Super sized Airplanes

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  • Started: 2/16/2006 06:00
  • Ended: 2/18/2006 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 26
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $10
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $6
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $4
Super sized Airplanes
Contest Directions: Super-size existing models of airplanes / aircrafts, or create your own airplane / aircraft model of huge proportions.

Contest Info

    • Started: 2/16/2006 06:00
    • Ended: 2/18/2006 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 26
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $10
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $6
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $4
26 pictures
  • Paper Airplane

    Paper Airplane
        • What happens if it unfolds due to wind? (maybe that's why it's in space ) Very nice creation!
        • Brilliant Idea. Top notch execution. The shadow takes this over the top. Best I've seen in a while.
        • We forgot that the ship will heat up during re-entry. Well, it was a nice idea.
        • The United Paper Company launchs a new air campaign
        • Nicely done, definately one of the best in this contest.
  • Jet Zeppelin

    Jet Zeppelin
        • Howard Huges would salivate over this one.
        • I really like this entry...very good view of my city

        • On 2/16/2006 1:49:24 PM, ZetSpat said:

          I really like this entry...very good view of my city

          Hey, Zet, welcome back!
        • Love it. Love it. Love it.
          Wish there was something flying in front of it to show that it is HUGE rather than normal sized.

          (tiny hangglider, tiny biplane, etc.)

          Excellent chop.
        • Always loved the source photo, nicely done!
        • comin' in on my cuzin's backyard...we kin avoid them gators agin....
  • Airstream Dream

    Airstream Dream
        • Now, all flights include propane dinners, yours exclusively from Airstream Dream Airlines
        • hehe

          I woulda flattened this image and then balanced the levels or vurves out, a simple fix for curing how washed out this image seems to be.

          Love the idea though
        • I think the "washed out" look that Chris is refering too adds to it's credibility. I give it two thumb's up. one for originality, the other for execution.
        • Excellent lighting. I wouldn't tighten the levels.
        • Chris - your comments on all of the entries are anoying.

        • On 2/17/2006 1:11:47 PM, starcarlton said:

          Chris - your comments on all of the entries are anoying.

          He is only trying to help. His own work is brilliant so his advice is worth listening to. Maybe he will write some tutorials for FN.
        • Makes me think of a flying elephant for some reason...very nice job!
        • My favourite. Could be even better with a very faint transparency on the wings.

        • On 2/17/2006 1:11:47 PM, starcarlton said:

          Chris - your comments on all of the entries are anoying.

          He's only trying to suggest constructive critique.
        • I think this entry is just beautiful, and original. It is just fine as it is.
  • Hilton Jet

    Hilton Jet
        • Free 'Mile High' Membership with every ticket!!
        • Good job with the highlights on the plane.
  • Empire Strikes Back

    Empire Strikes Back
        • Good to s we are Sending the Illegal Immigrants home
        • Very convincing. I would like to see it a tad more close up, but that doesn't hurt the score in any way. Just a personal preference.
        • I hope they have it packed with enough of the PROPER explosives!
  • RC Airplane

    RC Airplane

        • On 2/16/2006 4:41:57 PM, mashby said:

          Maybe remove the pilot? Good chop!

          I was going to but then I looked at some actual model jets and they include pilots.

          I'll take him out and see if my ranking goes higher
        • Love it.
          Man I'd hate to crash that one into the neighbor's house!
        • I like the distortion in the background.
  • Super stealth

    Super stealth
        • Reminds me a giant bug. Definitely a cutie!

          [Edited by User on 2/16/2006 6:47:07 PM]
        • cool idea! my one nit pick is that the shadow seems to be excessively dense seeing as though there seems to be a fair amount of light that would pass under the plane, as it seems rather high off the deck.
        • Fits nicely on board the U.S.S. Enterprise! I hope it has a short take off! LOL
  • Trump Air

    Trump Air
        • Nice work, the lighting and masking are very smooth.
        • One day you will be big like me, but for now I will take you under my wing.
        • VERY nice work. The little plane seems like has just a touch more harsh lighting than the big plane, but thats just a minor thing to my eye.
          Very believable.
        • dammit trump is even taking howard hughes pane when will he stop nice chop though
  • Earth Helicopter

    Earth Helicopter
        • Out of bounds entries always make me question the need for an out of the bounds shadow. By making one, you are asserting that the scene is surrounded by some mass that is displaying a shadow, whereas the idea of this kind of chop is trying to stress that there is this infinite void outside of the scene...

