St Patrick s Day

Contest Info

  • Started: 3/15/2006 06:00
  • Ended: 3/17/2006 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 89
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $100
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $60
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $40
St Patrick s Day
Contest Directions: Paint it green! Create images of recognizable scenes or objects (cityscapes, people, things, etc.). Making it specific to St. Patrick's Day is a plus! Erin Go Bragh!

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/15/2006 06:00
    • Ended: 3/17/2006 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 89
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $100
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $60
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $40
89 pictures
  • Uncle Shamrock

    Uncle Shamrock
        • Uncle Shamrock wants have some green beer. Cheers!

        • On 3/16/2006 7:58:25 PM, mashby said:

          I want HIM to give ME that beer!

          laughing my arse off!!!
        • I want YOU to congratulate Midian with the nice win!
        • Thank you for the nice comments and captions.

        • AAAAAhhhhhh Midian in honor of St. Paddys Day he sent you something on tap..Party on!

          Nice win in heavy competition!
          [Edited due to NSFW]

          [Edited by Moderator on 3/17/2006 3:18:33 PM]
        • and for the rest of us..Party at Midians!

  • Coca-Cola

        • So this is the 'can' of gold at the end of the rainbow!
        • Somewhere over the rainbow....Coke is green.
        • Congratulations on the silver! Great chop.
        • this coca cola can is DG's lucky charm...

          WTG DG..nice Silver
  • Irishman

        • I can't stand Marilyn Manson, but I have to admit it is a good job, nice touch putting the tatto on his arm.
        • This is a brilliant entry. If I were to offer a critique it would be the edge of the beard needs to be a little less crisp, it is the only part of the whole chop that seems a bit, too clean.
        • Nice bronze trophy to welcome Eltrut back!

        • On 3/17/2006 6:25:19 AM, NewsMaster said:

          Nice bronze trophy to welcome Eltrut back!

          Thanks Newsy... It was my ISP...GGGGRRR.

        • On 3/17/2006 2:39:22 PM, Eltrut said:

          On 3/17/2006 6:25:19 AM, NewsMaster said:

          Nice bronze trophy to welcome Eltrut back!

          Thanks Newsy... It was my ISP...GGGGRRR.

          Those ba$tards blocked FN????

        • On 3/17/2006 4:03:03 PM, NewsMaster said:

          On 3/17/2006 2:39:22 PM, Eltrut said:

          On 3/17/2006 6:25:19 AM, NewsMaster said:
          I don't think they blocked you....It was just screwed up......damn comcast.
          Nice bronze trophy to welcome Eltrut back!

          Thanks Newsy... It was my ISP...GGGGRRR.

          Those ba$tards blocked FN????

  • Lucky Ball

    Lucky Ball
        • When your behind the eight ball hang on to your Shamrocks!
        • I bet you win every game with that one.
        • Is that a billard ball or a snooker ball? Great entry.
        • My favorite in this contest. Looks very real
        • Love it. The shamrock ball looks very real.
  • Happy Saint Patrikland

    Happy Saint Patrikland
        • So that's what too much green beer can do to a guy.
  • Saint Spidey

    Saint Spidey

        • On 3/16/2006 1:13:55 AM, aramel said:

          How does he get the hat to stay on?

          I expect he uses wig tape lol!
  • Green Expresso

    Green Expresso
        • Love it.

          If it were me, I would have manipulated the swirl just a touch more to really state the shamrock shape.
        • Very nice. The foam on the side really adds to the pic.
  • Greenberries

        • Now only problem is finding them between the leaves.
        • Simple, but very effective. Excellent source pic.
  • Shamiwi

        • Crispy! Changing something to green would help this one over the top.

          Great work.
        • I think I liked it more brfore the addition of the clovers on the outside. But it's still a great chop!

