Little Doggy

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  • Started: 11/28/2006 06:00
  • Ended: 12/2/2006 06:00
  • Level: apprentice
  • Entries: 21
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Apprentice 1st Place $5
  • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $3
  • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $2
Little Doggy
Contest Directions: We are asking you to create a new animal species in this next contest using this image as your source. Add parts from any other animal (including humans, excluding other dogs) to this cute little doggy. You must use a part of this little doggy in your entry. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments, and edit your image accordingly. Typical FreakingNews entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here.
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Contest Info

    • Started: 11/28/2006 06:00
    • Ended: 12/2/2006 06:00
    • Level: apprentice
    • Entries: 21
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Apprentice 1st Place $5
    • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $3
    • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $2
21 pictures
  • Jack Rosetta

    Jack Rosetta
        • Great execution specially on the arms and tail wich is a great touch. Just the skin part between shirt and pants have to be white too. Well done.
        • This is just wonderful. Great idea, excecution... it's got everything. All you have to do is make the waist white, as Skorpion said. Other than that, this is just perfect
        • The edit makes it look much better. Now it's not just nearly perfect...It IS perfect
        • I hate to be a cliche, but I bet she likes "doggy style"

          Fantastic entry!
        • Awesome entry! A top placer in my opinion.
        • The arms on this creature are spectacular
        • lovely but the ... distruct me. ( on m own Opinion.)
  • Anolis Caninelinensis

    Anolis Caninelinensis
        • i like ie a lot, nice execution and idea. i also like how face match the body color, nice work
        • I agree with Skorp. But i think the green on the face is a little too dark. Maybe lighten it a little bit. But this is just my opinion and I love this idea and execution. Good luck!
        • What a great idea! Very well done - I like the tongue. You got a winner here.
        • Thanks for pointing out the tongue, kibuyu. Didn't even notice it at first!
        • Wow... great job here.. well done and congrats!
  • Kangaroo

        • Nice.. this was my first idea, I like how you did it.
        • Wow, that's good, I like your blending on the neck and your use of perspective.
        • WOW! That's all I can say. This is very nicely blended. Great concept, execution, and idea.
  • The Thorned Dog Moth In Larvae State

    The Thorned Dog Moth In Larvae State
        • lot of diferent sources, well integrated, and well done... just the mouth distract me from a real animal. Also there are a green area under the dog's mouth wich i think would look better in the white tone, as natural.

          [Edited by User on 11/29/2006 9:36:27 AM]
        • To Skorpion: I can see how you've slightly mistaken a caterpillar with a dog head, thorns and a nice set of antlers as a "real animal" all because of the human mouth and tounge purtruding from it's back.

          Creativity comes from a fountain of inspiration. Absolutely amazing.
        • This is very good. I actually like the different colors on the dog's head/face and how just the nose is white. good luck!

          i could tell a lot of work was put into this. It's absoultly beautiful
        • The mouth looks pretty revolting,even if it's a fountain of inspiration
        • Amazing! I guess I don't like the "mouth" either, but it's all well done. You display a lot of skill here.
          Is this a Dogerpillar?
        • nice job, when we see the caterpillar the image is a little bit blur and the dog's face is so bright it draws away the attention(its only my opinion)
  • CatDog

  • White Horse

    White Horse
        • That's cute, and well blended. Tail a bit blurry but otherwise great.
        • that is soo good i looooov it but u ned 2 work on the face
        • wow blended like a champion, well done this look so realistic
        • This does look realistic and is blended very nicely. Good LUck!
        • so funny and kooooooool idea great execution but the head may a little bit small
  • Microbium Caninum

    Microbium Caninum
        • Very creative idea, and cleanly executed. Well done!
        • Great idea! This is blended very nicely too.
  • Precious

        • Not sure if that counts as animal part, but the work u did on skin to get similar color is so nice.
        • Good color matching. THis is just hilarious!
  • Pandog

        • hey nice work, it looks like a fox. Just the white areas at the face look kind different from the white areas of the body. I like it a lot. well done.
        • Maybe you could make the face area a little more like fur.. Right now it's too smooth, in my opinion. But other than that, this is excellent. Good Luck!
        • Yeah, I see what you're saying about the fur now, suchag33k
  • Girdog

