Contest Directions: Canada is considering buying the US amphibious ship Wasp that can put thousands of troops ashore in planet's hot spots. The ship is currently in Halifax harbor to take part in the joint American and Canadian exercise. The price for the development and building of USS Wasp was over $2 billion.
In this contest you are asked to design new models of ships and boats. Your ship can be built from scratch or based on some parts of the existing or antique ship models. Combining ships with other vehicles (e.g. cars, airplanes, spacecrafts) is allowed.
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  • Dolphin Ski-Boat

    Dolphin Ski-Boat
  • Island Cruisers

    Island Cruisers
  • Nautical Bus

    Nautical Bus
  • 3rd World WalMart

    3rd World WalMart
  • Sailing Ship

    Sailing Ship
  • Submarine

  • Cruise Missile

    Cruise Missile
  • Deep Sea Tours

    Deep Sea Tours
  • Supership

  • Banana Boat

    Banana Boat
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Seas and oceans occupy around 70% on the surface of the earth and wash all the continents. From the earliest times sea drew the attention of man as an ideal way, out spread in all the ways, devoid of obstacles and unevenness. As far as the developments in navigation, occurred necessity of safety in navigation and to save from the adversary. Appeared military vessels, ship building history were born. Early ships practically were not different from commercial vessels, indeed at that time fight onboard was the basic weapon for the seamen. Special architecture of the corpus for the accommodation of the soldiers with weapons was not necessary. Even after the occurrence of catapult, later artillery out lay of the military vessels did not acquire special features suddenly: means of attack and defense on the earliest artillery vessels were simple and, substantial, not distinguished from ships of commercial fleet although there were many tools on the vessels. As per the changes in the tactics of wars on sea, not only the means of battle has undergone changes but also the quality of sailing of the ships. All these gave ships a specific external feature to the mid of XIX century which are preserved till our times without big deviation. There was a unique construction for any of the large ships even till XX century. The participation of those who are about to sail on that ship was a must, which was the individual decision of engineers. Then the unquestionable experience of the sailors, their skills to come out even from the complicated conditions, may be a storm or a reef, were necessary to build a reliable fast vessel. In the intervals of sea cruise, cruise captains, who were aged stood as consultants for building new ships. Some body, but they, can suggest in a best way the nuances from their high experience of distant sailing and also that knowledge which was given by the history of sea navigation during the designing and building of sea vessels. Although on these new ships they were particularly sent frequently. They have carried the responsibility of safety and technical characters of the new vessel. Eventually those shipbuilders who have shown practically their capability may remain in the fabrication. Namely the captains and their crew, whose knowledge and science really let them go through all the harsh conditions and testing of the marine vessels, and save not only their lives but also the ship. Many people during their times were subjected to marine romance: may be simple dreamers, taking a ride on a yacht along the river, may be great poets, like Julie Vern, who survived the marine journey with out coming out of rooms. Who of us have not read in child hood the execution of sea and sea-robber, did not walk on “The Treasure Island” by Stevenson, and did not drop to “20000 league under water” by Jules Verne or haven’t traveled with Jack of London? Who weren’t drawn interest to the adventures of the Snow White, the pirates fight, and of course the unlimited expanse of satin stitched seas and oceans! And appears to be: no problem, tomorrow going to meet the adventures, it’s here no vessel can reach… Our century had definitely put high technology and men service – and let the story become true! You easily find many offers from different companies to organize your marine journey. For the best fastidious inhabitants liable to your satisfaction you will be offered a launch, and yachts. One of the companies which under license top ranked in the production of high class yachts is to be the corporation “Carver Yachts” (U.S.A). This company is related to the family of daughter companies of the motor boat giant “Genmar Holding Inc.” existing almost 45 years in the market, company would have stood as the leader of designing and fabrication of such equipment. At present day the motor yachts of the trade mark “Carver” has 16 models of length from 32 to 57 foot (“570 Voyager Pilothouse”).

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  • Started: 6/21/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 6/23/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 10
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
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