        • On 3/17/2006 2:17:09 AM, Eltrut said:

          I think I liked it more brfore the addition of the clovers on the outside. But it's still a great chop!

          well the contest rules require coloring, so it was going to get dqed if i didn't color something. oh well
  • Greorange

        • So that's what you get when you try to grow oranges in Ireland.
        • Nice work, wonder what fuzzy navels would look like made out of this orange?
  • Shoot Me, I

    Shoot Me, I
        • guns dont kill people four leaf clovers do?
        • Plant your clover over here or I'll shoot you!
  • Greenjacket Bee

    Greenjacket Bee
        • Nice work. Manipulating the caraprice coloring to resemble a shamrock or beer or something would have really taken this over the top!
  • Irish iris eyes

    Irish iris eyes
        • we have mad CONTACT with the earthings....
        • Great thinking, and stunning clean chop
          Well done.
        • Well done, and makes my skin crawl too
        • This is an excellent image. But I wonder if her eye would look better if it was just a regular eye instead of all white. Anyhoo...Great chop!
  • Luck Of the Firish...

    Luck Of the Firish...
        • If he could only find some of that greenbeer to put out those green flames...
        • Brilliant. Very Clean

          Love this.

          AzureSky Sorry, I don't "get this"

          Take a close look at the flames and think "shamrock"
        • the clover is in the top right side of the picture in the flames. NOW WHERE'S MY GREEN ALE?
  • Festive Zippo

    Festive Zippo
  • Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham Palace
        • I want to jump those guys and take there hats and use them to dust off my mini blinds
        • OMG the IRA would hate seeing their enemies in their colour.
        • Yeah, let's go to Starbucks..... nobody will recognize us!
        • Someone put a green sock in the laundy...
  • Shamrock Grapefruit

    Shamrock Grapefruit
        • Lucky Grapefruit. Nice work to go the extra mile!
        • the e-bay half had a pot of gold under it..
  • The Green Door

    The Green Door
        • Knock, knock! Who's there? Marilyn Chambers!
        • Beautiful entry..

          Very clean, very artistic.

          (photoshop wise: if it were me, I may have changed the window shape into a shamerock.)

          Beautiful entry though.
  • St. Patty Flag

    St. Patty Flag
        • I actually like this one better than the original one.
        • One shamrock for every green beer consumed on Friday...

          I had a similar idea with the flag, this turned out better with the shamrocks )
  • Dodge Gaelic

    Dodge Gaelic
        • Driving through South Belfast, loving my ride!
        • Driving through South Belfast, loving my ride!
        • Nice job with the rims but also the headlights too. Very clean blending.
        • Man I hope folks take a second look at this and see all the changes you made... Nice work
          Love the Rims!
        • driven by an Irish Wolf Hound-ing the lasses
  • The Green Boy

    The Green Boy
        • After attending Lady Worthington's Fine Finishing school for Ladies, Finnigan blossomed into quite a strapping young lad.
  • GreenPee

        • I love the green pee drips on the floor
        • Eeew men's toilets are so yucky! nice work.
        • Egads.

          If they were furry, now THAT would be nasty, (or more accurate to the public facilities in the big city)
        • URINE alot of trouble!! those urinals are owned by Green Pee-ce and you colored the cause!
        • Green beer trademark:
          Ashes to ashes, green to green
  • St. Basil

    St. Basil
        • Russians blue over Green Party take over of red square. More news at 11.
        • St. Basil's official re-dedication to St. Patrick
        • Very neat clean job, deserves a much higher position.
        • Clean work. so clean in fact, if it were me, I would link the origianl to show the changes you made.

        • On 3/16/2006 7:02:12 PM, AzureSky said:

          Very neat clean job, deserves a much higher position.

          Thank you very much. I appreciate your saying so.
  • Taj McAll

    Taj McAll
        • this sham-ROCKS!..Brilliant!!

          [Edited by User on 3/16/2006 1:16:41 AM]
        • Beautiful, artistic, well thought out entry,

          Best in show?
  • Helicopter

        • lol, looks a bit like a toycopter now
        • But they said that to camouflage it we needed to paint it green.
  • Erin Go Woof

    Erin Go Woof
        • Now, where's that corned beef sandwich you promised me?
        • What a beautiful dachsund! Nice entry too.
  • Irish Blood

    Irish Blood
        • hah, great detail by putting the shamrock on the bloodcell
        • Now you just need to show the alcohol content of that Irish bloodstream....

