Pi Day

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  • Started: 3/14/2009 18:00
  • Ended: 3/17/2009 19:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 26
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Pi Day
Contest Directions: This Saturday is the international Pi Day when math enthusiasts around the wold celebrate the famous constant Pi, equal to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The reason Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 is because its first 3 digits are 3.14 (Pi = 3.1415926535...) March 14 also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday. Pi is an irrational number, meaning that the sequence of its decimal digits continues to infinity without repeating itself. The favorite way of celebrating Pi Day among geeks are eating a pie while reciting the first hundred digits of Pi.
To celebrate Pi Day show how life would be different if Pi ruled the world. Some examples are - photoshop objects and animals shaped as Pi, show Pi in movies and paintings, etc.

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/14/2009 18:00
    • Ended: 3/17/2009 19:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 26
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
26 pictures
  • Pie in the Sky

    Pie in the Sky
        • Awesomest+!

          [Edited by User on 3/18/2009 1:45:00 AM]
        • It's a PI-lot entry! Great work all around!

          [Edited by User on 3/17/2009 3:07:52 PM]
        • totally crazy, and your style Funkwood...
          and it is wonderful!
          congrtz on the gold...
        • Excellent work funkwood! Congrats! Can I have a slice of the pie?
        • Thanks all! We should have a contest called "e=mc2" someday, that would be a nice tribute to Einstein!
  • Pi Movie

    Pi Movie
        • wonderful image...

          a perfect movie poster!!!
          congratzzz on the silver...
        • Cool image Rain, would've been nice to see the sources on this one. Congrats!
        • Beautiful and crisp! Stunning color and contrast! congrats AZ!
        • i love the crisp feeling !! the numbers are great falling ,, alot of movement !!! congrats rain)))!!
  • Pi Land

    Pi Land
        • Congrats Rungue Reminds of those Dreamy World wallpapers.
        • Congrats Rungue! Cool image, only thing I would've done differently, is to make the cloud in front of the balloon a little more transparent, so some of the balloon shows through.
        • I thought this might have been an Az composition. Beautiful work, Runque
        • Amazing stone work run! Love the reflections. congrats!
        • High Quality: Rungue's trademark. Congrats
        • I liked this but is very similar to this image. Both nice clean chops.


        • Again thanks for all the comments!

          Kellie, this image link seems well with my rather because it is part of a tutorial that I created.

          Excuse me for my bad English, is translated automatically.
  • Pi with Chimp

    Pi with Chimp
        • hmmmmmmmm... I think I know who did this one.....
        • Very artistic. Love how you made that square levitating. Pi Square - clever concept!
        • Congrats Hitspinner Hal Pi-9000 coming soon.

          Your B-day thread is in the forum too.
        • Totally cool image Hitster!! Kinda reminds me of the movie "2001 A Space Odessey" You know, the big monolith, Very cool!!
        • Thanks... my B-Day thread? Is that all I get to cover up my B-Day suit, a thread? LOL
          Okay, I will go there and see, TY
        • 2001 a space oddity! LOL Congrats on the monkey monolith! Love it.
        • So.....what's the story, Hit??? What are the monkees thinking about???

          Maybe I will find the meaning of the movie "2001" through your work. LOL.
        • hits))))))))))))))your terrific,, congratss)))
        • Thanks all And ya'll are right.
          Doxi, the meaning is a bit fuzzy but maybe not as much so as in the movie 2001 Space Odesy.
          In the movie, you get the idea that the monolith had some effect that caused the proto-humans to realize bones could be used as weapons or tools and thus started the evolution of modern man.
          This chop reflects a different version, that the monolith might be causing a deeper reasoning in the apes, maybe a sentience of sorts. Whatever it means, it's not the intended chop. I ran out of time so submitted as is. The final was supposed to be the ape in front contemplating the red butt of a female bent over on the right and the further ape in the back, contemplating the object. Essentially it was supposed to define the two things most interesting to man, the unknown and poontang. :])
  • Albert Einstein Pi Vision

    Albert Einstein Pi Vision
        • This is a very cool image pree! Where'd you find that pic of Albert? Only thing I would've liked to see somewhere in the image is a pi symbol. Maybe a gold pi pin on his lapel or something. But i love his hair!!!How'd you do that? Cheers!!!
        • This chop really grabbed me! Sweet, Pree
        • oohh thanksdola....newsy ... oldman ]].funkwood .i put the pi burned in his head,,but it washed away with the glow effect,, sometimes i go tooooo far,,,, ..
          thanks hits : you always make me smile
        • Yes i see it now....don't know how i could've missed it. Still a great chop!
  • Pi Day Celebration

    Pi Day Celebration
        • Very creative AZ!!! (and nice blending, at first I thought this one was by Mandrak)
        • There's knock knee, bow legs and now Pi thigh hahahahah. Clever and very well done
        • Pi thigh!!! LOL.

          Nice work and very scary in that it was so realistic-looking.
        • Love the sparkler, the legs are kinda freaky.
  • Wheatie Pi Shaped Breakfast Cereal

    Wheatie Pi Shaped Breakfast Cereal
        • Too many great details here. But me loves the whole thing - where can I order one?

