New Seven Wonders of the World
Contest Directions: This weekend the New 7 wonders of the World were announced, as determined by global voting via internet, phone and SMS, out of the list of 21 candidates. The winners are: Rome's Colosseum, The Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal in India, Machu Picchu in Peru, Statue of Christ Redeemer in Brazil, Petra in Jordan, and Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico. As you can see the only "old wonder" that made the list again was the Colosseum in Rome, and it was also the only wonder chosen from Europe. Surprisingly, the Egyptian pyramids of Giza were not chosen.
Photoshop any of the New Seven Wonders of the World listed above in any way you like - modernize them, make some toys based on the wonders, include them in paintings, etc. Some examples to get you started are: decorating The Great Wall of China, making McDonald's restaurant out of the Taj Mahal, or giving a paint job to the Colosseum.
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  • Tower of Babel

    Tower of Babel
  • Taco Bell Itza Pyramid

    Taco Bell Itza Pyramid
  • Disney Colosseum

    Disney Colosseum
  • Christ the Jokester

    Christ the Jokester
  • Machu Picchu Water Park

    Machu Picchu Water Park
  • Exposure

  • Colosseum Kaaba

    Colosseum Kaaba
  • Nintendo Great Wall of China

    Nintendo Great Wall of China
  • Statue of Christ Redeemer

    Statue of Christ Redeemer
  • Petra, Jordan

    Petra, Jordan
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Seven Wonders of the World - Most famous monuments of the ancient world: * Egyptian Pyramids in El - Giza * Hanging Gardens of Babylon * Statue of Zeus at Olympia * Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus * Temple of Artemis at Ephesus * Light house of Alexandria * Colossus of Rhodes The seven wonders list included the description of the mighty, most magnificent or technically speaking, most amazing constructions and statues of workmanship. And hence, they were called "wonders", even though many original masterpieces of ancient architecture and art are missing from the list such as - Acropolis in the Athens with the statue of Athena Parthenos, statue of Aphrodite, works of famous Greek sculptors. The "selection" of wonders took place gradually and since then, one wonder replaced the others. Probably, after the construction of Lighthouse of Alexandria, this engineering wonder have replaced the walls of Babylon (it is remembered it as a wonder of the world in "Natural history"). Thereafter, various combinations were added to the list including the Temple of Solomon, Noah's Ark, Tower of Babylon, Basilica of St. Sophia in Constantinople etc. In Europe, modern day Seven wonders of the world were very famous after the publication of book "History of Architecture", containing also and known to us, first reconstructions of renowned statues of Ancient architecture. Egyptian Pyramids - Grand tombs of Pharaohs - as if the pyramids grow from desert sand. Ancient of all of them, pyramid of Pharaoh Zoser - first stone structure of such huge dimensions (its height is 60 meters) in the world. Cheops pyramid is standing for more than 5000 thousand years at a height of 147 meters. Blocks of this Great pyramid were thoroughly ground (cut) and correctly matched to one another in such a way that, it is impossible to insert a knife edge in slot between the blocks. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus: As per legend, construction of Temple of Artemis at Ephesus took 120 years for completion and all the States of Asio Minor participated in construction activities. Light-weight, beautiful marble structure calls for admiration and astonishment of all, who had the privilege to see it. Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus: Architects designed a tomb for Czar Maussollos as a rectangular building with breadth of approximately 66, length of approximately 77 and height of 46 meters. It was decided to erect the Mausoleum (Later on, it has become a tradition to call such similar grand structures named after Czar Maussollos) in the center of Halicarnassus, on one of the widest roads of city, risen over market area. Lighthouse of Alexandria: Not faraway from the city, a tall tower, one the biggest in world, was built on the island of Pharos. The tower is a three-storied structure standing at a height of approximately 180 meters. Third story represents itself as a round-shaped lantern, crowned by a bronze statue of Paceidon, the God of the Sea and waters. The height of the statue is 7 meters. Flame of the lighthouse burned in lantern and the light was amplified with metallic mirror system. This wonder was designed by Sostratus of Knidos. Lighthouse remained till XIV century. By that time, the lighthouse was badly damaged but even then it called for admiration. Remnants of high masthouse were preserved till recently but archeologists and architects cannot have access as a mighty medieval fort was built using the remnants. Hanging gardens of Babylon (Semiramis): During its splendor period of existence, city Babylon was a quadrangular garden surrounded by high walls and with over 100 gates and river Euphrates flows along the diagonal of the garden. With its beauty and wealth, Babylon plunge all of them into astonishment, whosoever had a chance to visit it.. Amongst the rest, magnificent hanging gardens amazed everybody. The gardens, scattered at the palace, were built according to the command of Czar Nebuchadnezzar to please his beloved wife, Amytis of Media, who longed for the trees and beautiful plants of her homeland. Gardens were located on platforms, which were rose on mighty pillars. Tiers of gardens were made by terraces and they are connected with wide staircase made of white and pink color slabs. Standing towards the cold wind, which usually blows North-West, gardens with their aroma, shade and coolness appeared to be a wonder for people in treeless Babylon. Even after the destruction of Babylon and hanging gardens, legend about them still continues to exist. Colossus of Rhodes: In 305 B.C, Rhodes won a battle over famous General Demetrius and citizens of besieged Rhodes decided to commemorate this occasion by erecting a colossal bronze statue of Sun God Helios, patron of Island. Citizens of Rhodes finally selected Chares, sculptor. Work continued for 12 long years. Chares constructed a statue with a height, ever unheard of - 70 cubits tall (approximately 35 meters). In 220 B.C, Rhodes was hit by a destructive earthquake and many people died under the buildings. Roman writer Pliny the Elder, who lived in 1 B.C, and visited the Island had mentioned that "But even lying on the ground, it is a marvel". Not every person could hold the thumb of the statue with both the hands. Statue of Zeus at Olympia, carved by famed Classical sculptor Phidas: Zeus of Olympia, seating on throne has almost touched the ceiling of temple. It is assumed that the statue stood at a height of 17 meters. Phidas, famous sculptor from Greece, made the clothes of Zeus from shining gold and precious crown on Zeus's head. In Zeus's right hand there was a small statue of Nike, goddess of victory. Body, head of Zeus and statue of Nike, goddess of victory were made from ivory, adding almost live glory to the sculptural representation of Zeus.

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