  • Green Make-Up

    Green Make-Up
        • Living in Eastern England must have affected Claudia's taste in make up! It is pretty much out in the sticks. Goths have been out of fashion for ages over here,
        • Goth or not, she still looks very beautiful.
  • Pope Paddy I

    Pope Paddy I
        • Apparently he rather drinks the Irish Guinness than the German beer
        • Nice work on the added details (shamrocks)
          great idea.
  • Leprechaun

        • I really like the hidden Leprechaun it adds to the complexity of the pic.
        • Frosted Lucky Charms, their magically delicious.
  • Inked

        • wow, I suddenly whish I was a tattoo artist

        • On 3/16/2006 7:31:37 PM, nielsdb said:

          I suddenly wish I was a TATTOO!

          lol, EXACTLY!
        • ... sells.... Go man go

          very authentic looking tat.
        • Meet me at the HARD sham ROCKS CAFE BOYS...
  • Trumpechaun

        • And now he's a billionaire, but he still looks like a leprechaun. A leprechaun with a bad combover. He should start wearing that hat again
        • Funny little bugger, and at least the goofy hat would explain his hair-do.
  • Irish Sky

    Irish Sky
        • Green sky at night, imagination takes flight
  • Niagreen Falls

    Niagreen Falls
        • Now if that would be green beer instead of green water
        • Nice work. This totally needs a Rainbow!

          Great job.
  • Rock On - Irish Guitar

    Rock On - Irish Guitar
        • Were gonna SHAM_ROCK this town tonight!!
        • nice job, the shape is altered very cleanly!
        • Cheers mate, you play "Irish eys are smilin'" and I'll drink the beer
  • Green Gate Bridge

    Green Gate Bridge
  • Erin Go Braless

    Erin Go Braless
        • Even in green she looks Skanky....

          Nice job on the saturation glow effect of the stockings and undies... really makes the chop.
  • Go Sign

    Go Sign
        • Floridians finally tired of the traffic send the tourists,snow birds,spring breakers and Base Balls spring trainers a green sign to GO GO HOME!

          [Edited by User on 3/15/2006 10:16:59 PM]
  • Green Hong Kong

    Green Hong Kong
        • I thought this was the land of the yellow man
        • THE GREENBACKS Flow thru Hong Kong leaving their mark everywhere
  • Green eggs and ham

    Green eggs and ham

        • On 3/15/2006 5:39:38 PM, Echappy said:

          that's why I don't eat a Denny's

          laughing my arse off!!!
        • Something tells me these egg have salmonella
        • Scarey thing is they passed the USDA inspection earlier this week...watta bunch of Cluck ups!
        • Looks delicious

          Good chop
        • Denny's LOL

          Cute and VERY St. Patrick's Idea....
  • Messy

        • Cute as a bug, Green crayon is a great touch.
        • Hon, what did you feed the child for breakfast?
  • Gold er...Greenfish

    Gold er...Greenfish
        • You forget the long poopy thing they usualy trail behind...
        • "Hellooo limey fish!" (A fish called Wanda)
        • This is how All my goldfish have turned out eventually.
  • Hummer Going Green

    Hummer Going Green
        • The Hummer GLows in the dark as an extra safty feature....
        • the sun cells look a little off perspective, don't seem like their actually attached

        • On 3/17/2006 7:22:00 AM, NewsMaster said:

          Welcome back, Blitzman!

          Thanks, it's been a while. But I'm getting back in the game, time to shore up the Dem side of things around here.
  • St. Patrick's theme by Freaking News

    St. Patrick's theme by Freaking News
        • FN endorses the green party next elections

          [Edited by User on 3/16/2006 5:45:07 PM]
        • Great idea to have a green FN page next year!
        • Had to be done! Happy FN St. Pattie's Day...
  • Amstel

  • Beer Gold

    Beer Gold
        • How did you get my picture to show up??? Leperchauns can't be you know MAGIC?
        • "Shamus! Shamus! Look! L is for leprechaun, Shamus. Look, look at me.. I can do L... see? Aren't I clever?"
        • Great work

          Nice shop showing off the St.Patty's day theme.
        • Great coloring work and looks very realistic
  • Green Cream

    Green Cream
        • Nice sources.
          Somthing like turning the droplets to shamrocks or similar idea could have taken this entry a long way.
  • Something is definately wrong here....

