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  • Started: 7/15/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 7/20/2007 06:00
  • Level: apprentice
  • Entries: 9
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Apprentice 1st Place $1.5
  • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $0.9
  • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $0.6
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Contest Directions: In this contest we are asking you to use your creativity and edit this image in any way you want. Use your imagination as you see fit. This image supplied by Stock Exchange. You will have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here.
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Your images will be critiqued even if you ask for no critique in the apprentice contests.

Contest Info

    • Started: 7/15/2007 06:00
    • Ended: 7/20/2007 06:00
    • Level: apprentice
    • Entries: 9
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Apprentice 1st Place $1.5
    • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $0.9
    • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $0.6
9 pictures
  • Old Pressure Guage on a Pipe

    Old Pressure Guage on a Pipe
        • Good job! Looks real enough to fool about anyone.
        • wow this is awesome work whats your secrete? I'm quite new to photoshop and this is totally aweosme
        • The blending is so clean I would think this is the real photo.
        • way to go, quartarolo!!!!!
  • Etcha-Sketch Scale

    Etcha-Sketch Scale
  • Sattelite Portable TV

    Sattelite Portable TV
        • Very inventive, but there shouldn't be any shadowing around the sat dish.
        • Ok. "Roger that!" , the shadowing i gone and thanks for the help
        • Looks better now Shadowing on right edge of scale could be removed too, since it's not a flat scale, against a wall and the light is coming from the top right.

          [Edited by User on 7/18/2007 12:14:32 PM]
        • Fair work, and good color matching with the dish.
  • The Weight of the World

    The Weight of the World
        • I like how you made scales from two symmetrical parts.
  • Elephant on a Scale

    Elephant on a Scale
        • You oughta change the "100 g" to "100 kg" and "1500 g" to "1500 kg", otherwise elephant will be miffed

          [Edited by User on 7/16/2007 1:36:01 AM]
        • Those miniture elephants are really LIGHT on thier feet.
        • I would probably flip the elephant horizontally, so the light source on the elephant better matches that on the scale.
  • Fat Cat on a Scale

    Fat Cat on a Scale
        • Cute cat pic, but he's so fat and only weighs 1.5 kg or 3.3 lbs.
        • Hi there this is a good call I have the g for the grams next to the 100 still yet I should have maybe made it more apparent around the rest of the numbers ... thanks for the help
        • Thanks for your comment I am very new to photoshop and wanted to try a bit of something well that I could but it was hard for me to do the face of the scale ... was hoping it wouldn't look too washed out.
        • The clone stamp tool works good for removing/covering that sort of stuff.

          Clone Stamp Tool Tutorial

          Your image is a clean job. For the first time, you are doing fantastic.

        • Thanks been trying to find tutorials as much as I can and this one I thanks much for it great help for me I will keep trying to practice on different things You all have been awesome in helping out Much Appreciated
        • The cat looks somewhat stretched, especially the head. Otherwise a good work.
  • Baby on a Scale

    Baby on a Scale
        • This is great idea...just wish you had the whole scale picture on it...
        • Looks another one where the light source is coming from two opposite directions. Flip the baby horizontally so it matches?
  • Teddy on a Scale

    Teddy on a Scale
        • Decent intergation but perhaps it would look better without the background.
  • Symbols of American Justice

    Symbols of American Justice
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