Political Gender Change

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  • Started: 1/16/2008 06:00
  • Ended: 1/18/2008 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 64
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
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Political Gender Change
Contest Directions: Analysts say that one of the major reasons for Hillary leading the polls is... her gender. Many women will give Hillary their votes just because she's a woman and they associate with her. Some analysts say it would be easier to beat Hillary if she were a man.
Great news. Would it be easier to beat Obama if he was a woman?
Photoshop any of the current U.S. presidential candidates to change their gender. Let's see how more appealing their become to the voters. To see a good example, let's recall what we did the last election with John Kerry.

Contest Info

    • Started: 1/16/2008 06:00
    • Ended: 1/18/2008 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 64
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
64 pictures
  • John Edwards Gender Change

    John Edwards Gender Change
        • Love this. Great match on the skintone, highlights and saturation of color! Excellent.
        • Congratulations! This picture is flawless.
        • I hate to admit it, but this "girl" still looks quite attractive.

          Excellent work, kokoy, congratulations on the win!
        • Congrats Kokoy x2 for the Breck Girl Edwards
  • John Edwards Girl

    John Edwards Girl
        • Oh lovely! LOL.
          He'd make a halfways decent looking female with out the beard stubble & A LOT of mabelline!!

          Great match of lighting & skintones, but the face could use just a touch more contrast....just a touch.
        • Quality work. Congratulations on the silver!
  • Barack Obama as a Woman

    Barack Obama as a Woman
        • Oh he is just so not pretty!
          Great job matching the skintones and facial highlights tho.
          The only thing I could suggest is a bit of a soft shadow under the chin on the neck. His chin is so pointed that we can't see the more feminine soft under-chin. There should be a slight shadow there.
        • Thanks, Janna. I added a little shadow, and it helps.
        • Love it! After the chin shadow edit this became even better.
        • I love the shade of his lipstick !!! LOL
          Good pic !!
        • I love the shade of his lipstick !!! LOL
          Good pic !!
        • So good, it really deserves being picked as the headliner for this contest.
  • Blonde John Edwards as a Woman

    Blonde John Edwards as a Woman
        • Wow Perfect. If I didn't know better I swear this is what he really looked like!!

          Awesome job...very natural.
        • You know? Dude would have made a really good looking woman.
  • Rudy Giuliani Gender Change

    Rudy Giuliani Gender Change
        • Hmmm he may actually look better as a girl.
        • Have to admit, the pretty hair does distract from the teeth!

          Very well done!
  • Mike Huckabee Gender Change

    Mike Huckabee Gender Change
        • Great job colorizing that & making them match. Love the 'softness' of the whole thing.
          However, there's a lack of color where the fur meets her skin from the biceps to the ... s.
        • Super job, one of my favourite shots of Monroe you've worked it well.
        • Quality work. He looks a bit like mime too
        • Really good job on that difficult fair skin and hairline.
  • Hillary Clinton as a Man

    Hillary Clinton as a Man
        • laughing my arse off! She looks like she could be her own son!
        • LOL Janna! I think she sort of looks like Ryan Seacrest like this.
  • John Edwards Gender Reassignment

    John Edwards Gender Reassignment
        • Stunning! Love the clarity.
          Skin colors, highlites and lighting are very well matched.
  • Barack Obama as a Woman

    Barack Obama as a Woman
        • Egads! He's not pretty to begin with, but as a female?....YIKES!

          LOL Great job matching his skin tone & the lighting.
  • Showgirl Rudy Giuliani

    Showgirl Rudy Giuliani

        • La Cage Aux Folles!

          I've never seen Rudy look more appealing. The vibrant colors & the skintones are great! The gopher teeth actually look good surrounded by lipstick! Well Done!
          Beautiful. My fav!

        • It's frightening how well Giuliani cross dresses LOL
        • I agree with Katiekate. I think Giuliani would actually be proud of this photo. And how great that Keb found showgirls in red white and blue!
  • Colonel Hillary Clinton

    Colonel Hillary Clinton
        • Strangely enough....she looks good like that. Not too many people, male or female that can wear a beret & look good in it. Good job on the match.
  • Barack Obama Girl

    Barack Obama Girl
        • Love it! Great name too. Nice to see you back Janna!
  • Sir Hillary Clinton

    Sir Hillary Clinton
        • Noice! Great attention to lighting! Great work on the facial hair as well.
        • Great idea, great work too. Makes the point without making the subject hideous.
  • HuckaBee as a Bee