          Your shadow doesnt affect the score in my book, i'm just raising a question that always jumps at me when I attempt these. You've done a clean job here, aside from that stray grey vertical line near the lower right hand part of the image.
        • Oddly, I agree completely with Chris, but I think the Shadow gives the eye a helping hand when assessing depth in an OOB image even when it logically shouldn't be there.
        • Bush finally destroys all intelligent life on the planet and puts it in his toybox
        • Not the Bermuda Triangle!! and that kids is how our planet disappeared
        • HELO.. are we looking for Intelligent life out there???
        • Great image, definitely outside the box thinking!

          [Edited by User on 2/17/2006 5:51:31 PM]
  • Jumbo Jet Tunnel

    Jumbo Jet Tunnel
        • very surreal! The building looks flat without a shadow, but in general a very unique concept.
        • The building shadows were tricky. I had them there before, but very faint. Hopefully making them a bit more prominent helps the picture out.
        • Joe and Jerry draw straws to see who has to sit on the pointy tower...
  • Big Airplane

    Big Airplane
        • Awesome job in the refection!

          I think the shadow on the smaller plane might need a little distortion though.
        • Very subtle but it works well. It's not so stark like it was before.

          I think you could even go a little more, but that would be a personal choice.
        • the reflection was a nice idea but that is not how it would look, you would see the top of the plane, and it would be distorted according to the curves and angles of the plane above.
        • the plane looks HUGE which is the object of the excercise.
        • It's HUGE.

          Nice work matching the shadow line.

          In the deep shawow the way your baby plane is, its lower half would be much darker than the top.
        • Nice job, but perspective wise, the shadow that runs along the ground would not continue thru the body of the plane on the same line as you have it shown. The plane is above the ground therefore the shadow would shift (according to the height of the plane).
  • Beer Propeller

    Beer Propeller
        • Took me awhile to figger that one out, untill I seen the guy.
        • those are bound to be some huge power poles back there
        • Who am I to argue with beer, go man go.

          (I totally missed the guy the first time I looked through the entries)
  • WTF Plane

    WTF Plane
        • neat concept, but judging by the light of the jet behind it, your shadows are off; the jet's shadow is cast more behind it; whereas gigantic prop plane's shadow seems to be cast slightly ahead of itself.

          Its also important to get shadow density right; as far as I can see you've got a consistently dense shadow cast whereas real shadows tend to be softer, and more of a gradient, ranging in tones depending on how far away the source is from the shadow displaying media (the ground).
        • Our third world business partners get rich growing balsa wood.
        • Jet Pilot "Hurry up"
          Big Bi-plane pilot "Shut up or I'll squash ya"
  • Big n Fast

    Big n Fast
        • So THAT'S why all those hurricanes have been hitting Florida!
        • Is Pam anderson swimming in the ocean again?
        • Can you lift off from IRAQ and leave us FLoridians Alone??
        • Not sure about the two huricanes, wouldn't jet propulsion be better?
        • I think the jet being in front of the curls would give it more of an impression that the jet was causing the curls rather than flying through them.

          Love the idea.
        • I just thought that the huricanes were there to show the size of the craft?
  • Earth Mover

    Earth Mover
        • i think those huge orange thrusters would definately cast some orange light onto earth, but it remains a fun idea.
        • Until you Earthlings can play nice your in time out with the Martians
        • "Dam it Jim, Any faster and She'll BLOW"!
        • The use of real sources in this, (or softening/adding noise) on the render you used would make this a lot more photorealistic.

          Brilliant Idea though!
        • Can I go too? Huh? Can I, Can I? Pleeeeease?
  • HelicopterTrain

        • the concept is very strong; what a neat and innovative method of transport!

          Technically, however, you could improve it by using (depending on your preference) a low opacity masking brush or eraser to slowly get rid of that white halo around the smoke. The other issue is how the train portion appears, for lack of a better word, "flat." At this vantage point, you would see some indication of the train extending back into the "Z" space, (according to an X/Y/Z axis representation of depth) or "extending into the background." Granted, it is always easier to hoax this out of an image that is oriented at a 3/4's or so perspective, but it is certainly possible to show depth on this train, simply by changing the lighting somehow, or by drawing in some "depth" like you would see on a 2d drawing of a cube.