        • nice work adding the pattern to the dog's face. A bigger file (hi-res) would help more on the full view. Well done

          [Edited by User on 11/29/2006 9:24:23 AM]
        • I'd like to see a little more of the dog.
  • Pose

        • Nice - just try to fix the closer ear, there's dark fringes around it which look awkward, & then if you highlight tip of ear, it will stand out from the dark object in bkground.
        • Hey now this look a lot better , well done, i like how the eyes keep the natural color
        • This is another nicely blended entry. Good job. Lighting is also great.
        • Nicely matched tones, focus and contrast. Would have liked it better if the finished image wasn't quite so monochromatic. (Just my opinion)
  • Leebra

        • They originally wanted to call it a Zima, but ran into copyright problems.
        • nice work on body stripes, may be more darker to match the tail; wich are a fabulous touch . In my opinion face really distract me, not sure maybe it need some of the stripes crossing under the necklesschain to make the head less pasted there; also a soft pink tone on head to match the body's color or some desaturation on the body to get a whiter body as head. This is one of the best ideas, if u fix those details sure u will rock on the top scorers

          [Edited by User on 11/29/2006 9:32:37 AM]
        • Nice stripes, the cat's head is a bit squashed
        • Good fitting of stripes, except you missed the far hind leg. The lemur's face is indeed squashed; when you Scale an image, hold down Shift to keep correct proportions.
        • Thanks for critiques, appreciated.

          [Edited by User on 9/22/2010 7:24:36 PM]
        • great edition here, just a whole color on the necklesschain so is can contrst with the body's stripes. This is so cool, and now look more natural
        • good job on the zebra stripes. Lemur's head looks a little squashed.
  • Working dog

    Working dog
  • Igudog

        • Lol. Me gusta. But the ear is too dark, or not blended smoothly enough to match. Its really funny though.
        • Yes, I agree with Adam. The ear is too dark and there is an eveident line between the ear and the head. Try going into hue saturation. Make it a lighter green and change the lightness.
        • I'd have added a reptile tongue just for fun. Good job.
  • Rooster Mutt

     Rooster Mutt
        • this is just freaking funny . some feathers at tail would make me jump from my seat. I would replace all dog's foots by rooster's. And fo final a lil darker body like brown. Great idea and nicelly done.
        • Great job for a first entry...keep it up!
        • Funny! Perhaps try and make head & neck a li'l brighter or lighter?
        • feathers on tail make this more powerfull
        • Need idea. Components look pasted rather than blended. Softening of edges might help
        • this was my first idea. good job! but its too bright and too sharp.
  • Dog horse

    Dog horse
        • not sure why the head are fully desturated or colorized without let with color some areas as the source; in this way it look like those w1k's contest about selective desaturation. It look nice but sure it would score more in color.

          [Edited by User on 11/29/2006 9:34:34 AM]
        • The dogs face seems too blurry. Use the sharpening tool, but don't use too much good luck!
        • great edition here, this look twise better now
        • Looks like you started with a severely underexposed image. Considering that, you did a decent job. The shadow still shows a horse head.
  • tigers fight

    tigers fight
        • The head looks sorta cut-out - maybe it's the sharp edges, maybe needs more shadowing or overlapping grass?
        • Great concept! Head need stripes, though.
        • I agree, the head needs stripes and your entry is sure to do better.
  • Squirreldog

        • i think it need more blend into the sources, it look like the squierrel have a dog's mask, but the idea is out-standing so if u fix it, this would look great.
        • Quite the dilemma...should he STORE his nuts, or lick them?
        • Your source squirrel has splashes of very bright light on it and the head doesn't match - maybe look for a squirrel with more diffuse lighting?
        • Not a bad start. The lighting on the squirrel is different from that on the dog.
  • Drat Jockey

    Drat Jockey
  • Chimera Dog

    Chimera Dog
        • wow this is the most powerfull idea in the whole contest, but sadly haven't the same quality of the dog's picture, also it need some shadow. If you do not have the time to re-make this, sure some sharpen on the blured layers would help this a lot.
        • Fun idea, but needs lots of work to match the images, add shadowing etc.
        • very great idea, but the image is so blurry
  • Ain't I Cute?

    Ain't I Cute?
        • You missed a fair bit of background around the lizard legs.
        • i can feel the Christmas spirit

          I think this need a shadow
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