    HuckaBee as a Bee
        • Good job on the color match. The face is off a bit tho. The perspective is ok, but it's not tilted correctly to match the haed.
        • Thanks for the tip Janna. Image has been edited.
        • Hah, one of my friends has this EXACT costume for halloween, with the fuzzy legwarmers and everything.
  • Barack Obama as a Woman

    Barack Obama as a Woman
  • Huckabee as a Woman

    Huckabee as a Woman
        • The skin color is matched very well. But, when you matched the skin colors, the teeth & the whites of the eyes went too yellow....and over by his right eye, there's some smeariness over the hair, from the eyebrow down to the cheek.
  • Hillary Clinton as a Man

    Hillary Clinton as a Man
        • LOL!
          The only thing keeping this from an over the top pic is the skin differences on the forehead. Her face and his neck & chin have a 'powdery' non-shiny finish. But the forehead has a distinct dilineation line where the two meet. Maybe smudge a bit of her shintone over the rest of the forehad to 'tamp' down the oily shine.
        • Maybe it's just me, but perhaps the Hillary features are a pinch too small for this face? Great expression, though.
  • Obama as a Girl

    Obama as a Girl
        • Great job with color match, angle & lighting, but the face seems just a bit too large.
  • Hillary Clinton Gender Change

    Hillary Clinton Gender Change
        • laughing my arse off! Need a little estrogen do we?

          Great job on the skintone match, ant the whiskers look perfect!!!
  • Rudy Giuliani in Drag

    Rudy Giuliani in Drag
        • laughing my arse off! Nice attention to lighting & skin tone. Also like the way you used the nise filter to match the skin. The only thing is the teeth & the whites of the eyes went yellow when you matched the skin colors.
          Dressed like that, ol' Rudy will sure get a lot of beads in the Mardi Gras Parade!!
        • Giuliani could only be pleased by this flattering composition! Nice work.
  • Pretty John Edwards

    Pretty John Edwards
        • This is a great concept, but too much of the hair is transparent ove his right eye....meaning too much of the eye is visible. Eveything else tho is spot on.
  • Obama as a Woman

    Obama as a Woman
        • Very well merged! But I think there should be sone water drops on the glass ove the face as well.
  • Female Barack Obama

    Female Barack Obama
        • LOL LOL! Looks like on of the Supremes. Mabe a little darkening on the forehead being covered by the 'bangs' would help 'set' the hair better onto his...er...her head!
  • Hillary Clinton as a Man

    Hillary Clinton as a Man
        • The masking around her hair looks a little too soft.
        • The edges of the hair are a bit too soft, and her hands need a slight bit more 'pink' to them to match her face. Otherwise the lighting & perspective are perfect!
  • Hillary Clinton the Construction Worker

    Hillary Clinton the Construction Worker
        • This would be perfect if you added a touch more shadow to the forehead, where the yellow of the hard hat hangs over it.
          Not the tan head band that holds the hat to the head....that shadow is perfect.
          But the yellow hard hat shell shouldn't sit that close to the front of the face. See how far it sticks out on the sides?
        • Thanks for the tip, looks much better now.
  • Mitt Romney as a Woman

    Mitt Romney as a Woman
        • LOL....shudder!
          The face seems a tiny bit more 'green' than the chest color. And I there's some schmaltz under the ear lobe. Otherwise the perspective & the lighting are nicely done.
  • John McCain as a Waitress

    John McCain as a Waitress
        • I love the wrinkles on the arms and legs.
        • LOL...Love how this souce pic pops up from time to time. Nice job.
  • Fred Thompson Gender Change

    Fred Thompson Gender Change
        • Did you add the sunburn to the face?...Looks good! But I don't care how you slice the pie....that dude makes one UGLY female!!
  • Hillary Clinton with Michael Moore

    Hillary Clinton with Michael Moore
        • Ol' Michael seems a little too big for the distance he's at.

          But Hilary seems to be enjoying herself!!
  • Hillary Clinton Astronaut

    Hillary Clinton Astronaut
        • This would be much better if the face were turned to match the tilt of the head. Otherwise the skin color & lighting are great!
        • The Bill's reflection in the helmet is a nice touch.
  • Hillary Clinton as Wolverine

    Hillary Clinton as Wolverine
  • Mitt Romney as a Woman

    Mitt Romney as a Woman
        • The angle of the face is good but the features are a bit large for a realistic merge.
        • Great attention to perspective & lighting. Maybe make the face just a TINY bit smaller & de-saturate the purple eye shadow just a touch.
          The female souce pic could be a bit better resolution, but otherwise you did a very nice job!
  • Barack Obama as Lara Croft