    Something is definately wrong here....
        • I guess the last one out WAS the rotten egg...
        • hah, great chop, The expression on the mother chicken is hilarious
        • Awwwwww factor is HUGE on this

          Great source pic and great greenwork

  • Supergreen

        • I wonder what color his underwear is or is he just in his under roo's
        • I wonder what color his underwear is or is he just in his under roo's
        • I bet he goes commando (no pants) under those tights. Hope he washes regularly.
        • Great idea, and well done.

          (needs some work on the masking around the boot, still white showing through behind his right foot)
  • O

        • Shay shay shay...Shay your booty....Shay your booty...
        • Very good, would a big seller to the Irish on a T shirt.
        • Should like the original in a chop like this in case some folks don't recognize it.
  • Bush Jig

    Bush Jig
        • He could use some of that dem der lepercon gold right about now.
        • I dunno, there sure is alot of 2 stepping going on up there...
        • Look at him searching for his gold.

          [Edited by User on 3/16/2006 5:30:29 PM]
        • Luckiest mouth-breather I know.

          cute chop!
  • Happy St. Paddy

    Happy  St. Paddy
        • oh Geez the Smurfs got into the beer stash again...
        • Latest studies show that in 64% of cases, green smurfs are happier than their regular blue counterparts.
        • The solution for everybody feeling blue, Beer!
        • Beer is a great touch.

          You know those smurfy little bar stewards are liqured up to be that happy.
  • The wearin

    The wearin
        • Nice colorization.

          Using some shadowing/perspective work on the paint would give it a more realistic feel as if it was applied to her bod.
  • Irish Energizer

    Irish Energizer
        • Wanna beat my shamrocks???

          [Edited by User on 3/16/2006 12:35:01 AM]
        • Can continue drinking almost three times as long as normal Irish bunnies!
        • The beer keeps flowing, and he keeps on going
  • Greeness

        • mmmh, I could drink one of those right away
        • No matter what color it is, its good goin' down~!
  • Palace Party

    Palace Party
        • so now it's official, too much green makes people act really weird.
        • The Green Party gets ready for the election
        • You know, Elton John already sort of resembles a Leprechaun. Hehe..
  • My Wild Irish Rose

    My Wild Irish Rose
        • nice work, too bad the rainbow doesn't reach the bouqet.
        • Rainbow is a good addition.

          Drop shadow on this 3D object makes it look cut out. A 3D shadow showing depth would have made it a lot more realistic.

          Love the green roses though.
        • Irish Roses...For those times that you need a little luck with your "Sorry"
  • Irish Setter

    Irish Setter
  • Gang Green

    Gang Green
        • FOZZI is da bear...

          [Edited by User on 3/16/2006 12:58:10 AM]
        • Last desperate hope to revitalize the Love Boat franchise
        • Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
  • leprechauns gone wild

    leprechauns gone wild
  • Color Change

    Color Change
        • Whats Black then White then green all over????
        • Born black, changed to white, now green. What's next!?
        • As if this guy could get any spookier....

  • Green Gorilla

    Green Gorilla
        • So that's where they get all the green hair for those troll dolls..
        • Happy Saint Patty's day from Patrick Ewing!
  • Heineken shamrock

    Heineken shamrock
        • The Irish took over Heineken from the Dutch!
          Of all the beers in the world, they had to buy the worst(ok, bud is worse), they must have been really drunk

          yuck, heineken

        • On 3/16/2006 3:37:33 PM, ... xxpp said:

          The Irish took over Heineken from the Dutch!
          Of all the beers in the world, they had to buy the worst(ok, bud is worse), they must have been really drunk

          yuck, heineken

          Yeah, they must have been really drunk...but can you blame them??? Come on...they're Irish LOL
        • German? Not today! Today, we are Irish!
        • Heineken should probably try it on St. Patrick's Day
  • Pittsburgh St. Patrick

    Pittsburgh St. Patrick
        • A little drop shadow on the text to match the symbol would make this blend a lot better.

