Shark Diving
Contest Directions: This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images.
Photoshop this image of shark diving (image credit: Adam Coster) any way you wish. Some examples are - making these 3 divers perform some stunts and dive in unusual places, placing the shark into a new environment, using this shark diving image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.
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  • The Motherships Have Arrived

    The Motherships Have Arrived
  • The guardian of treasure

    The guardian of treasure

  • Disappointed sailors from "Red October"

    Disappointed sailors from "Red October"
  • Sinking


  • Our Last Diving

    Our Last Diving
  • Human Chum

    Human Chum

  • Wizard

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This contest is fueled by the following news: For those who had fully mastered the scuba diving technique, it will become uninteresting to swim amongst the small fishes and corals even amongst the most colorful. For such aces, it is interesting to do scuba diving with sharks or other big fish, requiring increased attention, concentration, precise movements and coupled with a certain risk. Experiencing the adrenalin buzz and reliving the extreme situation, associated with the proximity of big and often unpredictable predators can be sufficiently safe. But only in case, if diving with sharks is organized by professionals, who have sufficient experience in underwater diving and handling sharks. In such type of scuba diving, novices are required to have a prior plan of action. The certificate of the corresponding level ( at least SCUBA or NAWI) and as many hours of experience as possible in scuba diving are required to take such a brave step. It is obvious that the physical shape of the participant to experience such extremes should not be just good. This is recreation for strong and quick divers. There are very few place around the world where organized shark diving is practiced. Swimming with sharks under the guidance of qualified instructors is possible in California, in the Bahamas, in Australia and South Africa. A certain season which is most appropriate for meeting sharks, is available in each one of these centers. In California, it is from the end of summer till the end of Autumn. The tour cost is not always directly linked with level of organization, hence it is necessary to be familiar with the reviews on various sites and it is better to take the recommendations drivers and select the dive tour with optimal cost and most appropriate with respect to time period. Tour organization levels vary and usually the most suitable variant for client is selected. If recreation assumes only diving, then the entire group is constantly put up on a ship, thus completing maximum possible number of submersions. Tour organizers may offer rest in hotels near the port and the tourists are taken to the hotel at night. Before commencement of the tour, it is necessary to thoroughly check all the equipment. Before scuba diving, the instructor should check the equipment. The smallest defect can be very expensive. Before scuba diving, it is mandatory to fulfil all the instructions of the instructor. An amateur performance in such a dangerous act is fraught with deplorable consequences. It is possible to encounter sharks even during regular diving in many places but these encounters are unpredictable and quite rare. For instance, once can regularly encounter white tip sharks near Elphinstone reef in the Red sea but it is also possible to encounter rarer white finned sharks. To make a very good photo, one has to go after these fearful but beautiful sharks. But, even the slowest of sharks swim much quicker than the quickest diver. When the gray shades of white-finned sharks appear near the launch and warning signals "Sharks" are issued, then the divers start diving into waters (if the predators are not bigger than 1.5m). Sharks react playfully and happily towards such a major prey. And immediately start using their standard methods: deviate one diver from the remaining group and start making rounds of the victim. The “lucky diver" shall get the thrill much more than the remaining divers. Such encounters are very rare if they are not organized specially. Sometimes, instructors feed the sharks with raw chicken or fish but the satiated sharks may refuse refreshments. As a rule, sharks are surrounded by large quantity of pilot fish. Persons are not allowed to go closer than 2 - 3 meters. During the camera flashing, they close their eyes. Satiated sharks do not attack people unless they are provoked with foolish behavior. Becoming habituated, sharks just stop paying attention to people in places, where the diving group is constantly located. Sometimes the most curious "snub-nosed" sharks may swim towards the group on their own initiative and even spend some time swimming along with the people. Flock of sharks, consisting of a species of the same age, constantly gain weight, height and voracity. Usually, such a flock lives in a single place and it is better to get familiar with it early when the sharks are still young and "kind". It is risky to go swimming with older and bigger sharks in the flock. In the Bahamas Islands, scuba divers love to play with big 3 meter, but quite harmless, lemon sharks. If the divers are particularly bothered by the yellow kind-hearted natural creatures, they first show their teeth and then given time to get away. Shark diving is an enthralling activity but the unfortunate statistics indicate that the risk of this recreation is not mythical but quite real. And, some facts are not reported by diving organization centers. Therefore, it is necessary that the desperate daredevils give a thought as to whether such a pleasure, which may cost you health or even life, is required or not.

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