Stuffed Celebrities
Contest Directions: Anthropomorphic taxidermy is the art of stuffing animals dressed in human clothes or engaged in human activities. It started with Queen Victoria who ordered hunting trophy animals to be stuffed as humans for display and amusement of the queen's important guests. She became so obsessed with it that during her lifetime several rooms in the royal castle were occupied with animals stuffed and dressed as humans from scenes of famous books. Anthropomorphic taxidermy is becoming popular again these days, and you can even take anthropomorphic taxidermy classes in Brooklyn.
Photoshop celebrities stuffed as trophy animals, celeb heads mounted on walls, etc. (Make sure your entries are not too bloody or graphic.)
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  • Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis
  • Obama's Trophy Room

  • Hillary Doll

    Hillary Doll
  • Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un
  • The great black hunter

    The great black hunter
  • Dustin Hoffman Moose Plaque

    Dustin Hoffman Moose Plaque
  • Nancy Pelosi

    Nancy Pelosi
  • B.O. Bear

    B.O. Bear
  • Dianne Finestein

    Dianne Finestein
  • I was just wondering..

    I was just wondering..
  • Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack
  • Harry Whittington's Revenge

    Harry Whittington
  • Stephen Hawking - Bell Dome Duck Scene

    Stephen Hawking - Bell Dome Duck Scene
  • Hillary was my best shot

    Hillary was my best shot
  • John Boehner

    John Boehner
  • Mr. Bean

    Mr. Bean
  • Danny Trejo Trophy

    Danny Trejo Trophy
  • Elizabeth Taylor -mounted plaque strange

    Elizabeth Taylor -mounted plaque strange
  • Keith Richards

    Keith Richards
  • Jose Feliciano

    Jose Feliciano
  • Dogg on it

    Dogg on it
  • Rats In The Kitchen

    Rats In The Kitchen
  • The Shoes of Legacy

    The Shoes of Legacy
  • Angry Kim Jong Un

    Angry Kim Jong Un

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  • Started: 2/11/2013 06:00
  • Ended: 2/14/2013 17:00
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  • Entries: 25
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