News in Pictures February 2 8

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  • Started: 2/6/2009 17:00
  • Ended: 2/9/2009 18:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 25
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
News in Pictures February 2 8
Contest Directions: Create images of something that happened in the news during February 2 - 8, 2009
Here are some examples of news stories that could be used:
598,000 Americans lost their jobs in January - which is the biggest job loss since 1974.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he is unlikely to seek re-election, as the job is "tiring".
The Southern California woman who gave birth to octuplets last week said that she had 6 embryos implanted to make it happen.
In the Creator's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL=""] news title[/URL]
Keep the BLACK as is, replace GREEN with the link, and replace the RED with the news story title.

Contest Info

    • Started: 2/6/2009 17:00
    • Ended: 2/9/2009 18:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 25
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
25 pictures
  • O.J Simpson and Johnnie Cochran

    O.J Simpson and Johnnie Cochran
        • I thought I felt the universe shake!
          The curse is broken my man!!!!!!!!!!
          Very well done and very well deserved!Awesome congrads on the #1 spot for a teriffic chop
        • If it doesn't fit you must aquit
          A chop this cold deserves the Gold!
        • Congrats Hohouse! I knew lightning would strike sooner or later! Great work and congrats on the GOLD! WTG!
        • Thanks, and my Bookie said the odds were once in a lifetime and now I have to go check out the Obits. If this is what it looks like on top of the mountain for a day, I getting dizzy.
        • Congrats HH! nice chop!! (no pun intended, lol!)

          [Edited by User on 2/9/2009 8:52:47 PM]
        • hoooohouse very good!!! bravo ,,!!! congratulations !!
        • From a pro athlete to a 0, glad they caught him with his hand in the cookie jar, without the gloves!!!!!!!!!!
  • USS Port Royal Ship

    USS Port Royal Ship
        • I thought the same re masking, ya'v done a fine job all over.
        • Clunk...ooops hahahahahahaha
          Intensely crisp, KB. I totally understand the masking nightmare on this, it's somewhere between masking palm fronds and a tazed up ball of fishing line lol Kudos mate you are the master!
          Congrads on the silver
        • I took your sources and played with them a bit?

          And I couldn't match the Cleanliness! A Really Great Mask while preserving that antenna mast.

          Really Nice Work!
        • Congrats KB!! Looks like he's ramming the shore full
        • Thanks news1st. It took at least 3 hours at 500 percent zoom. LOL. It was one of those too far into it to back out now chops. I kept asking myself, WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF? Thanks for all the comments everyone.
        • congrats killer !!! i hope hes not a deep "v",,LOL
  • Milkman Chong

    Milkman Chong
        • LOL Gret news reference and an equally great chop. We need to legalize pot pure and simple.
          I can not even fathom how many lives have been ruined over the years just because the government wanted alcohol to be the taxable drug of preference.What business do they have in deciding what we put in our bodies? It's nutz, the power we give them...
          Again, great chop... pardon the soap box rant on your wonderful chop
        • Congrats on a great chop MAN. (in my best tommy chong voice.) WTG mrmo2! I love it. Added it to my favorites.

          [Edited by User on 2/9/2009 7:53:36 PM]
        • I'm with Bee, a great chop to see. my favorite because of content.
  • Fire Eyes

    Fire Eyes
        • More wood for Bee, and I must agree. congrats.
        • Great Chop KB.
          I have a lot of family there so am staying on top of this one. Pretty spooky stuff
          The colors in this chop are so striking!
  • Copyright Infringement Obama Image

    Copyright Infringement Obama Image
        • They made you change it due Copyright Issues? Shocking! ...Considering it was for editorial Commentary.
        • Typical! Agency trying to make a buck after the fact.
        • Needed to be changed cause adding only 4 letters to a prefab image is not considered enough work.


          Much stronger message with the current edit too

        • Yes! ...But is adding 4 colors to a photograph enough to constitute a Copyright claim?

          Although? We could consider that he was creating his masterpiece for the profit motives of somewhere between $1 and $5 Dollars.

          I could see how that would lead to a Civil Claim?
        • AP isn't going to get a dime from Fairey. Using a photograph for a derivative or transformative work of art is legal and done all the time.
        • I like it much better with the edit & speaks volumes more.
        • I agree, but I'm going to miss my Bush. congrats Luci.
        • much respect to you lucian, amazing work, you have redefined thinking outside the box.
  • Jail Poster

    Jail Poster
        • Here's a brush I made for the fancy slotted fairey/obama shadow look. It's the last brush in the set, listed as #800

          Just load the file from your brush preset dropdown menu.

          Create a Layer containing your Light Blue Shadow, Then use the brush as a pattern stamp Eraser.

        • wow damn i didnt know tat....tat sux..

          nice work !
  • Michael Phelps Magazine

    Michael Phelps Magazine
  • Pet Rocks

    Pet Rocks
  • Operating Room Death

    Operating Room Death
        • I don't get the black circle & dots by the ghosts ear,is it meant to be there?.
        • Ah, I see it now sorry about that, looks good!, think I'd better get my eyes tested
  • Plastic Soldier

    Plastic Soldier
  • Washington Road Signs

    Washington Road Signs
        • Yeah, one of those things we really needed, LOL!
        • Great. Now when the REAL zombies show up, nobody will beleive 'em!
  • Obama Poster

    Obama Poster
        • Cool but the artist looks a tad fuzzy. Probably due to low resolution source
  • Christian Bale Terminator

    Christian Bale Terminator
  • Frozen Big Ben

    Frozen Big Ben
  • No Eyes

    No Eyes
  • Tax Return

    Tax Return
        • That's my plan this year, I'm hoping for a cabinet post.
        • Sendin this one to my CPA & IRS sister-in-law...
  • Christian Bail Mug Shot

    Christian Bail Mug Shot
  • Michael Phelps Smoking

    Michael Phelps Smoking
        • lols right on !!! i want a box of tat !!
        • Is there Really One Necessary? ... ...Just Call Him! Sparky!

          [Edited by User on 2/9/2009 11:17:19 AM]
        • He looks natural

          Please add the news link as per contest directions
  • California Road Sign

    California Road Sign
        • Open Minds, Close State... Case Closed!
  • One-eyed Gordon Brown

    One-eyed Gordon Brown
        • Being born in Scotland and living here forever I didnt feel in the least insulted by his comment. it wasnt a dig at Scotland or its people and I dont think there was any malace towards sightedly dissabled people either. In fact it was a quite spot on description of Mr Brown lol.
          Good chop by the way
        • Oh man green fairy is a killer drink. Im sure its called that because after just one you fell like you can fly and indeed SEE green fairies everywhere lol. I used to work in Aberdeen, was there for my birthday one year in JUNE it was snowing lol.
        • Hah, sure you lads aren't talking about Metzcal Blowie, the homemade Tequila with the cactus bud? Hahahahaha
        • Hah, sure you lads aren't talking about Metzcal Blowie, the homemade Tequila with the cactus bud? Hahahahaha
  • Kelloggs Michael Phelps

    Kelloggs Michael Phelps
  • Space Pirates

    Space Pirates
  • Unemployed Rally

    Unemployed Rally
        • Nice concept. Please add the news link as per contest directions
  • Pigeon Smuggling

    Pigeon Smuggling
  • TV Garbage

    TV Garbage
        • i think demanding this is the gov taking away another freedom,,,
          **cool chop!
        • Cool. Love the b/w and color contrast here
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