Painting Ghosts

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  • Started: 7/2/2008 18:00
  • Ended: 7/5/2008 18:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 24
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Painting Ghosts
Contest Directions: According to a poll conducted by the Gallup Organization about 34% of Americans believe in the existence of ghosts.
Photoshop (OOB) "Out Of Bound" Painting Ghosts in the following manner: Take any vintage photo (known or unknown characters) or painting , make it appear in some environment (framed hanging on the wall, or standing on the desk) and make the figures come out of photo / frame bounds as ghosts. Here's a perfect example: Ghosts by DanDecker.
Please make sure the ghosts come out of bounds in some natural environment (frame located at room, wall, desk) and NOT on the white background.

Contest Info

    • Started: 7/2/2008 18:00
    • Ended: 7/5/2008 18:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 24
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
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    Le Billet Doux by John William Godward
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    Painting Ghost at Exhibition
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    Ghosts at Chevrolet Factory
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    Alive Photo
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    Ghosts of Paul Newman & Liz Taylor
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    Ghost of the Sunny Side of the Street
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    JFK Ghost
  • The Good The Bad and The Ugly

    The Good The Bad and The Ugly
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    Statue Ghost
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    Ghost of Elvis
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    American Spirit Ghost
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    Fishing Painting
  • Baby at Exhibition

    Baby at Exhibition
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This contest is fueled by the following news: A ghost is something that appears in dreams; an image (usually visual), looking like a human, an animal or an inanimate object, but it is not that object and having the properties which are not inherent to the person or animal, or this object, it is an image without bearer. There are a lot of superstitions associated with the ghosts. Characteristics of appearance: The concept of "ghosts" generalizes an entire class of phenomena, most likely, with different origins. It is used in the cases of examining the following phenomena of: * The figure of a person, probably, similar to a dead person, capable of flying, passing through walls, who can suddenly appear and disappear from the eyes of the viewer. * Some unidentified beings (refer the article Crypto-zoology), who are similar to humans, but different in anatomical structure or capabilities (Jack the jumper, Moth man). * Human faces or other parts of the body observed in the air (phenomenon of black hands). * Illusive animals (Mongoose Jeff, illusive dogs) or illusive vehicles (buses, planes, trains, "Flying Dutchman"). * Small unidentified flying objects in the form of light or small clouds, observed in the close vicinity to the eyewitness. * The appearance of objects on a photo after it is developed that was not present when the photo was taken. Human faces, incomprehensible shades, glowing mist, light, threads, hanging in the air etc. may develop on the photos. Also, ghosts are associated with the evidence of strange sounds and the phenomenon of the poltergeist, and also the inexplicable effects experienced by the witness. Sometimes, the news asserts, that the appearance of ghosts is accompanied by a sudden change in air temperature (sudden wanton cold), unpleasant smells (sulfur, miasma), anxiety in pets and faults in the working of electronic equipment. Ghosts have been experienced by the same person no matter where he was, or seem to appear at the same place. There is possibility of a relationship between the appearances of a ghost with some particular events (crowning of next monarch, full moon, certain calendar dates). Witnesses say that the ghosts who have similarities with humans often have the ability to speak with them, sometimes even foretell the future. It is possible to get information about the ghosts that leave behind traces including imprints of limbs, figures or inscriptions on objects, and sometimes even capable of attacking people, harming them physically or even killing them. There has been evidence about the sighting of ghosts, including the legends from different times and places of occurrences, photographs, film and video recordings. However most of those which were examined by experts have been proved to be fabricated or explained to have a natural explanation. Basically parapsychologists and different enthusiasts are engaged with such phenomena. Their methods are hardly scientific; therefore their results are also doubtful. Ghosts in literature: * Gilgamesh * In a Japanese folklore there is a genre which talks about ghosts. There is talk about ghosts in some Russian tales also. In Chinese literature, there is an entire genre devoted to mysterious cases and stories, called "Stories about miracles", this genre originated in the early Chinese Middle Ages - 3rd century A.D. the most bright literary work about ghosts in China is the collection "Stories of Liao Zhai" by Pu Sun-Lin * In "Odysseus" by Homer, protagonist Odysseus allures the souls of the dead, which seemed to be ghosts, with the blood of sacrificed animals. He asks the spirit of prophet Tiresias for advise. Also he saw: Elpenor, asking about the burial, dead mother of Odysseus Anticleia, czar Agamemnon, Achilles, Patroclus, Sizif, Tantal, and even Heracl. * In "Hamlet", Shakespeare talks about the ghost of Hamlet's father asking the son to take revenge for father's death. The ghost, obviously, could appear only at night ("But silently! It smells with the morning breeze. I will hurry ") and only with him, with whom he wished to talk (Gertrude - to Hamlet. "Alas, how is it with you, that you do bend your eye on vacancy. And with the incorporal air do hold discourse? Forth at your eyes your spirits wildly peep".) * The romantic love story and bright figure of Varvara Radzivill has served as a material for several prosaic, poetic and drama writings in the Polish and Lithuanian languages. As per one of the legends, the magician Mr. Tvardovsky upon the king's request called the ghost of his beloved. The plot has laid down the base of the picture by Polish artist Wojciech Gerson (it is kept in the National museum in Poznan).
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