          Hope this helps, although getting the concept of "depth" is one of the hardest to grasp in any 2d media, especially PS as photos do show depth, an important truth to note when you are trying to hoax photos!
        • Instead of WOOO-WOOOO it goes WHOOOOOOOOOOSH!
        • The smoke needs to rise between the two forward blades!
  • Hercules Carrier

    Hercules Carrier
        • Getting by with a little help from my friends.
        • Clean work. This may present better if the work you did was more central to the image. The way it sits it seems a bit 'off in the background' without anything in the foreground to offset it.
        • saving the endangered species one whale at a time.
  • Cruise Jet

    Cruise Jet
        • the blurry wingtips and black halo around the ship detract from what otherwise could have been a very clean chop.

        • On 2/17/2006 7:14:25 AM, Chris said:

          the blurry wingtips and black halo around the ship detract from what otherwise could have been a very clean chop.

          I added a slight motion blur to the whole thing so it would look a little like it was moving - maybe that is what you are talking about.
        • Very nice balance and composition on the text. All too often, not enough attention is paid to getting this right. When using text in an image, it becomes part of the image and it is therefore a very important element! Nice job!
        • I wonder if the text would have looked better minus the outline.

        • On 2/17/2006 6:17:28 PM, AzureSky said:

          I wonder if the text would have looked better minus the outline.

          I originally tried the text without the outline and it was getting lost in the image.
          Just a note to everyone that visits this site - It doesn't bother me if I win or lose - I just submit things for the fun of being stupid. The only thing that ever bothers me is when a clearly inferior submission beats out one of mine which has happened - oh well.
          Thank you for your comments!

          [Edited by User on 2/17/2006 6:36:17 PM]
        • Sweet idea. Do you have a coupon day? I bet it's pricy....
        • "I originally tried the text without the outline and it was getting lost in the image."

          I think you're exactly right - the outline makes it work.
        • by thy way - I make a lot of my entries at work when I should be working - I have to chop fast or get caught. I made some at home that I didn't get into the contests that are better - see the gallery on my site!
  • Big Bi plane

    Big Bi plane
        • Nice bright sourcepic. Although it looks more like a forced perspective shot (the biplane is directly in front of the main image) If you maybe tucked part of the plane behind the dome or the trees it would make it force the eye to see it huge.
        • some jagged edges are apparent, but a fun idea anyway.
        • I dont see any jagged edges, the bits under the fuselage are meant to be there.
  • Flying Mall

    Flying Mall
        • the people on the ramp look smaller than the people to the left of them, who are seemingly the same distance
        • Matching the image quality between source images involved in a project is of the essence. ensuring you grab high quality, evenly lit photos will make cleaner images, and it will dramatically simplify the chopping process.
        • Lighting up the plane's winshields would bring the mall inside a bit outside and add to the realism of this one.
  • Hitting the moon

    Hitting the moon
        • Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars!
        • "...and on your close left we have, well, the moon."
        • ambitious project. Whenever you merge two photos the number one concern is lighting; for instance, here you have a daylit plane hovering over the night sky, and the only convievable "light source" is the moon behind the plane. its confusing as you've shown daylit mountains, but no sky, atmosphere or anything separating the mountains from space.
        • Wonder if that will shake Bin Forgotten out of his cave??
        • I suppose they are serving CHEESE onboard?
        • Good idea, I bet it would be a tad more realistic if you pulled the mountain up a bit and had the plane behind it just a touch. Would insist the plane is enormous.
        • But how is it cutting THROUGH the moon?
  • air rhino

    air rhino
        • This is really pretty, it's surreal which means you are not meant to "get it"
        • I like the idea. The area where the neck wrinkle overlapes the bus doors pulls away form the realism.

          Nice overall feel, very artistic.
  • Giant Plane

    Giant Plane
        • Would have looked bigger if the plane had open bomb doors. This way it just looks like a close fly by.
        • a dramatic show of scale; but it is really important when two photos are dominant in the image space that their quality matches up; the sharp, clear shot of the statue contrasts vividly with the grainy, overly yellow and magenta balanced plane.
        • Good idea with the perspective. I would have to agree with Chris on the use of sources.
        • low plane. probably put out the torch as it flew past.
  • Aeroscraft

        • when adding hand drawn elements to photos, taking steps like adding grain or noise or cloning in subtle textures makes a huge difference in adding to believability!
        • Using fabricated sources rather than photoshoping existing images rarely can be pulled off as photorealistic.
          Good concept though.
  • Propeller Hat

