Contest Directions: San Diego Zoo had another addition this week - a snake necked turtle, which is native to Roti Island of Indonesia. The unusually long neck of the turtle makes it look like a snake, thus the name. The zoo tries to breed this species in captivity, to save the endangered Asian turtles from extinction. Plus the animal's long neck makes it a great attraction for zoo visitors.
In this contest you are asked to change necks of any animals (humans are allowed too) to alter their anatomy, length, proportions, or texture. Blending with necks of other animal species is allowed; making robot necks is not allowed. Photos, paintings, or posters are all welcome as sources.
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  • Long Neck

    Long Neck
  • Giraffe Neck

    Giraffe Neck
  • Dog Neck

    Dog Neck
  • Alexis Bledel Neck

    Alexis Bledel Neck
  • American Gothic Bobblehead

    American Gothic Bobblehead
  • Flamingo Neck

    Flamingo Neck
  • Spy Neck

    Spy Neck
  • Angelina Jolie Neck

    Angelina Jolie Neck
  • John Glenn Neck

    John Glenn Neck
  • Neck Lift

    Neck Lift
  • Bottle Neck

    Bottle Neck
  • Lizard Neck

    Lizard Neck
  • Will Smith

    Will Smith
  • Spring Neck

    Spring Neck
  • Short Neck

    Short Neck
  • Snake Neck

    Snake Neck
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Neck is a part of the body of vertebrates, which connects a head to a torso. Neck serves many vital functions and is often particularly vulnerable. Many vital connectors and supplies pass through a neck, such as esophagus, breathing tube and blood vessels feeding the brain artery. Neck vertebrae allow for flexible mobility of a head. Whose neck is the longest? In the mountain region of Eastern Africa lives a tribe with the ancient tradition of prolonging women neck with brass rings. First of such rings is placed on a girl's neck as early as at the age of 5. Throughout women's life, neck rings are added periodically, with a total weight of over 9 kg, thus pulling the neck by an average of 10 inches. The longest human neck listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is 15 inches. Such custom is meant to help preserve the tribal identity and long neck is considered a sign of high social status and wealth. Constant wearing of such a "necklace" leads to the entire atrophy of women's neck muscles, and if all the rings are removed at once, the sudden drop of a head can cause suffocation. In the past, such removal of the neck rings was the punishment to the women who cheated on their husbands. Even nowadays, when civilized life made many tribal customs a thing of the past, even for such remote mountain people, few women dare to reject this ancient custom, while most others still wear those neck rings and but needless to say, alter their anatomy with a risk to their health. Pain in the neck is just one of the smallest heath problems these women can expect to accumulate over their lifetime.

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  • Started: 6/10/2007 09:00
  • Ended: 6/12/2007 06:10
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 16
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
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