Solar Eclipse

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  • Started: 3/29/2006 04:00
  • Ended: 3/31/2006 05:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 39
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $50
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $30
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Solar Eclipse
Contest Directions: Show how companies can use solar eclipse for commercial purposes - advertising their brands and products, OR show how politicians / political parties may use solar eclipse to increase their ratings. Feel free to create advertisements / billboards / magazine covers for the above.

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/29/2006 04:00
    • Ended: 3/31/2006 05:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 39
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $50
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $30
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $20
39 pictures
  • Caliphate Crescent eclipse

    Caliphate Crescent eclipse
        • Nicely done! The star might have been clearer (and 5-pointed).

        • On 3/30/2006 3:48:18 PM, Valefar said:

          Nicely done! The star might have been clearer (and 5-pointed).

          If he/she had put a 6 pointed star that might have upset some people!

          [Edited by User on 3/30/2006 6:16:40 PM]
        • Very cool. Great idea and well executed.
        • Congrats RG..very cool...this pic was taken during the Eclipse in Isamabad,thought you would like it!

        • I saw a total eclipse once, while on the beach. The seagulls and other birds were squawking and landing and walking around discombobulated. Stars came out. All these little bandy shadows were racing over the sand, something to do with the sun's light passing around the edge of the moon, I think. It was quite an experience.
  • Tiffany Diamond Ring eclipse

    Tiffany Diamond Ring eclipse
        • Stunningly well done. New version is even better.
        • Considering the the flaring phenomenon is known as the "Diamond Ring," this is an obvious idea--but nicely executed.
        • Very nice, I'd like a diamomd like that!
  • pepsi eclipse

    pepsi eclipse
        • *Drink is only viewable in 4D during a total eclipse
        • I think it would look a little better without the top eclipse. But its a awesome image anyways!
  • Condom eclipse

    Condom eclipse
  • Apple eclipse

    Apple eclipse
  • patent eclipse

    patent eclipse
        • Sun microsystems now owns the naming rights of your solar system. Have a nice day.
        • Lol! even the sentence patent everything is trademarked
  • Adobe Eclipse

    Adobe Eclipse
        • Brilliant idea and well executed, perhaps best in contest.
  • Rayban Eclipse

    Rayban Eclipse
        • Looks professional, excellent job, my favourite.
        • Nice, but shouldn't the reflections in the glasses all be different since they're
          all looking in different directions, I know I'm nit-picking, but it would add to an already great idea.
        • Textual and logo layout leave something to be desired.
        • Seems a bit crowded to me. Good point about the reflections babaloo. Larger text without the grey translucent background would be an improvement too.
        • great entry, looks very clean and of high quality
  • Starbucks eclipse

    Starbucks eclipse
        • Now available for a limited time only, Sun and Moon sized cups.
        • Tastes like it was brewed on the sun! *Dislikes their Coffee*.But the chop is superb!
        • Don't understand the title, but it is a well executed entry!
          I am not sure why Starbucks is so popular, we have one where I live and it's no better than our own coffee shops. I went to an American one and it was just the same. Both of them expensive.
        • Edge of circle too sharp. Craters on moon result in some corona appearing to bleed onto moon. Choice of font may have been better.
  • Beatles eclipse

    Beatles eclipse
        • Lil darlin..its been a long cold lonely winter...

          It feels like years since it's been Spring...

          Here comes the sun...
        • Close to perfect visually and conceptually. Not fully an eclipse as much as a consumption.
        • Very well done but I think a solar flare around the orange apple would add to the eclipse effect..
  • Disney eclipse

    Disney eclipse
        • This is brilliant! Can you sharpen up Tink a bit?
        • Great idea, the solar flaring would be better if it were consistant.
        • Tinkerbell looks weak, here. Amazing how the mouse is such an icon theat the effort can stand alone without text.
  • Army eclipse

    Army eclipse
        • Nicely done, though lettering at the top could do with being clearer and maybe brought down a tiny bit.