          The idea and chop is great though, Love the shamrocks.
        • Great idea. I agree with midian, the text needs just a bit of shadow to match the symbols. That would have tied everything together.
  • Go Blue. Go Green

    Go Blue. Go Green
        • It would be nice to have the original to see all the work that went into this one.
        • Reminds me of those bad green & gold striped socks from the 70s..

          Good show!
  • Green Panda

    Green Panda
        • that's what happens when you lock animals up in cages they turn green
        • that's what happens when you lock animals up in cages they turn green
        • thats what too many Amstel greens will do
        • How'd you find a photo of a hung-over panda?
  • River goes green

    River goes green
        • Actually, that's what the Hudson River looks like all the time. LOL!!
        • The Nuclear Power plant has not, nor will it ever create a hazzard for our neighbors
        • World's first Blue-Green Algae Fountain. Fancy a splash anyone?
        • Sure this isn't a real pic???

          Great work!

        • On 3/16/2006 6:11:02 PM, Echappy said:

          It is not easy peeing green

          laughing my arse off!
  • Green plane

    Green plane
        • Hang on to your shamrocks this flights gonna turn you green!
        • just color-replacing the whole plane makes the shadows look washed out
  • Green Corn

    Green Corn
        • I wonder what Paris Hilton would do with that
        • those Phosphates are completely safe folks and your crops will be the ENVY of the county
  • Green Sunset

    Green Sunset
  • Polar Bears

    Polar Bears
        • What the he11 happened to out nice clean water??
  • Lucky Idol

    Lucky Idol
        • ty Blitzman I was kinda worried they didnt look right
  • Stop Go

    Stop Go
        • Nice idea, but it would have been better if you altered a stop sign on a picture somewhere in a street. That would have been a little harder to do and would score more points
        • ... xxp makes an excellent point here. Or utilize manufactured shadows to give your sign a 3D appearance.
  • The Beatles Green Album

    The Beatles Green Album
  • Leap-A-Con and Pot of Gold

    Leap-A-Con and Pot of Gold
  • Mount Rushgreen

    Mount Rushgreen
        • "Your lookin a little green there Abe"
          "Ya, you too George"
  • Mashby

        • hahahaha, I can imagine his liver to look like that
  • Baby Green

    Baby Green
        • eating green gummy bears start to show their effect on Oliver
        • That kids, is what happens when you watch too much TV.
        • That's what you get from playing on a nuclear waste dump.
        • I have a sneaking suspician doc, that the boy ain't mine....

        • lol, Very cute, simple, and well done. You did miss part of his ear though.
  • Green Eagle

    Green Eagle
        • Ouch I got bit on my talon by a green hornet!
        • Ofcourse all the other birds were making fun of him..
        • Nice change. Needs a little somethin' to take it over the top. maybe a shamrock grasped in his claw?
  • The Green House

    The Green House
        • JFK wanted it painted this way -- it's about time!
        • JFK wanted it painted this way -- it's about time!
        • Needs an Irish flag to really set off the transition

  • Ben O

    Ben O
        • he is an Alien that lurks in the Sierra Mountains

        • the rich and famous do lines of green coke on St Paddys day
        • Jack's tab started to get out of control
  • Al Green

    Al Green
        • He had the luck of the wise.
        • /insert toothbrush
          [repeat until not-green]
          /remove toothbrush

          simple fix

          cute chop!
  • Green Dolphin

    Green Dolphin
        • I wonder if the blue of the sea could be toned down a bit to show up the dolphin more?
        • either unblue the sea, or deeper-green the dolphin
        • How do they get the dolphins to stay so still like that?
        • Cute idea

          Dolphin still has quite a glow around her from the masking i think. Burn tool can tone down those edges.
  • Empire State Building wears the green

    Empire State Building wears the green
        • by just covering the whole tower, the shadows and defining feature get washed out
        • Asbestos Problems? Call 1-800-BADLUNG today!
        • I agree on the shadows being washed out. The idea is great, though.
        • The source pic had very little shadow, so I have added some.
        • oops double post!

