President Nixon in Jail
President Nixon in Jail
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      • Great work overall, but I would not guess it's Nixon without reading the title. I think you've started with his photo in his last years (like this one), then changed it quite a bit too. Honestly I would prefer no change to the face at all rather than guessing who is chopped here. No change to the face would work just great here with decent blending.
      • Actually this is the source. I just gave him a high forehead and fattened his jowls. It was in his latter years SOURCE I already invested 7 hours. And it looks enough like him to the two other people that I have shown it to. If I get more complaints I may putz with it some more. But for now.... Found time.... Fixed
      • He looks more like him after the edit, but I see the following changes you did to the original Nixon photo: changed his head shape - turned the pointy wide forehead into a vertically stretched rounded oval. The jaw got longer and lost his shape with those fattened sagging bulldog cheeks, and increased chin. You made the ears bigger, and did change his eyes the most. They are not dark distinctive Nixon's eyes any more but some kind of tiny amber glowing spider eyes. Added red layers on the eyes area killed his distinctive eye bags - they look different now. Sorry for this hard critique, but I feel a change to face features is only good when the subject's distinctive features are exaggerated in moderation, not changed for the opposite. I did so many similar critiques on your chops that I feel I'll shut up next time because you keep doing your thing, and I keep feeling it wrong. It's probably just a difference in tastes, because other members don't seem to have an issue with such modifications in your chops. But personally, I feel it's a pity that those face modifications take away from otherwise great chops of yours.
      • Thanks. It is simply a style, yet perfected. I am not trying to be Rickytrek or Pike or any of the other choppers that have an incredible style yet barely distinguishable from the other. So I tend to work the caricatures from a different approach. I tend to mix it up a lot, try to keep it fresh and entertaining. I throw a lot of different styles out there because every chop should be a new performance. But every performance isn't going to rock the house, especially when you continually explore new ways to present the material and try to avoid stepping where other choppers have already been. So my aim is to keep a standard of technical excellence And I am acutely aware that I have set the standards for which my chops are judged. It is hard meeting those expectations. Anyway there it is, that is the thing
      • This caricature is really awesome wether it is close to the subject or not.
      • Well my theory that negative review during contests equals the kiss of death just went all to he11. Thanks folks.
      • Congratulations for the Win, Hits. Great Job, really like his secret tape on a chain.
      • How DARE you say I have a handful of noses, lips and ears that I use in a machine fashion. Each and every caricature is independently done for each chop. I take great offense at your comment.
      • My apology Doc. Thanks Toledo Eagle Wanderer and Doc
      • Congrats on the gold, Hits. Sorry if I caused any trouble this time.
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