    Propeller Hat
        • Fly me to the Moon,
          Take me to the stars...
        • Hello, my name is goofy, and I am a.....fill in the rest (applause) Hello Goofy!
        • This picture reminds me of Eric Cartmen playing the retard for the Special Olympics. Deeeerrrr! Funny entry.
        • So what if I'm an idiot??????? I'm the KING of the world!
  • Jet Moon

    Jet Moon
        • some indication that the wings are made from the moon would have been excellent.
        • Interesting, would the moon stand out more if the stars were less bright?
        • Fly me on the Moon
          Let me look at all the stars

          [Edited by User on 2/17/2006 5:43:52 PM]
        • Cute idea.

          A bit too heavy on the smuge tool I think. To get this kind of effect a bit more uniform, the Motion Blur filter and a mask work well.
26 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: A new aircraft, known as the Aeroscraft, is under construction. In considering the Aeroscraft, one needs to keep in mind that it is not a Blimp. Rather, it is best to think of it as a sort of flying Queen Mary 2. When completed, the Aeroscraft will ferry passengers in style across continents and oceans as they stroll about the one-acre cabin or relax in luxurious staterooms. Unlike dirigibles, the craft is not lighter than air. Its helium hoist carries only two thirds of the weight of the ship. Huge rearward propellers generate enough additional lift to keep the craft aloft and cruising. During takeoff and during landing, jet engines push the ship upward or downward as is necessary. Aircraft machine for carrying out flights in atmosphere or in space. On November 13, 1907, French bicycle inventor Paul Cornu designed and built a helicopter. The helicopter took-off with its inventor as pilot to 1 foot (0.3 mtrs) and remained aloft for 20 seconds. Even this helicopter proved to be unstable and was abandoned. In Russia, Igor Sikorsky built two helicopters - in 1908 and 1909. Helicopter took-off into air but was not strong enough to carry a pilot. Hence, Sikorsky lost interest in helicopters and started designing of an aero plane. Sikorsky returned back to designing of helicopters only in 1938 so as to keep his company aloft. The first more or less perfect flying sample of Sikorsky's helicopter VS-300(S-46) appeared in 1939. Till the invention of swash plate in 1911, it was impossible to even discuss about a manned flight in a helicopter. In 1922, Professor George Botezat, who migrated to USA from Russia after the revolution, built the first steady manned helicopter as per the order of US Army. Helicopter can lift into skies with load upto 5 meters and was aloft in air for several minutes. Aircraft is capable of flying due to special cambered shape of wing, which rotates in air flow approach. Lifting force is created since the distance, traveled by airflow above the wing is more than the distance of airflow below the wing and accordingly, speed of the airflow above the wing is more. According to Bernoulli's law, force, directed towards the airflow with high speed, acts upon the wing. Helicopter also uses the same principle but the role of wings is played by the blades of rotor. Torque develops as the engine turns the rotor, creating a torque effect which causes the body of helicopter to turn in the opposite direction of the rotor. Usually additional small vertical tail rotor (anti torque control) is used to eliminate this effect. If this rotor (ducted fan) is built-in in tail boom, then it is called "Fenestron". Ка-52 "Alligator": Two large main rotors, rotating in opposite direction on a single axis is another variant. The second rotor is called aerodynamically symmetric coaxial main rotor. This variant is used, for example, in Russian Ка-50. Helicopters of such variants have more thrust to weight ratio, however, in case of insufficient design reasoning, can possess the increased probability rotor blade whipping during sharp lateral maneuvering. Other helicopters also exist, which use Coanda effect (surface attachment of air jet) (adhesion of liquid or gas jet to solid surface) so as to eliminate the anti torque effect without additional rotors. Maximum speed of the helicopter is restricted since it is not always possible to attain sonic speed regularly on extreme sections of the blades (general maximum speed on edge of the blade equals to diameter of rotor rotating hub multiplied by its revolutions per second + speed of the helicopter) which lead to the failures of design. When the helicopter flies forward, blades, rotating in front, have high velocity with respect to air, rotating at the back. As a result, one of the rotors creates large lifting force than the other and the helicopter turns sideways. To eliminate the sideways turn, compensation mechanism, built-in in the swash plate, is used so that the angle of slope of blades in left and right halve of rotors is different. Besides, rotor creates vibration, threatening with the destruction of design. Therefore, in most cases, active damping system for occurring oscillations is used.