Shapes of 2013
Contest Directions: Numerology is a system that describes how numbers affect events and people's lives. As per numerology, 2013 is a 6 Universal Year ( 2+0+1+2=6 ). The element associated with 6 Year is metal - it will bring wealth to people who work hard this year. 6 Year is also positive for romantic relationships and family, but again requires some emotional and personal effort for such rewards. So, we can all look forward to Year 2013 with good hopes! Especially after we've seen that the Mayan predictions were wrong!
To welcome the New Year 2013, photoshop numbers 2013 into anything. Some examples are - make certain objects or animals shaped like numbers (2, 0, 1, and 3) standing together making the number 2013; blend the number 2013 into any movies, paintings, objects or animals (e.g. on zebra, cow, etc.)
14 pictures
  • grumpy ole bast$#@ living in my fridge

     grumpy ole bast$#@ living in my fridge
  • 2013 face

    2013 face
  • It's In The Tea Leaves

  • Lucky 13?

    Lucky 13?
  • A bunch of dollars

    A bunch of dollars
  • Candles

  • Stars out Tonight

    Stars out Tonight
  • Next year players

    Next year players
  • Genius at work

    Genius at work
  • African porters

    African porters
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