Stevie Nicks

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  • Started: 5/26/2008 06:00
  • Ended: 5/29/2008 18:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 36
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
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Stevie Nicks
Contest Directions: American singer and songwriter legend Stevie Nicks celebrates her 60th birthday today. Nicks has been performing for over 30 years. In her solo career and together with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks produced over twently Top 50 hits, got a Grammy Award and was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. One rumor that followed Stevie Nicks through all her fame years is that she is a witch. Although she loves to wear black clothes and all her work is copyrighted under the name Welsh Witch Music, Nicks repeatedly denied any involvement in witchcraft. In 1998, in an interview to Redbook magazine, Stevie said that she believes in angels and that she's only alive today because "God was looking out" for her during the years of her drug addiction. Even at 60, she continues writing new songs and performing. In fact her latest US tour starts this June. Happy 60th birthday, Stevie!
To celebrate the 60th birthday of Stevie Nicks, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are - showing what alternative careers she might have chosen, what other music styles or bands she could have performed in, Stevie Nicks in paintings and movies, etc.

Contest Info

    • Started: 5/26/2008 06:00
    • Ended: 5/29/2008 18:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 36
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
36 pictures
  • Stevie Nickes with a Bouquet of Roses

    Stevie Nickes with a Bouquet of Roses
        • A well chosen source image, I really like the way Stevie's face has been integrated into the painting. This must have taken a lot of effort and skill. Well done.
        • A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
        • Excellent integration with the painting.
        • Conrats on the double trophy Mandrak. Very nicely done.
        • Congratulations on the gold and silver, Mandrak - beautiful works!
        • Thanks to everyone for their messages, was a pleasant surprise putting that image in the contest!
  • Stevie Nicks - Singing for Angels

    Stevie Nicks - Singing for Angels
        • Lovely image

          [Edited by User on 5/28/2008 8:51:15 PM]
        • Looks great full view, a lot of work in this, clean cutting out and very good integration of light sources.
        • good work, who's the original source artist?
        • It is Bouguereau, and actually far more apealing than the original in some respects. I am stunned to look at the stats and see this at -6. I had to laugh it's so tragic.
          This is superbly done
        • Brilliant execution, but I would add some musical elements.
        • i love how this is put together,very nice,,,
        • Ahhh, all is well that ends well. I am glad to see that the final tally reflected on this chops brilliance.
        • I thank all messages, the source of the image of angels is Borguereau, tried to mount an image but not so with the idea of a framework of a iamgem and yes, it is not pictures of angels on the net than in works of art, I hope they liked the result, the correct name would be Stevie Nicks between the years but, as it is the name of singer colquei with Singing Angels.
  • Stylized Stevie Nicks Portrait

    Stylized Stevie Nicks Portrait
        • Stylized or extreme makeover? Try lightening the inner nose key line and shadowing a tad. Hair and eyes look cool.
        • looks much better ... i'll give you an extra point for that
        • good work AZ, but I prefer Tango in the night, (the moon with the sun cresting over it is really cool and the water effects are incredible). cheers
        • Thanks all for the compliments.

          I like my first one, Edge of Seventeen, the best. Guess that's when I first heard Stevie and the white dove is part of the lyrics. Fixed the eyes too

          [Edited by User on 5/29/2008 10:12:34 PM]
        • I think this was my favorite of all the entries. I appreciate and enjoy the artsy style Rain. Congrats on a beautiul image.
        • Thanks Deb, been awhile since I attempted to brush a whole image.
        • How have I missed this contest OMGawd WoW!
  • Stevie Nicks Tango In The Night

    Stevie Nicks Tango In The Night
        • Sources? Nice composition, not sure if / how the city fits in there though?
        • The first time I saw this, I thought the same thin as jest3r, "Why is the city there?". It looks much better without it. Very nice job.
        • Excellent!! very impressive composition and concept, and I love the thick clouds. (did you create the water from scratch? I don't see any in your source images.
        • Flood filter and zig zag filter is used to make the water and then pasted her reflection on a separate layer.
  • Goth Stevie Nicks

    Goth Stevie Nicks
        • Late entry to couple contests ago?? Looks good!
        • Nice, I like the tattoos, but there's one little area near the lower left side of her neck that looks like it needs some cleaning up, but still good.
        • One of the best works in the contest. Tattoos are done especially well.
        • I thank all messages, I am happy that they liked the goth Stevie Nicks
  • Stevie Nicks the Fortune Teller

    Stevie Nicks the Fortune Teller
        • Great image, but caption needs fixing seeing that she's turning 60.
        • What if you made the crystal ball a little bit transparent on the upper part where its darker?
        • Not too sure that would work, jest3r. though I see what you mean. I wanted to make the ball really stand out.
        • Very impressive entry Sky! Everything looks right in this one. Would've been nice to see it in the top 3.
  • Stevie Nicks at Stonehenge