        • On 3/30/2006 6:20:12 PM, AzureSky said:

          Nicely done, though lettering at the top could do with being clearer and maybe brought down a tiny bit.

          That's better!
        • Hi:
          Except it was not the army who raised the flag it was the US Marines and two Naval Hopspital who raised the flag at Iwo Jima on Mount Suribachi. The only the Marines and Navy attacked the Japnaeses on Iwo Jima the Army was not there.
        • It was the Marines and two Naval Hospital Corpsmen who raised the flag on Iwo Jima. The Army wasn't even there. So the caption should be for the Marines and the Navy. Major screw up by the author. They evidently know nothing about US History.
  • Beer Eclipse

    Beer Eclipse
        • Stone Brewing Co.: Beer from another dimension.
        • A cleaner line around the bottle would have helped (the moon has mountains to cause the flaring, a bottle is smooth).
          Arrogant bar steward rocks!
        • Admin:
          Get your S * H * I * T together:
          Arrogant B * A * S * T * A * R * D is one of the best selling beers put out by Stone brewery.
  • Contacts eclipse

    Contacts eclipse
        • Message unclear. Pupils are nice. Rest of the eyes are unusually white. Much blurriness on skin & hair.
        • Text spoils it, A classic plain text would look better.
        • what are the colored squares in the eyes?
        • Great idea, and scarry look! I'd think twice before going a chick like that on a date
  • Corona eclipse

    Corona eclipse
        • While mostly clean, two eclipses inhabit canvas and none of the objects are truly integrated with them.
  • Heart Eclipse

    Heart Eclipse
        • Sweet, nicely done. Only those over 30 would pick out the meaning.
        • Once upon a time I was falling in love,
          Now I'm only falling apart...
          Total eclipse of my heart
        • Gawd...I hate that song. I am a DJ & a karaoke host and some woman always sings this song. Terribly!
          BUT....nice chop!
  • Batman eclipse

    Batman eclipse
        • Officer: But it's day out how can we use the bat signal?

          Gordon: Use the eclipse, quick!
        • Holy crap its the bat signal Robin..

          WOW...way cool batman!
  • Movado eclipse

    Movado eclipse
        • Solar flare doesn't work. A bit blurry. Maybe better with image inverted, text below, and slogan larger than brand name.
        • I wonder if lining up the watch face more precisely with the sun would be an improvement.

          You could possibly make the line "dark side of movado bigger and take out the large Movado out to give the image more impact..
  • Absolut eclipse

    Absolut eclipse
        • Nice idea. Too bad it has already officially been used by Absolut vodka : link

        • Absolut Eclipse - Better than any Moonshine...
        • Different take on a used idea: this refers to blindness and Absolut's ad did not. This also includes a corona. Sihouette should have been much cleaner.
        • That is a great message to get out to people. They should also know that any kind of alcohol can cause blindness if you use it in excess, to a point where it causes poisoning and blindness.
  • Fried eclipse

    Fried eclipse
        • That boy is BBR (burnt beyond recognition)!
        • Amusingly grotesque, but an eclipse is one time you don't need sunblock.
  • Yoga eclipse

    Yoga eclipse
        • Bew nice if you could use the sun and moon both.
        • Pretty but no eclipse here. Also, the symbol is associated far more with Taoism than with Yoga.
        • this is a type of eclipse, just not the type everyone thinks of.
  • George Bush eclipse

    George Bush eclipse
        • With liberty and justice for none, amen.
        • Well "his" perception of himself is duly noted.....he believes it "eclipses" what the whole world thinks too....
        • Very nice use if an eclipse (as halo), but doesn't convey a meaningful, stand-without-text message.
  • OREO eclipse

    OREO eclipse
        • Looks like someone hit it with a hammer
        • Rather clean, but the eclipse idea isn't tied to the Oreo in any discernable way.
        • I can imagine this as a real ad! Good job
  • Homer eclipse

    Homer eclipse
        • In the absence of the title, might never have picked out Homer.

