Osama Bin Laden the Alien
Osama Bin Laden the Alien
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      • Fantastic work, but what is this sign on his head. It seems like a transformed star of David, - in this case it may be offensive to Jews. If the sign is Muslim, it may be offensive to Muslims since there are many Muslims who do not associate with Osama - he only represents a certain group of extremists and terrorists. Whatever the sign is, I would remove it from the chop - this way it will get less people offended and the wonderful chop will get the scores it deserves rather than some down votes based on offended feelings.
      • The sign is the official Raelian symbol: check it there (for instance): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra%C3%ABlism
      • Thank you for the useful info - I understand now. Hope other members are not confused as I first was. May I suggest bending the sign slightly so that it follows the turban.
      • If you are going to rely on symbolism used by cults or religious organizations as justification for using a swastika, anyone could always just say it represents Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism or Mithraism and even Basket Weaving.You could even say it is a part of your Native American Heritage. But since ole Adolf went and used the symbol it pretty much represents hating of Jews no matter what some cult leader says. And since it it sitting on the head of a well known Jew hater, well you can't call coincidence there. If Hitler had endorsed Pepsi we would all be drinking Coke.
      • This is really well done... My only comment is to get rid of the symbol on the turban. First of all it does not need it secondly it looks really fake and lastly even though you have mentioned the link of it's origin it looks like a swastika merged with a David star. Anyway you look at it, it is really ruining this great chop. Good Luck
      • Thank you for your comments, guys. I know that the symbol is controversial, but it helps to better understand the reference to the Raelism, an UFO Religion and the intended puns in the title and in my own first comment. Check the wikipedia page (for instance) mentioned previously about Raelism and you will certainly understand my purely humoristic intentions. Thanks again...
      • Well done and full of references. Good job.
      • put a link to give signs definition .nice chop.
      • The symbol is explained here: Wikipedia page about Raelism
      • I thought swastikas were forbidden here no matter what form they take. I accidentally entered one once in the form of a tattoo on Edward Nortons chest, actually only half of it, and it was removed. I agree with everyone else that the chop is great aside from the swastika. And by the way, Claude Vorilhon, the founder of RaŽlism, is a freaking lunatic. He set up shop just up the road from me with all that cloning business and we drove them to Canada. Don't bring that heresy to West Virginia. I'm pretty sure Canada, France and Korea also didn't want the freaks. Also there is another RaŽlian symbol you could have used that doesn't contain a swastika.
      • the symbol looks different,, the others a star of david, with a swirl..
      • I don't want to cause any controversy, therefore, I now use the second Raelian symbol (it's not their current one, but as it was valid in September 2001, I suppose it's OK to use it in this context).
      • turban edge seems a little choppy to me; maybe it's just this lousy connection....
      • the mustache must be mid-transformation because it looks cut and pasted still.....haha. I know hair is tough, but dang this is a photoshop contest first and foremost. Other than that, this entry is outa this world.
      • Thank you all. About the mustache and the turban edge, you were right, guys. Alas, I read it too late and did not have the time to post the new version...
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