    Stevie Nicks at Stonehenge
        • This reminds me of my first sight of Stonehenge at sunset in 1965. Impressive image.
        • I am also a big fan of Stevie. Excellent work here - seems like Wicca style.
  • Stevie Nicks The Guitar Player

    Stevie Nicks The Guitar Player
        • Love this, however it would be so much better if the hair and face matched the background style a bit more. They need to be softened a bit and not so clearly focused.
        • la luz de la car no concuerda con el resto del cuerpo
        • You've got the canvas texture in there but based on the original her face / hair doesn't look "painted" enough. Too much detail especially in the hair.
        • I think the hair is ok but there needs to be canvas texture on Stevie''s face hair and hat.
        • full view is impressive, & I like the canvas texture, but if it was mine, I'd tone down the face a bit.
        • Full view is amazing. One of my favorites in this contest.
        • Good work Headmaster, it's actually very nice, my only critique, the face needs to be a bit grainier somehow, it seems too smooth
  • Stevie Nicks Portrait

    Stevie Nicks Portrait
        • Ah, Bouguereau's Lady Maxwell.

          You've added a necklace and microphone which both look good.

          It seems like there is a tad too much shadow across her face, especially the highlighted side of the nose. The earlobe on her left looks fuzzy compared to the original.

          Overall though nice matching of the painters style.
        • I think this looks fine as it is. Good integration of mike, face and choker
        • Very nice work Deb, I overlooked this one at first, sometimes I have to look at a picture several times to appreciate the full scope of it. Cheers!
  • Witch Woman Stevie Nicks

    Witch Woman Stevie Nicks
  • Old Stevie Nicks

    Old Stevie Nicks
        • did a good job at what you've done. I just think it's a shame you made such a beautiful woman look like that, lol.
        • The cheeks have no wrinkles, maybe she has been using botox?
  • Gypsy Stevie Nicks Portrait

    Gypsy Stevie Nicks Portrait
        • Lovely image, I know it is a face swap but this has an extra element of quality, the integration is really good and there is a kind of spiritual feel to this.
        • I think the nose is a bit too big for the face though. Nice integration though.
        • This is actually very good technically AZ, but sometimes it's hard to capture Stevie at her best. (although she's very talented she's a little homely looking in my opinion) Cheers!
  • Stevie Nicks Angel

    Stevie Nicks Angel
        • The left wing (her right) looks like a butterfly wing.
  • Gypsy Rose Stevie Nicks

    Gypsy Rose Stevie Nicks
        • Not so much a chop, but great graphic design work! I think she'd be thrilled to look like that today

          [Edited by User on 5/27/2008 11:58:54 PM]
        • An original idea. she still looks good today jest3r
        • I liked this entry, nice deviation from the norm we see here.

          I never said she doesn't still look good today AzureSky Everyone wants to be forever young though!
  • Stevie Nicks the Bond Girl

    Stevie Nicks the Bond Girl
  • Stevie Nicks on the Edge Of Seventeen

    Stevie Nicks on the Edge Of Seventeen
        • What is this? Stevie Nicks or the Flying Nun, nice work
        • good work, my only critique, her eyes appear to be a bit too dark to me, especially her left one, but I like the composition and colour scheme.
        • Nice edit AZ, I thought this one would score higher.
        • Thanks all, I did too. Must be the "seen it too many times and it's no fun to look at now", when they voted...LOL
  • Stevie Nicks in the Middle of the Fire

    Stevie Nicks in the Middle of the Fire
        • This is really pretty but I'm not sure I understand the Paul Stanley make-up!
        • Twisted
          She seems to like KISS music too!
  • Stevie Nicks the Mermaid

    Stevie Nicks the Mermaid
        • Nice idea, but the lighting on her face is too flat for the rest of your image. Her face needs more contrast.
        • Cute idea. Would have liked to see more hair.
  • Thank You Stevie Nicks - Happy Birthday

    Thank You Stevie Nicks - Happy Birthday
        • Hmmmmmm, seems to have lost a lot of detail in the upload. Almost all the stars are gone! Snif sniff. Please enjoy...
        • Don't worry, the overall effect is there and many of us will view the full image. Love the dove in the bubble!
        • Thanks much. This original file is so big that the stars don't seem to show up even enlarged. But I only have a 19 inch screen atm. The trinitron comitted suicide. RIP LOL
          They make really cool planters by the way
        • This is very beautiful and elegant picture of Stevie Nicks. You have outdone yourself Tim.

