Contest Directions: Scientists say a new pill may help people overcome their worst phobias, fears and nightmares. A study released this week showed that by taking the pill some patients overcame their fear with only two therapy sessions instead of the usual seven or eight. Create your own monster or nightmare, or photoshop what the new pills might do to your fears, how could the pills make them less scary?
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  • Nightmare Pill

    Nightmare Pill
  • Nightmare Baby

    Nightmare Baby
  • Helen Thomas Zombie

    Helen Thomas Zombie
  • Hillary Clones Nightmare

    Hillary Clones Nightmare
  • Eye Syringe Shot

    Eye Syringe Shot
  • Halluciations

  • IRS Nightmare

    IRS Nightmare
  • Free Falling Nightmare

    Free Falling Nightmare
  • Phobias

  • Boogie Man Nightmare

    Boogie Man Nightmare
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Frightening levels of nightmares are often connected with a degree of susceptibility to imagination. And, the grounds for the “occurrence” of such dreams can be due to the reading of mystical literature or the viewing of horror films etc. If the nightmare occurs in an unsociable and vulnerable person, where his friend turns into a monster before his eyes, then it is necessary to identify the problem not in the friend but in the self. After all, he got used to all insults and troubles to “digest”, constantly coming back to these thoughts, carrying them forward from day to day. Besides, the hobby for mystical literature has sown its seeds in his subconscious. All this has left deep traces in his memory. And, at any moment it has crossed the border, distorted the logic of a dream, showing a friend in an unnatural form. But nightmares are characterized not only by the histrionics of what's dreamt, and first of all, by our relationship with a dream. After all, a person may not see any “phenomena” and wake up with the same feeling, characteristic for a nightmare. The human body requires a food supply and hence we eat & drink – thereby, we satisfy our needs for vitamins, minerals, chemical elements. After that, the organism discards the processed product that is not necessary to it any more. Incase of necessity during illness or the suspicion of illness, according to such type of discarded products it is possible in laboratory conditions to define not only what was the food intake but also how it was processed - correctly or not and to determine the source of disease. The same thing occurs even with dreams. A dream is a product, eaten by a person and a food which is more varied and more complex. And if anxiety is associated with the dreams and if a specialist is consulted, the specialist gives his analysis. It is necessary to explain the dream so that it could be analyzed! So, if you have a nightmarish dream, it's an indication that the brain is overstressed and not in the best of form. The time has come to resolve the problems!

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