Santa Claus Products
Contest Directions: Santa Claus never refused to endorse any product. Why? Because he's technically not a trademarked character - this fat old jolly fellow is in the public domain - which means every company who wants to use Santa to promote their products are free to do so. And who, if not Santa, could help boost your sales before Christmas? Some companies practically abused Santa image using him for products he hardly fits with. Here's a nice gallery of vintage ads with Santa.
Add Santa Claus image to labels, brands, and products normally not appropriate for Santa image. Please keep your entries Safe For Work.
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  • Santa's Naturals

  • Karkimedia Newspaper

    Karkimedia Newspaper
  • Enough with the Kids already!

    Enough with the Kids already!
  • Santa's Case

  • Santa pitches Hams!

    Santa pitches Hams!
  • Santa's North Pole

  • Merry Xmas From bp

    Merry Xmas From bp
  • Commemorative dollar

    Commemorative dollar
  • Liberty Santa

    Liberty Santa
  • Shop At Moshe

    Shop At Moshe
27 high resolution images
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