Russians on Moon

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  • Started: 9/2/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 9/4/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 11
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
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Russians on Moon
Contest Directions: Latest ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin are no longer contained within this planet. As part of the renewed space program, Russian space agency announced that it plans to send their cosmonauts to the Moon and establish a permanent astronaut base there. Russia's space program has suffered a dramatic decline in the 90s due to a lack of funds. Since 2001 Russia started taking space tourists on their space missions with tickets selling for about $30 million. It has also launched satellites for other countries. Such role of Russia as a "space taxi" helped make solid financial injections into their space program over the last 6 years.
Photoshop anything connected to a Russian mission to the Moon. Examples may include showing how Russians would explore the Moon if they landed on it during the Soviet Union era, or nowadays. What if Russians were the first men on the Moon, superseding America? Show the photos of Russian moon missions and what a Russian moon base may look like. These are just some ideas, the "sky" is the limit.

Contest Info

    • Started: 9/2/2007 06:00
    • Ended: 9/4/2007 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 11
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
11 pictures
  • Vladimir Putin Puts Russian Flag on the Moon

    Vladimir Putin Puts Russian Flag on the Moon
        • Nice choice of sharp image sources and you integrated them well. My only critique is I would think there would be a flash reflection on the flag pole and maybe inside the collar. I would also think his shirt would be sharper. Pockocmoc is a nice touch.
        • Man I had the same idea...but just didn't do it because of the helmet...I figured it was the moon he needed the helmet on...but oh well nice job..
        • I guess a few didn't get the joke. Putin discovered the moon in a studio, which was a play on the Apollo moon hoax theory...cept this time with Russia. So there would be no camera flash needed with studio lighting and no need for a helmet.
  • Vladimir Putin in a Pland Orbiting the Moon

    Vladimir Putin in a Pland Orbiting the Moon
        • Quality job, love the old Soviet era airplane.
        • Nice choice on good clear image sources. I don't get the 'halo' of Putin tho. The plane could be a little softer around the edges to match the rest of the image. The direction of lighting is a bit off between the face & plane. One is half front and other is top right.
  • Moscow on the Moon

    Moscow on the Moon
        • I like the edited version with the increased cathedral and brighter earth in the sky.

          [Edited by User on 9/4/2007 3:24:48 AM]
        • I was drunk when I submitted it. Looked at it when I sobered up and made those changes. This just proves that drinking & submitting don't mix. Children, please don't drink & submit.
        • "Don't drink and submit" That's exactly what I tell my teenage daughter!

          Congrats on the bronze.

          [Edited by Moderator on 9/4/2007 12:45:16 PM]
  • Astronauts on a Rope From the Earth to the Moon

    Astronauts on a Rope From the Earth to the Moon
        • That's a long rope. Is the rope going to China? Nice job other than the flags look a little flat.
  • Red Russian Moon

    Red Russian Moon
  • Vladimir Putin and George Bush on Moon

    Vladimir Putin and George Bush on Moon
        • George Bush looks flat in this image also. Maybe some shading and a shadow to match the astronaut's shadow would make it look more lifelike.
        • Yes, adding shadows from Bush world definitely be nice. I like the concept.
        • Bush is trying to find his way out of another hole.
  • Russian Eclipse of the Moon

    Russian Eclipse of the Moon
        • Nice idea, not sure if it is on your source image or from your chopping, but those square blemishes around the shadow need to be removed if possible.
        • The 'blemishes' are digital image splice lines, as the source image was digitally spliced from several smaller images (sort of the opposite of 'chopping'...)
          I prefer to leave them in the image, as in my humble opinion they add to the sense of auhenticity.
        • The splice lines are what makes this image look authentic. Good idea on the eclipse angle.
  • Russian Flag Moon with Vodka Bottle

    Russian Flag Moon with Vodka Bottle
  • Russian Moon Landing

    Russian Moon Landing
        • The one astronaut is quite pixelated and the masking could be closer on the front guy. The craft is blurrier than the source image. The shadowing is a little off too. Sorry for sounding so harsh but this image could use some tweaking.
  • Gollum and the Russian Moon Exploration

    Gollum and the Russian Moon Exploration
        • The cut out of gollum looks very flat in this image.
        • I agree about gollum. Consider adding some stars in the sky too.
        • Masking could use some touch ups. I would think the shaded sides of the added elements would be darker, too.
  • Vladimir Putin's Moon Advert

    Vladimir Putin's Moon Advert
        • The earth in the background may be too big I think.
        • I can see my house on the earth there. I think the sign is too sharp. Softening the edges would help. Shadows don't quite match. The rocks in the background should be illuminated if the objects in the foreground are casting shadows past them, I would think.
        • Good points, but I have never been to the moon so I don't know what the earth looks like.
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Russia's federal space agency's chief Anatoly Perminov declared long term project of Roscosmos, in relevance to mission Russian cosmonauts to the moon will be possible in 2025 , to the Mars after 2035 and first Russian space tourist is planned in 2009, reports BBC. Soon after first missions to the Moon in 2028, on its surface it is planned to create a permanent manned base, and also opening up circumlunar orbit. Besides missions to other planets, Roscosmos is planning to create asteroid safety system, construction of manned platform in circumterrestrial orbit and new manned craft. When Russia builds in circumterrestrial orbit manned platform, which allows constructing aircrafts in space, then there will be possibility to send missions to Mars and other planets. Mr. Perminov underscored that the platform will be "high-latitude to cover larger part of Russia". According to the chief of Roscosmos, with the help of new manned platform we can solve other tasks, for instance, study of the North Atlantic Ocean and The Arctic Ocean. Roscosmos's plan anticipates construction of a new manned ship which also needs launching pad. Where to build- in Baikonur in Kazakhstan or in Russia- Roscosmos is yet to decide. A. Perminov notes that construction of such pad in Russian territory should be built from scratch which involves serious monetary costs. "In case of manned aeronautics Up to 2040 we don't see any alternative to Kazakhstan", said Roscosmos's chief. American space agency NASA recently declared that every dollar invested in space sector returns profit of 5-6$. Unlike American colleagues, Russian space agency does not maintain such calculations. "But I can say that every ruble invested in space saves 6-7 rubles in other sectors of economy," -said Anatoly Perminov. According to him in recent years profitability of missile and space industry increased three times and prove-in performance- two times. Not withstanding this, funding of Russian space industry can not be compared with American programs; if American budget for space is $18.8 billion, then Roscosmos budget is only $1.2 billion. So now with USA there is no race as such because of difference funding. It is known that now first Russian space tourist is undergoing training for space trip in 2009, but Perminov declined to disclose his name. I can only say that the tourist is serious respected businessman and politician- Perminov informed and added that he is a young man. Roscosmos's head pointed that there have not been such talks with President Putin and said" I think President knows, where to fly to and where to engage in."