Puffer Fish
Contest Directions: A Glasgow restaurant has started a petition to lift the EU ban on puffer fish. The dangerous delicacy fish - also called fugu - is banned in EU restaurants and shops because it has enough poison to kill 30 people, if not cooked properly. Puffer fish dishes are allowed in Japan, and chefs have to train for three years before they are allowed to prepare it. The petition started by a Glasgow restaurant states that their residents are mature open-minded people that appreciate a choice of puffer fish dishes in restaurant menus.
Photoshop puffer fish any way you like. Examples may include showing non-standard ways how puffer fish can be used, merging puffer fish with some objects, animals or people; including it in paintings, etc.
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  • Puffer Swimmer

    Puffer Swimmer
  • Puffer Balloons

    Puffer Balloons
  • Puffer Pig

    Puffer Pig
  • Puffer Fish Snack

    Puffer Fish Snack
  • Puffer Daddy

    Puffer Daddy
  • Puffer Fish Insemination

    Puffer Fish Insemination
  • Puffer Fish Golf

    Puffer Fish Golf
  • The Puffer Moon

    The Puffer Moon
  • Puffer Fish Dragon

    Puffer Fish Dragon
  • Puffer Undewater Restaurant

    Puffer Undewater Restaurant
  • Smoking Puffer Fish

    Smoking Puffer Fish
  • Puffer Fish Dish

    Puffer Fish Dish
  • Puffer Underwear

    Puffer Underwear
  • Basketball Pufferfish

    Basketball Pufferfish
  • Puffer Earth

    Puffer Earth
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Short body of Puffer fish is usually discreetly covered with spikes, which in relaxed condition lie down to the body( rarely the body is bare). Head is big and stout. Spine is wide, roundish. Maxillary teeth joined together by forming a couple of incisive plastins in each jaw divided in the front. Owing to presence of special muscles, Tetraodontidae with the help of breast fins can move not only forward but also backwards which increases the mobility of this fish. Presence of a big air-pocket, drawn off the stomach when filled with water or air allows this fish to swell into a balloon. When fished up it starts ingurgitate air and swells instantly. When let off into the water, fish for some time floats belly upwards and seems helpless because it cannot dip. Later, releases air with snap and quickly dips into the water and attempts to hide in a shelter. Under water these fish if threatened and no where to hide, swallows water to swell. In this form they are practically invulnerable. But known are the cases that when ravenous fish died when they attempted to swallow puffer fish balloon. They were found with ravin stalled in their mouth. Many among pufferfish family are poisonous. Toxins mainly concentrated in skin integument, abdomen, liver and gonads. One toxin is emphasized and named tetrodoxin. This is a very dangerous poison, which if happens to be in alimentary tract, causes severe pain, convulsions and usually the outcome is fatal. Nevertheless, when skinned and abdominal membrane is removed, finely cooked puffer fish figures in many oriental countries, especially in Japan, where the dish is revered as fugu. This is made from fish of different varieties, moreover the cook should have a completion cerificate of special fugu cooking school. If the tetraodontidae meat is cooked by unversed dabblers, in 60 cases out of 100 die after tasting such fugu. These incidents are not so rare till now. Above all tetraodontidae are carnivorous or omnivorous fish. This family consists about 9-10 genus and not less than 90 types which are spread over in tropical and sub-tropical seas.Some types have entered moderate warm seas too. Significant numbers of tropical fish family has inhabited in fresh water, they are first of all several types of toadfish genus (Tetraodon). Four types of such fish live in Africa. Among them is the most well known Fahak(T. fahaka), inhabited in Nile, Chad lake and in Niger river. Three types have populated lower and upper streams of Congo river, and among them is mbu(T. mbu), with the length of 75cm. Seven types of toadfish live in South and South East Asian rivers, and toadfish- parrot (Colomesus psittacus) - in fresh waters of west Indies and also in North-East part of South America, including Amazon. Many fresh water toadfish have become favorite topic for Aquarium lovers, and some toadfish breed in captivity. It had been observed that the most well breeding hapens with freshwater south Asian cutcutia (Tetraodon cutcutia), length which is about 8cm. After mating games when male and female of this type circle around on the bottom of aquarium, female lays 200 to 300 transparent spawn on stones. Egg mass is protected by male by covering them with his body. After 6-8 days larvae like tadpole peck out from spawn, which spend several days at the bottom of aquarium. Male shifts them into a pit in soil, and continue protecting them for some time. After resolution of yolk sac, youngsters start dynamic diet by swallowing infusoria. Most rich family with various types is: Dog fish or puffers(Sphaeroides, Fugu), and hare-head puffers(Lagocephalus). Some types, for instance, brown puffer (F. rubripes) with a length of 70 cm, enter ours coast futher north to Peter the Great's gulf and up to the south of Sakhalin.

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