  • Stevie Nicks Goat

    Stevie Nicks Goat
        • My husband was sitting here making fun of Stevie while I was showing him the contest. He kept bleeting like a goat, calling her Goat Girl. When we saw this we both almost peed our pants. This is wonderful!!
        • Is there a connection between Stevie and goats? I would be really interested to know. Nice image.
        • There is a connection between Pagan occult stuff and goats I believe
        • Other than the fact she kind of sounds like one when she sings there is a South Park episode where a goat is mistaken for Stevie Nicks when she travels to entertain the troops.
  • Stevie Nicks Pirate

    Stevie Nicks Pirate
        • Very cute idea, & I love your choices of pics to use for it, but I have a couple problems with it. The edges on Stevie are way to fuzzy and undefined. Once you fixed the edges, I would do something to resolve the conflict in mediums. Either make Stevie look more like a painting, or you could blur the background a bit. That would give it more depth of field, as well as hide the look of a painting.
        • spectacular image but I agree with Micolish about blurred edges on Stevie. Possibly making the background a trifle daker might help, or fading it a little over a dark background.
        • Live and learn, thanks for the input, I shadowed behind Stevie and left it.
  • Stevie Nicks Manga Portrait

    Stevie Nicks Manga Portrait
        • Sorry, I am not a fan of this style, though it probably does take a lot of work. this does not capture Stevie, in my humble opinion.
        • Excellent work. I love the fact that even after face element proportions are changed Stevie still is recognizable.
  • Stevie Nicks the Fairy

    Stevie Nicks the Fairy
        • Lovely use of light here. Harder than it may look to achieve.
        • Would make a nice desktop for any Stevie's fan
  • Stevie Nicks the Pole Dancer

    Stevie Nicks the Pole Dancer
  • Stevie Nicks in a Landslide

    Stevie Nicks in a Landslide
        • I feel Stevie is lost in this, I would close in on her more. I think you find it gives your image extra impact.
        • Extra points for the "landslide" idea! The song is certainly Stevie's iconic work.
  • Stevie Nicks Angel

    Stevie Nicks Angel
        • Nice integration of various sources, maintaining a consistent resolution across them all.

          The left wing (her left) looks a little out of place, like its coming up from underneath. The right ring (her right) looks good with the arm in front.
        • I think the shadow on the right side of her face is a bit dark
  • Stevie Nicks Witch

    Stevie Nicks Witch
        • This could have done with more work on the background, this is the same as the original poster. The bat could do with being darker.
        • Quality composition overall. Stevie's source image is somewhat blurry, and her eyes need some more work.
  • Stevie Nicks the Black Widow

    Stevie Nicks the Black Widow
        • Sorry, the image source is poor and the painted hair does not work. I saw a high res version of this where she had a white skirt on google.
        • Creative concept but the source image is of low resolution.
  • Stevie Nicks The Ice Queen

    Stevie Nicks The Ice Queen
        • Brrrrrr. And here I was always thinking Stevie was hot! Silly me, lol.
        • The top left of her hair looks as if it needs cutting down to be in proportion. Great idea.
  • Stevie Nicks Statue

    Stevie Nicks Statue
        • Interesting work but it doesn't look like Stevie.
        • Great stone effect, I know it is very difficult to do. Shame it doesn't look more like Stevie.
        • Fair work overall. I agree with Azure. Stone work is one of the hardest
  • Stevie Nicks for President

    Stevie Nicks for President
        • LOL, are these Fleetdood Mac members you added!
          Love the political twist you have taken. The Campaign banner is a hoot.
        • yeah I stuck Mick and Buckingham in there, no McVies though. I couldn't find a good source for John.
  • Vintage Stevie Nicks Portrait

    Vintage Stevie Nicks Portrait
  • Stevie Nicks in Married with Children

    Stevie Nicks in Married with Children
  • Stevie Nicks in the X-Files

    Stevie Nicks in the X-Files
        • Maybe it is not to late for her to star in a sci-fi movie!
  • Stevie Nicks in Bewitched

    Stevie Nicks in Bewitched
        • Great concept. You should saturate / sharpen / increase contrast on her a little bit. She needs more colour.
  • Stevie Nicks the Vampire Slayer

    Stevie Nicks the Vampire Slayer
        • I think you need to adjust your color balance. It just doesn't match.
        • I agree - I matched the source perfectly but I don't like the way it looked either. I've softened it a little. Thanks for the opinion. It reinforced my own!
        • I wonder if you could find a clearer source image as her face looks kind of painted.
        • Good composition. Face color needs more work.
        • I'm just marking this down as "The Entry of Mine That I Dislike The Most".
        • lolaintchicken comment, keep your chin up, cheers!
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