        • On 3/29/2006 11:05:56 PM, Echappy said:


          It's "doh!", but for a long time I thought he was saying dope so don't feel bad, lol.
        • Would have worked better to have Homer's profile with a corona. Don't really understand the title.
        • I saw Homer before I saw the title. I love Doppler effects.
        • Looks a little like a profile of Frankenstein?
        • I picked out Homer right away, without looking at the title. What does that say about the way my mind works, lol? I like it. It is simple yet effective and artistic (as artistic as Homer can be). Good job.
        • a little bit flat, try too put some highlight
        • a white corona effect along his profile would really make a difference.
  • Bunny Eclipse

    Bunny Eclipse
        • Playboy, it eclipses all ohter adult content.
  • Nacho eclipse

    Nacho eclipse
        • its Nacho Cheese! It's nacho cheese!!! lol
        • I always suspected the sun was made of cheese
  • Eye Protection

    Eye Protection
        • as long as you don't have to blow your wad on them..why not I think they will sell..
        • Hand too big or condom too large? Any corona behind the objects? Text does not complement graphic: it's just dropped into the corner.
        • Does look like a female contraceptive!

          [Edited by User on 3/31/2006 3:12:48 AM]
        • Only for the extremely well endowed man!
  • Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan
        • Overall effort is okay, but message is so strained it can't be discerned without explaination it title.
  • Pizza eclipse

    Pizza eclipse
        • I LOVE this idea, but the bkgound looks like a stucco wall...instead of an eclipsed sky.
        • Simple. Perhaps too simple. Is this an ad for anything? Without the title it's guesswork.
  • Dark Humor eclipse

    Dark Humor eclipse
  • Bowling eclipse

    Bowling eclipse
        • And northern lights happen when he get's a strike!
        • Everyone know that eclipse happens when sun goes on "strike"
  • google eclipse

    google eclipse
  • ET eclipse

    ET eclipse
        • Text and lower right image distractingly bright and inconsistent with overall look of the rest of this effort.
  • cover eclipse

    cover eclipse
  • Dunkin Donuts eclipse

    Dunkin Donuts eclipse
        • Good Idea, but there are some rough edges around the cup and the doughnut.
        • "I'll take 2 donuts. To go." Patrolman Pete
        • This one could have been better if you had only choped th ecup a bit closer. It is a good idea and other than the cropping, it looks good.
  • MasterCard eclipse

    MasterCard eclipse
        • Be better if the font was smoothed out a bit. Nice idea tho.
        • There are some thing money can't buy, for eveything else under the sun, there's Mastercard.
        • I di like this, shame the mastercard logo is blurry, lettering added on is fine.

        • Nice. (Try Swis721 Condensed Black for the text.)
        • Nice idea. Too bad it has already officially been used by Absolut vodka : link

        • Little effort visible here (but the same could be said for the original Absolut ad).

        • On 3/30/2006 9:58:02 AM, JannaR said:

          The font is a bit scratchy.

          looks better since being edited
  • Big Mac Eclipse

    Big Mac Eclipse
        • The edges around the McSign are a bit rough. It's a great idea tho.
        • The chop on the sign could have been better.
        • Nice idea and good work on the mac. However Mc logo has rough edges.
  • Skittles eclipse