    Barack Obama as Lara Croft
        • laughing my arse off! That dude has such a horse-face. But somehow you managed to work it it well here.
          The only I could critique here is, I can see the 'pink' scalp through the hair.(There's a distinct line along the hairline.)
        • Great idea! Nice pose. Face perhaps a bit too large?
  • Fat Woman John McCain

    Fat Woman John McCain
        • Well now THAT's just plain scary!!!
          Great match on perspective. That angle is difficult to match.
  • Queen John McCain

    Queen John McCain
        • The added face is a bit to gold compared to the pinkness of the Queen. And, there's a pronounced line where the two are merged.
        • Great idea, good execution, maybe skin tones a tiny bit off but the expression is great.
  • Hillary Clinton as Daniel Radcliffe in Equus

    Hillary Clinton as Daniel Radcliffe in Equus
        • Good wort. Hillary looks a bit like goth here
  • Hillary Clinton Shooting a Machine Gun

    Hillary Clinton Shooting a Machine Gun
  • Mike Huckabee in a Bikini

    Mike Huckabee in a Bikini
        • LOL...Great match on the skin color & tone. Lighting angles are perfect. The size of his head tho needs to be smaller.
  • Barack Obama as a Woman

    Barack Obama as a Woman
        • Great angle, lighting & skintone match!
          The only thing is...his face seems to wide. Length is ok....just the width is off.
  • Dennis Kucinich as a Girl

    Dennis Kucinich as a Girl
        • This definately looks better in full view. But the female part of the imageis stiil a little pixelated. Good job with the matching tho.
        • Nice to see someone try this with Kucinich!
  • Nacho Hillary Clinton

    Nacho Hillary Clinton
        • The skin tone matches perfectly, but the edges of the face at the hair line could be softened just a tiny bit.
  • Ron Paul as a Woman

    Ron Paul as a Woman
        • Awww man... and I was gonna vote for him, too.
        • laughing my arse off Big Time!
          Not a pretty dude is he?

          A bit of shadow from the bangs tho would help 'set' the hair on his face better.
  • Barack Obama the Black Girl

    Barack Obama the Black Girl
        • The skintones match well, but the ... area looks painted in. The Souce is a nice large size, but it's a bit pixelated.
  • Hillary Clinton Pianist

    Hillary Clinton Pianist
  • Sexy Ron Paul Woman

    Sexy Ron Paul Woman
  • Rudy Giuliani in a Swimsuit

    Rudy Giuliani in a Swimsuit
        • Really good idea, but there's a bit too much noise on the body souce, and not enough on the face to match it. Also, the perspective of the face doesn't seem to match the angle of the head.
  • John Edwards Police Woman

    John Edwards Police Woman
        • LOL!
          The face seems a bit too pink compared to the golden skin on the rest of the body. And because of the harsh light & angle of the light... there should be a shadow from the bill of the cap on the face.
  • Huckabee as a Woman

    Huckabee as a Woman
        • laughing my arse off! Very funny!
          The only thing is, there needs to be a soft shadow on the face from the wide brim....angled to follow the curve.
        • This is the best Huckabee so far. Face too large, or am I just having a hard time with the broad male forehead? Whatever, still came out really well, congrats.
  • Hillary Wizard

    Hillary Wizard
        • Very comical!
          But the perspective is off on the face. (Shadowing is backwards)
  • Mrs. Barack Obama

    Mrs. Barack Obama
        • Very funny, but his head seems a little too large, and the skin tone is a little splotchy. Otherwise it's a good match!
  • Rudy Giuliani + Hillary Clinton

    Rudy Giuliani + Hillary Clinton
        • I was wondering when these two sources would be put together.LOL!
          The only thing I could suggest is to downsize his face just a touch... and drop the harshness of the highlights. Look at the lighting on her hands. The light is soft and more centered.
  • Huckabee as a Girl

    Huckabee as a Girl
        • LOL!
          The face tho, is a bit too big, and there's a line along the jawline where the two faces come together.
  • Hillary & Obama Gender Change Dancing

    Hillary & Obama Gender Change Dancing
        • The Hillary/Astaire match looks good, but the Obama/Rogers combo is a little off. The Ginger Rogers body is softly hued/contrasted. But Obama's face looks harsh when compared.
        • Hey...this could be the ticket... Nicely done! Like the b&w.
  • Mike Huckabee as a Woman

    Mike Huckabee as a Woman
        • This guy apparently has too big a head to match well anywhere you put it. LOL

