Contest Directions: "A flight from London to Washington had to make an emergency landing Wednesday due to a 59 year old woman on board who had a two hour claustrophobia attack and caused panic on the flight on fears that it may be a terrorist attack. Crew members said she was carrying hand cream and matches, but there were no signs of any connection to terrorism."
Look, if you're a nutty old woman who scares the hell out of people with your claustrophobic panic attacks, just don't fly on planes. Don't go to movies, don't go to restaurants, don't go to subways, and don't go to any other crowded place where people may confuse you for a terrorist trying to ignite hand cream with matches when you might just be having your moments of phobia attack lasting for over two hours. Don't go outside at all because you're a menace to society, just stay at home where you can enjoy your claustrophobia with lots of hand cream and even more matches for two hours or more. Because really there's no reason to be scaring the hell out of people for that long, let alone on a plane. You could be a 59 year old claustrophobic elephant who is put in a closed metal box flying in the air, and it still wouldn't make sense to drive everybody nuts for more than twenty minutes tops.
To show that there's no limit to some people's stupidity and no limit to what people can be afraid of, let us photoshop any phobias - known or unknown - in any form you like. I was done with claustrophobia several lines above, so let's just go through some of the strange phobias out there - fear of internet, fear of double vision, fear of work, fear of getting Anna Nicole Smith pregnant... I'm just throwing out ideas here, folks. Feel free to name your phobia in the author's comments section.
P.S. My worst phobia is fear of waking up early in the morning. Fortunately I am deep asleep most of the times it strikes.
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  • Trichophobia - Fear of Hair

    Trichophobia - Fear of Hair
  • Apiphobia - Fear of Bees

    Apiphobia - Fear of Bees
  • Mosquito Phobia

    Mosquito Phobia
  • Poison Phobia

    Poison Phobia
  • Insect Phobia

    Insect Phobia
  • Fear of Books

    Fear of Books
  • Storm Phobia

    Storm Phobia
  • Lips Phobia

    Lips Phobia
  • Arachnophobia

  • Phobophobia - Fear of Phobias

    Phobophobia - Fear of Phobias
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This contest is fueled by the following news: It is getting harder and harder to take flight... A Washington, D.C., designated flight was forced to make an Emergency landing in Boston on Wednesday. The flight originated in London. A major security alert ensured. The whole affair started when a woman apparently began panicking because of claustrophobia. In the end, law enforcement officials indicated that there really does not appear to have been any threat of terrorism involved in the incident. But, a major security alert was initiated in the wake of the British foiling a significant plot to blow up airliners bound for the U.S. only last week. This particular flight, United Airlines flight 923, had 182 passengers and 12 crew members on board. The plane ended up being escorted to Boston's Logan Field by fighter jets. A 59 year old U.S. woman who became unruly apparently because of a panic attack was taken into custody. Nenette Day, spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Bodton indicated that the woman had to be restrained during the flight. The woman likely will be charged with disrupting an international flight, which is a federal crime in the United States, Day indicated. The woman did not appear to have any banned or dangerous items in her possession nor did she have any note or letter from al Qaeda as was originally rumored, according to Day.

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