          I'll call them "Witty PIs"
  • Pi Statue

    Pi Statue
        • at the base of the legs I can see the edges of what looks like a mask, get rid of these, I'd use the clone brush.
        • Yes there is a little layer overlap showing indeed, easy fix though as Lamerie said.
          I like it. I may have set it in beside stonehenge or another standing stone thing but thats just me.
  • Magnum Pi Squared

    Magnum Pi Squared
        • Hey - he was on TV the other day, and he didn't look fat! Must have been the camera angle.
        • The bird has been sPI-ing on him!

          Cool chop
        • thanks for the......comments. he isn't that fat and the bird did steal the pie.
  • Quantum of Solace with Ruler

    Quantum of Solace with Ruler
        • This is hilarious and very clever.
          I wanna see this geek movie!
        • 2 Clever! = Clever (squared)
          LOL Slide Rule.
        • Well done, I liked the thinking that went into this.
  • Cats Eye Pi

    Cats Eye Pi
  • PIcasso at work Painting

    PIcasso at work Painting
        • Very artistic composition. Love the title too!
        • Really cool fleek! I luv Picasso! Some cubist elements to the ballerina in the foreground would've made the composition a little more continuous though. Would luv to see more of this type in the future!
        • agreed...though I am not yet convinced that
          this is the site for it.
  • Pi Stonehenge Rocks

    Pi Stonehenge Rocks
  • PI Putter

    PI Putter
        • The reference "Make them eat PI" is very clever!
        • I thought so too!!!!!
          I just wasn't gonna touch that caption LOL
  • Pi War of the Worlds

    Pi War of the Worlds
  • Fresh Pizza Pi

    Fresh Pizza Pi
        • Freaking Pi!

          Love it
          Nice price too
        • Nice work Killer! All of a sudden I'm feeling hungry. It looks appetizing,lol.
        • Ummmmm Yum!!!!
          Clean work!!!! Clever even!!!!
        • Very appe-PI-zing. (appetizing)

          Clever use of FN logo. Clever use of pizza pie.
        • Yeah, if you had put it in a box, it could've been Pi SQUARED.
  • Vitruvian PI Leonardo Da Vinci

    Vitruvian PI Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Pi Day

    Pi Day
  • Pi Horned Deer

    Pi Horned Deer
  • Pi Fire and Ice

    Pi Fire and Ice
  • Pi Pickles with Beans & Jim Beam

    Pi Pickles with Beans & Jim Beam
  • Pizza Pie

    Pizza Pie
  • Man with Beer Belly and Beer

    Man with Beer Belly and Beer
  • Arc de Pi

    Arc de Pi
        • Magnifique! & La Place is a perfect circle.
        • Cool!
          GP is a Frenchman (I think), so I see why he likes it too
        • GP was born in Brooklyn (where else?)... but he's travelled!
  • Pi Stuck in Throat X-Ray

    Pi Stuck in Throat X-Ray
  • Vermeer Pie in the Sky

    Vermeer Pie in the Sky
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The number π (pronounced "pi") is a mathematical constant, expressing the relationship of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It is designated by the Greek letter "pi". History: For the first time, the designation of this number the Greek letter pi was used by the British mathematician Johns (1706) and was universally accepted after Euler's works. This designation occurs from the initial letter of the Greek words περιφέρεια —circle, periphery and περίμετρος — perimeter. Valuation: * 2 digits after the decimal: π ≈ 3.14 Transcendence and irrationality: The irrationality of the number π was proved for the first time by Johann Lambert in 1767. In 1882, Ferdinand Lindemann, professor of Konigsberg University and Munich university could prove the transcendence of the number π. The proof was simplified by Felix Klein in 1894. His proof was attached to the work "Problems of Elementary and Higher Mathematics", which was published in Gottingen in 1908. Since the area of a circle and the circumference of a circle are functions of π in Euclidean Geometry, then the proof of the transcendence of π put an end to the dispute about the quadrature of the circle, which lasted for more than 2.5 thousand years. To date it is not clear whether π is a normal number or not. Calculation history: Probably Archimedes was the first person who suggested the calculation method of π in a mathematical manner. For this purpose, he drew a circle and circumscribed regular polygons around the circle. By taking the diameter of the circle as 1, Archimedes studied the perimeter of the circumscribed polygons as the lower bound diameter of the circle and the perimeter of the circumscribed regular polygons as upper bound. Various calculations are found in ancient Chinese works and popular the Chinese number 355/113 is the most accurate calculation. In India, Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharya used the approximation of 3.1416. The result of the Arabian mathematician Ghiyath al-Din Jamshid ibn Mas'ud al-kashi deserves mention, who published works in 1424 under the name of "The Treatise on the Chord and Sine" in which he cites 17 digits of π (16 of them are correct). In modern times, analytical methods based on identities, are used for calculating the π. Amusing facts: * The unofficial holiday "Pi Day" is celebrated on March 14, which in the American date format (month/day) is recorded as 3.14, which corresponds to approximate value of π; * One more date, linked with π, is July 22, which is called as "Pi Approximation Day", since this day in the European date format is recorded as 22/7 and the value of this fraction is the approximate value of π; * The world record for remembering the digits of π belongs to Japanese Akira Haraguchi. He remembered π up to 100-thousand digits after the decimal. He needed almost 16 hours to spell out all the numbers. * In the State of Indiana (USA), a bill was passed in 1897 for legislatively establishing the value of π as equaling 3.2. The mentioned bill did not become a law, thanks to the timely intervention of C.A. Waldo, professor of Purdue University who was present during consideration for passing the law.