          But you've done a good job on the perspective match. But it looks like it could use a bit more saturation and contrast. Looks a bit too faded compared to the rest of the pic.
  • Hillary Clinton the Gladiator

    Hillary Clinton the Gladiator
        • Well now....that's just frightening.
          I see a woman's face & then the bare chest. Really knocks ya for a loop...LOL.
          The skintones & lighting are perfect. The head tho could use just a TINY bit more satuation to match the rest of the body.
  • Huckabee Gender Change

    Huckabee Gender Change
        • Skin matches very well, but the size is a bit too big, & the whites of the eyes, and the teeth are a bit too yellow.
  • Mr. Hillary Clinton

    Mr. Hillary Clinton
        • The angle matches very well, but her skin color is a bit faded & pink compared to his. ...and I can see a delineation line high on the forehead where the two come together.
  • Huckabee as a Woman

    Huckabee as a Woman
        • Wonderful idea, however, the face could use a bit more contrast. It looks a little washed out/faded.
  • Miss John Edwards

    Miss John Edwards
        • Very good idea, but the ear and phone kinda blur together.
  • Obama

  • Female Huckabee Saint

    Female Huckabee Saint
        • The perspective & lighting are very well matched. The skin colors however need a little work. There's a distinct contrast of the added face part compared to the existing head. His is orande and hers is pink.
  • Hillary Clinton Man

    Hillary Clinton Man
        • Very good match of art style, but the added face is just a little too big.
  • Hillary as Donald Trump

    Hillary as Donald Trump
        • I thought Trump was the ugliest human alive. But you proved me wrong. This combo wins the shudder award!
          The only thing is, the lack of color in the hands & face. The rest of the image has good color. But the skin isa bit too blue, & too de-saturated.
  • Hillary vs Obama

    Hillary vs Obama
        • The perspective on Obama's face is off a bit. He's looking at the camera, but the head he's pasted onto is turned more to the left.
          And the skintones on both Obama & Hilary are of a bit.
          But a very goood effort!
64 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: First gender transition operation was performed in the beginning of 1930s of last century. In those years, when opportunities of surgery were rather modest and the risk factor of postoperative complications is very high, decision of Danish artist Einar Mogens Wegener to not only acquire the name Lili Elbe, but also the body of the woman, can be compared to a feat. In a desire to become a compete woman, Lili did not stop before unknown but bravely underwent other experimental operations, one of which was uterus transplantation, which ended unsuccessfully. Today, gender transition operation is completely proven through sex transformation, with precisely outlined opportunities and the person with clear sex differentiation, distinct from anatomic features of brain, can acquire a body, which he dreamt of. However, before the surgeon starts the operation with dissecting knife, the transsexual should undergo series of tests to define the transsexual's condition. Diagnostics of transsexuality is key stage, since the errors in diagnosis can become fatal and irreparable, because after the gender transition operation, what little can be done if the patient regrets it. In the beginning, it is necessary to obtain conclusion of several psychiatrists and undergo investigations at specialists of other specializations: check of chromosomal complement and assessment of general health condition. Only after completion of entire procedure, the person is allowed to transsexual program. First stage of this program is that the future patient of surgical clinic is offered to live for one year as the representative of opposite sex. Then, on the basis of this condition, hormonal therapy is used a. Male sexual hormones long-term action (androgens) are used during female transsexualism and cyclic reception female: estrogens and progesterone are used during male transsexualism. Use of hormonal drugs is combined with "Cosmetic", external effect: disappearance of menstruation periods, voice coarseness, strengthening the hair distribution of body, increase clitoris during usage of androgens or growth of mammary glands, feminine look of body in case of use of female sexual hormones. These changes facilitate in interpersonal relations in society and adaptation of transsexuals in new appearance. And only after several years, if the person did not change the decision to go ahead with gender transition operation, he is allowed to gender transition through surgery. In accordance with current legislation, change of civil sex is done even before operation. Even this event renders strong positive psychological and readapting (adaptive) effects. Similar tactics of preoperational investigations and step-by-step preparation of people, willing to change the gender, is accepted in many countries. It allows not only in avoiding mistake of granting the opportunity to change the gender not only to transsexual but also to help the transsexuals gradually instill into social environment even before operation. Long-term postoperative observations over fate of people, who had undergone gender transition operation, show, that gender change is like a "rebirth", acquiring long-awaited harmony between the appearance and actual content. Certainly, everything is not possible through plastic surgery: reconstruction of genitals and transplantation of sexual glands are not possible even today. But whatever it can do is sufficient enough so that they can find themselves, family and spiritual equilibrium.