          [Edited by User on 3/16/2006 7:19:13 PM]
        • I like how you changed the color of the banner too. Nice detail.
  • The Green arches??

    The Green arches??

        • On 3/16/2006 1:09:53 AM, sassyfras said:

          Green Meat or Ham?

          Nah..just lots of lettuce, guerkins, green peppers and cucumbers!
  • Green George

    Green George
        • The new leader of the green party!

          (after the rep's kick him out)
        • I could play that witch in Wicked.... I don't care if it's supposed to be a woman.... I'm GREEN, aren't I? Isn't that enough?

  • Ol Green Eyes

    Ol Green Eyes
89 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The sixth annual Get Green festivities attracted more that one hundred people on Saturday morning. At the gathering, Fort Wayne Fire Department firefighters shot about 15 gallons of food grade green dye from four fire hoses into the St. Mary's River. The shooting of the water, the coloring of the river, was to begin the St. Patrick's celebration. The wearing of the green this year was to include the river coloration. However, the rivers running in Fort Wayne in the springtime are much faster than the one in Chicago, according to event organizer Eric Lahey. Thus, the rivers do not stay green for very long. Dive team members actually are in boats on the water and work to mix in the color after it is short from the firehoses. Sometimes the firefighters do a test run through before the actual event. Many legends are related to the Saint Patrick name, for example, he with the help of three leafs (shamrock) explained the concept of Saint Triplet. "As three leafs may grow from a single stem, God also may be single in three faces", - this sentence of the Saint has already become a Christianity rule. In Ireland, there is a tradition of fixing the leaf of a shamrock to a dress, which is the symbol of the cross, the color of Catholics, even the color of the "emerald country". There even is a church anthem, which says that Saint Patrick with the help of a shamrock interrupted pagan rituals, which was performed in the Tara Universe in the royal capital of Ireland of that time. There is a saying, some how the druid Lokru started insulting the saint, and also all Christianity in improper expressions. Naturally, devout Christians could not bear such profanity and asked God requesting to punish the pagan. Unexpectedly Lokru was lifted in the air and then fell on the ground hitting his head on a rock. Once during Lent, Saint Patrick observed a fast for 40 days on the peak of hill Croagh Patrick. God was scared that he may die and keep his life purpose incomplete, that's why God requested Patrick to stop the fast, but he agreed for this under three conditions: The Irish people should not live always under pressure, the country may be submerged 7 years before the end of the world to avoid destruction and Patrick himself can judge all on the last day. After this, people started calling this hill as Croagh Patrick. Every year dozens of thousands of pilgrims, most of them without shoes, climb to the saint hill "Croagh Patrick", with a height of 765m above sea level. Tradition says that Saint Patrick on this hill only performed one of his wonders ruled all the snakes of Ireland to assemble at his legs, and then he expelled them. According to legend, one huge and cunning snake did not want to leave the Emerald Island. The saint was forced to use a ruse. He built a huge box and told the snake that at any cost it cannot go into that box. The stubborn reptile surrendered to the contradictory sense and started to bet with the missionary. After the snake entered the box, the Saint quickly closed it and threw it into the sea. Possibly, tradition overstates everything. But there is a realistic fact no snakes are there in Ireland (it is truth that skeptics confirm that there was no such breed there however). Due to the mission of the Saint, Ireland has become the "Island of Saints", land of monks and the homeland of missionaries, which spread Christianity in other countries. There are indications that they reached the present Russian land. An autobiography of Patrick "Confession", one message and the prayer "Board of Saint Patrick" ("entreaty of the deer") are from the scriptures of Saint Patrick. According to the legend, the Saint read this prayer when he went along with his followers besides an ambush, which was built by a pagan king with the wish to disturb Patrick's mission. Instead of travelers, soldiers in the ambush could see only a group of deer passing. As per devout beliefs, those who repeat the prayer will be protected from any evil.