    Skittles eclipse
        • The Logo is a bit rough, and the font is a bit too fuzzy. I Like the idea tho...Nice!
        • Colorful but rough. Maybe "Taste the Eclipse" would have helped.
39 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the observer and the Sun and covers it. Since the Moon glows with a reflected light and before an eclipse, the moon faces us with its dark side, then the new moon, i.e. when the moon is not visible, occurs immediately before an eclipse. An impression is created that the Sun is covered by blackness of an unknown nature. During a solar eclipse, astronauts, who are in orbit, can observe the umbra of the moon on the surface of the earth. Who so ever is present on Earth fall into this umbra and observe a solar eclipse. The cone of the moon's umbra, naturally, is less in diameter than the earth; therefore, a solar eclipse can be viewed only on the territory through which the lunar umbra passes during an eclipse. Since the moon's orbit is elliptic, the distance between the Earth and Moon at the time of an eclipse can be varied, accordingly the diameter of the lunar umbra on the surface of the earth varies. At a sufficiently close position of the moon and the suitable relative positioning of the Earth, Moon and Sun, the cone of the lunar umbra reaches the surface of the earth. Such an eclipse is called a total solar eclipse. The observer on the earth, who is in the pass band, can see the Moon obscuring the Sun completely, the sky becomes dark and stars become visible. It is possible to observe the solar corona, which is not visible during usual bright sun light, around the solar disc, covered by the moon. If the eclipse is viewed by a stationary ground observer, the totality of the eclipse lasts no more than several minutes. The minimum speed of movement of the lunar umbra on the surface of the earth hardly constitutes more than 1 km/sec. The total eclipse pass band can reach about two hundred km in breadth. Observers, who are closer to the total eclipse pass band, can view it as a partial solar eclipse. During a partial eclipse, the Moon passes around the solar disc not precisely along the centre covering only part of the Sun. Thus, the darkness in the sky is comparatively poorer than during a total eclipse and the stars are not visible. A partial eclipse can be observed by the naked eye from a distance of about 2000 km from the total eclipse zone. The totality of a solar eclipse is also expressed by the phase F. The maximum phase of a partial eclipse is usually expressed in a hundred fractions of a unit, where 1 - is the total phase of an eclipse. The total phase can be more than a unit, for example 1.01, if the diameter of the visible lunar disc is more than the diameter of the visible solar disc. Partial phases have designations of 0.90, 0.85, etc. At the edge of the lunar penumbra, the phase is equal to 0, i.e F= 0. The astronomic classification of solar eclipses: According to astronomical classification, if the eclipse is observed as a total one somewhere on the surface of the Earth, it is called a total solar eclipse. If the eclipse is observed only partially (such thing occurs when moon's umbra passes near the surface of the earth but does not intersect it), the eclipse is classified as partial. When the observer is situated in the moon's umbra, he observes a total solar eclipse. When he is in penumbra, he can observe a partial solar eclipse. Apart from total and partial solar eclipses, there are annular eclipses. An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun is closer to the Earth during the eclipse and the umbra passes above the surface of the earth without intersecting it. Visually, during an annular eclipse, the moon passes along the sun's ring but appears to be smaller than the sun with respect to diameter and cannot obscure the sun completely. In a maximum eclipse phase, the Sun is obscured by the Moon but the bright ring (annulus) of the uncovered portion of the solar ring is visible round the Moon. During an annular eclipse, the sky remains bright, the stars do not appear and it is not possible to view the Sun's corona. Phenomena during solar eclipses: Shadow bands; Baily beads; Diamond ring; Crescent-shaped umbra (camera obscura); Decrease in atmospheric temperature; Radiant ring. Solar Eclipse in the news: Scientists are gathering with tourists the world over to take in the first total eclipse of the sun in years. The eclipse will be a solar show that will sweep northeast, beginning in Brazil and heading to Mongolia. The sun will be blotted out across large swathes of the world's poorest lands. The last such eclipse of the sun was in November of 2003. It was visible from most of Antarctica, according to Alex Young who is a NASA scientist involved in solar research. The eclipse will block the sun over some very highly populated areas, including West Africa. NASA has advised that it won't be visible from the United States. The moon is expected to first begin blocking out the sun during the morning hours in Brazil before the path of greatest blockage migrates to Africa, then onward to Turkey and finally up towards and into Mongolia. The eclipse will fade out with the sunset at that location. With the eclipse, superstition will follow around the world, as it has for generations and generations. One Indian newspaper continued the superstitions and advised pregnant women not to go outside during the eclipse to avoid having a blind baby or one with a cleft lip. Another of the superstitions that is making the rounds sets forth that food cooked before the eclipse should be thrown out afterward because it will be impure. Another sets forth that those who are holding a knife or ax during the eclipse will cut themselves, as was reported in the Hindustan Times.