Contest Directions: World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has published a report that claims seahorses are becoming an endangered species, and calls for action to save these fragile species. Seahorses are sensitive to environment change and need clean sea waters to breed. Besides many predators that eat seahorse eggs and drop the species' survival rate, human activities such as fishing practices, water leisure activities and pollution pose a direct threat to seahorses and their water habitats. WWF claims more strict regulation is needed to prevent harmful human impact in the seahorse habitat areas.
Photoshop seahorses any way you wish. E.g. merge seahorses with other animals, show how they could live life outside of water, or even doing human activities, include them in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.
17 pictures
  • Seahorse Zebras

    Seahorse Zebras
  • Sea Horse

    Sea Horse
  • Bucking Seahorse Rodeo

    Bucking Seahorse Rodeo
  • Seahorse Statue of Liberty

    Seahorse Statue of Liberty
  • Underwater Seahorse Racing

    Underwater Seahorse Racing
  • Seahorse Grave

    Seahorse Grave
  • The Last Seahorse

    The Last Seahorse
  • Seahorse Butterfly

    Seahorse Butterfly
  • Seahorse Cave Painting

    Seahorse Cave Painting
  • Seahorse Aquarium

    Seahorse Aquarium
17 image entries
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