara Sampaio With A Beard

    Sara Sampaio With A Beard
        • Awesome, Hidden! Best bearded Lady in the Show.

          [Edited by User on 4/9/2017 10:08:12 PM]
  • Wilderness Rehab

    Wilderness Rehab
        • I had been holding this one in my stash pile for quite sometime now. I finally decided to post it, but have never liked it. I just didn't think it was very good.
          Judging by the score, it is comforting to know that most of you agree with me!
          lol... thanks for looking guys!

          [Edited by User on 4/12/2017 5:10:47 PM]
  • Gentlemen, It Has Been a Privilege

    Gentlemen, It Has Been a Privilege
        • Titanic.... most fitting I'm not sure what emoji to use LOL Excellent work and thanks for the inclusion
        • Thank you for this tribute! FN is here to stay though! Please read the site news
  • Village Idiot

    Village Idiot
        • It wouldn't be FN without one last parody. love her painterly filter. I feel like I'm losing family members, keep
          Chopping. All the best
  • Gone before Freaking News

    Gone before Freaking News
  • Too Cold

    Too Cold
  • Over painting

    Over painting
  • Sad Day

    Sad Day
        • Hey, Jer, FN is here to stay! Please read the site news!
  • Huma Abedin with A Beard

    Huma Abedin with A Beard
  • Wanted Poster

    Wanted Poster
  • Caution! The Dirty Rotten Scoundrel with grenade at the table.

    Caution! The Dirty Rotten Scoundrel with grenade at the table.
  • Mermaid

  • Not Inspired Anymore

    Not Inspired Anymore
        • Never think of FreakingNews as a waste. We made great art that millions of people have seen. How many artists out there can say that?
        • I am Thrilled About The Life of Freaking News! Because... I am certain I have not wasted my time here. I have and will continue to utilize what I have experienced here!
          Good-day, Hidden!
        • Hey, HH! FN is here to stay - please read the site news!
  • From TT, Possom and Wombat

    From TT, Possom and Wombat
  • All Praise Our Lord Trump

    All Praise Our Lord Trump
  • Goodbye My Freinds.

    Goodbye My Freinds.
  • Colorize Kent State

    Colorize Kent State
        • This is true. As participants we are sad to lose FreakingNews, but the world at large will be missing out on a lot of influential political images too. Our photo chops are the modern political cartoons.
        • Good job on this. I remember the days after this and it was not a good thing.
  • Marilyn Monet

    Marilyn Monet
        • Hey, Chip! Nice chop! FN is here to stay - please read the site news!
        • Thanks! Glad to hear that the site will continue!
  • Martha Raddatz with beard

    Martha Raddatz with beard
  • Goodbye!

        • Hey, elephant! Nice chop, and FN is not closing after all - please read the site news again!
  • Janis Joplin With A Beard

    Janis Joplin With A Beard
        • And rest assured, She also has hairy arm pits up under there too.

          [Edited by User on 4/9/2017 6:42:58 AM]
  • Paws Up, Don't Shoot

    Paws Up, Don't Shoot
  • Merkel with beard

    Merkel with beard
  • Emperor Has No Clothes

    Emperor Has No Clothes
        • After going through the rest of the entries this is completely different and I'm glad I did it.
  • Kellyanne Conway with beard

    Kellyanne Conway with beard
  • Evelyn Farkas with beard

    Evelyn Farkas with beard
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