Thanks For Nothing
Contest Directions: Thanksgiving is a time when we're grateful for what we have in our lives. Sometimes, however, we'd like to thank some people for nothing, such as obnoxious bosses for ruining our work environment, bad exes for making our life miserable, or some politicians for the suffering we endure because of their actions. Today we're going to offer precisely these kinds of thanks.
Create de-motivational posters satirically thanking somebody. Here's a good example, and another good example. Try to make them mimic the classic motivational posters format like the examples above - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and demotivational message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it. NOTE: as an exception to our rules, in this contest you are allowed to recycle any of your previous entries of FN and use it for the central image in your demotivational poster. Remember that your entry in this contest HAS to include the title word(s) and a de-motivational text message, like in the examples above.
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  • Stop the war

    Stop the war
  • Thanks A Yahoo !

    Thanks A Yahoo !
  • Thanks Hillary

    Thanks Hillary
  • Thanks Donald

    Thanks Donald
  • Thanks, American Voters

    Thanks, American Voters
  • Thanks Obama

    Thanks Obama
  • Stolen Valor, but Thanks!

    Stolen Valor, but Thanks!

  • Thanks Angry Old White Men

    Thanks Angry Old White Men

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