Table Lamp
Contest Directions: Photoshop this table lamp image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: reshaping the table lamp, merging it with other objects or animals, putting the table lamp into some unusual environment, using this table lamp image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.
Many thanks to Kia Abell and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.
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    Pink Table Lamp Cat
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    Dress in the Corner of the Room
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    Hookah Lamp
  • Queen Elizabeth with a Lampshade Hat

    Queen Elizabeth with a Lampshade Hat
  • Lamp Owl

    Lamp Owl
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This contest is fueled by the following news: While selecting a table lamp for work purposes it is very important to focus on its parameters and then on appearance but a modern working lamp can also have an attractive design. It is very important to remember that improper lighting at the workplace can lead to fatigue and impairment of vision. One of the main parameters of a working table lamp is its size: the lamp should fit entirely on the table and should not disturb you while you are working and it is also necessary to take the cord length into consideration so as to avoid problems of connecting the lamp to the socket. The size of the lamp depends on the area of workspace: the entire work space should have good illumination. While selecting a table lamp with height adjustment it is necessary to make sure that the light does not focus directly into your eyes and the shadow of the lampshade doesn't appear on the working area. The height of the table lamp should be approximately 30 - 45 cm and should be above the monitor. If you intend to keep a table lamp near a chair or a sofa it is necessary to ensure that the lower portion of the lampshade is at the eye level of the seated person. It is a better choice to select a table lamp with height and angle adjustment. Usually, the height of the table lamp is adjusted with the help of flexible "legs" or hinges. A Table lamp on "legs" is more convenient as frequent use could lead to the quick break-down of hinges. So as to avoid the accidental fall of the table lamp onto the floor the table lamp should have a heavy base, which can be found only in expensive models. The base should be lusterless since a glossy surface creates glare. It is better to choose a table lamp with a conical or spherical lampshade since the rays, reflected from the inner surface of lampshade generate scattered light. It is desirable that the lampshade is of a subdued color (a green colored lampshade is the most suitable) and made of glass since plastic can melt. If the bulb is located close to its walls a metallic lampshade gets heated quickly. It is also preferable to select the lamp with power adjustment. The most suitable power is 40-100 watts and the bulb should only be white. All lamps can be divided into three types: incandescent filament, halogen and fluorescent lamps. Filament lamps are the most common and inexpensive, flicker-free but their only drawback is high power consumption. Halogen bulbs are more expensive than filament lamps but they give approximately twice the service and have a more natural emission spectrum. Fluorescent lamps are usually used for general purposes and their advantage is low power consumption. Table lamps create a sense of coziness indoors and can not only help in working but also become a part of the interior decor.

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