Contest Directions: The famous magic trick of sawing a woman in half is now performed on the streets of London. It is much harder to perform magic next to the peering street crowd rather than on stage with complex mirror sets that hide the trick equipment from the audience. The trick of "sawing a woman in half" is said to go back to the ancient Egypt where magicians did it to the amuzement of the pharaohs and the elite. The first publicly recorded performance of this trick was done by British magician P.T. Selbit in 1921.
Saw people or objects in two or more pieces in any way you like. Your "victims" can be participating in magic tricks, or just be sawed for other purposes. Please use the sources are not already sawed / sliced. You are welcome to use celebrities, politicians, characters from masterpieces, or any animals and objects you may think of. Make sure your entries are amazing but not too graphic - they should not be shocking to the audience or we will have to disqualify them.
19 pictures
  • Paris Hilton with a Sawed Head

    Paris Hilton with a Sawed Head
  • Sliced Cow

    Sliced Cow
  • Sawed Lindsay Lohan

    Sawed Lindsay Lohan
  • Dog Sawn in Half

    Dog Sawn in Half
  • Laughing His Head Off

    Laughing His Head Off
  • Chopped Finger

    Chopped Finger
  • Woody Allen with a Sliced Head

    Woody Allen with a Sliced Head
  • Sawed Pig

    Sawed Pig
  • Sawed Turtle

    Sawed Turtle
  • Marmot in the Sliced Moon

    Marmot in the Sliced Moon
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Six rules of sawing: 1. CORRECT TENSIONING OF BAND SAW BLADES: Carry out vibration test to check the proper tensioning of band saw blades Band saws "Hakansson Saw blades" are slack tension saws, i.e work with a tension by 35-50% less than the rival carbon saws. Slack tension of band saws, ensuring sufficient stability, reduces the influence of fatigue effect at constant bend at 70% and more, consequently, significantly increases the service life. Energy consumption is reduced by 20%. 2. SELECTION OF RIGHT LUBRICANT FOR BAND SAW BLADES: Never ever use water as a lubricant for the blades of band saws. Water is not a lubricating material and should not be used for many reasons. Besides, water is not permitted as lubricating material and it also rusts on band saw blades, leading to corrosion and inappropriate chip swelling. This prematurely destroys the body of band saw blade and its gullet. It also dry rots band saw tires or V-belts. It is not required to lubricate the blade if resin is not sticking on the saw blades. If sticking takes place actually, then we can suggest you the following: To obtain proper lubrication, mix HIGH ADHESION SAW BAR OIL with 50% kerosene or diesel fuel. Apply the obtained solution with the help of sprayer on both sides of the blade about once every four minutes during the operations of machine. After lubrication is applied, sound of cutting decreases by more than 50%. Do not apply again until the sound of cutting increasing. Both the sides of the saw blade should be lubricated. Lubrication of blade increases the service life of band saw by more than 30%. Through economical usage of lubricant, it is possible to cut high-speed timber without soiling it; we also consider that the lubrication increases the service life of rubber gaskets. 3. ALWAYS DE-TENSION THE BAND SAWS When the cutting work is over, take the tension off from saw blades. Band saw blades, when warmed up from cutting, always stretch and upon cooling shrink in each cooling period. Therefore, blades, when left on the saw over-tension themselves and leave the imprints of two wheels in the steel of the band, which will cause cracking in the gullet. When you leave the band on your saw under tension, not only do you distort the crown and flatten out the tires (which make them very hard) but you also place undue stress on your bearings and shafts. Believe it or not; you can, and will damage your wheel geometry sooner or later and considerably shorten service life. You are also going to damage the rubber gaskets and V-belts. 5. GULLET SHARPENING PROCEDURE: There is only one way to sharpen a band saw blade. A stone must come down the face of the tooth, around the bottom of gullet and up the back side of the tooth in one sweeping action. It is necessary to always maintain the gullet integrity. 6. PROPER HOOK ARTICULATION: Because of our deep gullets, we are able to use lower hook angles which generate less heat on the tip of the tooth. The band saw blade series Silco uses a 10 degree rake or hook angle which is capable of penetrating most surfaces from medium-hard to medium –soft woods. If you are cutting very hard wood (for example white oak, walnut, ash or anything frozen throughout) the band saw blade will probably rise in the cut. This is called “push-off”. The hook angle must be brought back to 8°. You will notice as the angle goes from 10 degrees to 8 degrees, the tooth becomes more perpendicular, thus increasing its penetration factor.

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  • Started: 11/6/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 11/8/2007 06:15
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 19
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
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