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  • Started: 2/12/2010 11:00
  • Ended: 2/16/2010 18:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 80
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Contest Directions: February 12th is known as Darwin Day - it is the birthday of famous evolution scientist Charles Darwin, who laid the foundations for the evolution theory - mutation & natural selection. As per Darwin, mutation provides new traits for species, and then the nature "selects" those species with advantageous heritable traits - the process Darwin called "natural selection".
To celebrate Darwin Day at Freaking News, take any animal (or human) and change their bodies, but use only their body parts. Some examples are: re-shape them, change the size/length and/or number of heads, wings, legs, and hands. Removing some body parts will work too. (You can not merge body parts of animals of different species, but you can merge/alter body parts of animals of the same species.)

Contest Info

    • Started: 2/12/2010 11:00
    • Ended: 2/16/2010 18:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 80
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
80 pictures
  • Mutant Man

    Mutant Man
        • The little butt-head kid is my fave part here, but really all the image deserves an admiration! I call it "Michelangelo on drugs!"
        • Indecent? Very inventive chop
        • Hehe Thanks.. I think. Let me be brutally honest. If I had the IQ of some religiously poisoned pontif during the inquisition, I might easilly be brainwashed into believing that parts of the human body are indecent. However I have a gift for spotting bullchit and an IQ of 161 that forbids me from considering any part of the human body to be indecent other than glib, pre-sentient drivel that ocasionally escapes a human's head.
          That said, in the end, it's more illustration than chop.

          [Edited by User on 2/14/2010 9:01:39 AM]
        • Lol, reminds me of Hyggloberts work, who often used himself for source material. Did you do the same hidden?
        • Nah, RearMeert, it's just about all Arnold Swartzawhatchamacallit. If I used myself on the little butthead, I'd have not had to do any alterations to get the point across so what is the fun of that? lol

          jtotheototheewhatchamacallit.. jeeze, the name is as tough as Preememememememeineee's hahahaha, anyway, ye just sounded like a puritan standing on Plymouth Rock.Might have something to do with being smeared on codine to fix this flu.
          To my sensibility and understanding of the rules, showing a plumber's buttcrack wouldn't be any more offensive, and I even made sure underwear was implied. Honestly, it's about as far from any ... y reference as it can get IMO LOL
          But if anyone else would like to weigh in, the thread is open.
          Cheers, be well
        • a mutant for sure, lol - you have my viewing pleasure!
        • That little guy seems pretty happy for someone who poops in his eye every morning.
        • The eye pops out every morning and very shortly after that emerges a little brown rose bud that runs off screaming, "I'm Free!".
        • Jeez! How many Doobs do you smoke a day?
        • Whoa! Someone call 911! Original to be sure.
        • Well deserved ! Remarkable in light of all the great entries in this contest.
        • I was thinking the same thing when I voted, GarRobMil. I said to myself there is no chance of guessing correctly with so many good ones so I just voted standardly and still lost karma. It's rare that I loose any, but sometimes with so many, it's a crap shoot. LOL I see Oz lost some too and he's a great judge so I'm not feeling real bad.

          Thanks everybody for the highest ever votes for one of my chops. I really set out to entertain ya'll with a really weird one and it seems you approve. Cheers and beers heheheheheh
        • Really great job hitspinner, congt's for gold
        • My attorney's will be in contact with you in the near future for using my Likeness in this outstanding piece of satirical art. Congrads Bud. I didn't vote to save my karma. Too hard to pick the best four out of 83 entries.

          [Edited by User on 2/16/2010 8:50:56 PM]
        • Top notch stuff Hits!! This has to be one of your best of all times!

          I didn't know it was your at first until I scrolled down and saw a few long winded replies from hidden, lol! I immediately thought Hitman!

          As far as ... goes, show all the flesh you want, just make sure to hide nipples and other private parts, heheh...

          Big congrats on the gold!!!
        • HoH: Me too. I did not vote because of karma.
        • You can tell when some "really" enjoyed making an image.
          Because it tells a story and it's awesome!

          Just like this awesome image!
          Way very extra special stuff!
        • What does flour,water,yeast and salt have in common?
          They are all in bread!
        • Bwhahahahahahahaahaha OzP!!!
          Thanks gang, glad to have served you up a goodin!
        • I can tell you busted your butt on this Fantastic piece and Congrats mate!!
        • Congratulations Hits. Me thinks this is one of your best ones yet.
          What a tight race it was - we had some really beautiful and freaky mutants in this long big contest. You won, buddy, so we are all proud of ya, as you should be!
        • Oh, totally amazed actually, Newsey. I think this is one exceptional contest and I'd like to see more along the same line. It gives us a chance to push the limits of imagination and that is a very cool thing. Thanks for the opportunity
          Yeah Xaos, it's not my most technical or time consuming effort but went past 30 hours to create. Part of the longer time spent on it was because I had to do it in an itty bitty program. PS3 aint working at all on this PC. But it sure was fun!!! Thanks
        • LOL...
          Excellent work Hitspinner...
          Congrats on the Gold, Love the little kid...
        • Is your IQ really 161? and how did you find that out? Genius level is normally considered to start at around 140 to 145.

          This entry is definitely a stroke of genius. My only critique is that the background figures seem to have the light source coming from the right and the foreground figure the left. Still genius though!
        • LOL at 161 IQ.
          I don't really know anymore, Funk. I doubt it. It has been a lot of years. I really don't have a lot of brain cells left hahahaha nor do I trust in the tests. I've taken several and on one even scored 126 once. Must have been the acid. LOL
          In my youth I was pulled from public school and placed in an expirimental school run by a zoo of psychiatrists that wanted to figure out why I was an azzhole or something. We took a lot of tests, a lot of tests, and I think in the end I was deemed an unusually bright kid destined to climb a tower and shoot the Ronald McDonald statue.
          IQ is over rated. Everybody is a genuis if they can survive this planet to old age.
          If I were tested today that 126 would satisfy me, anything lower and I'd jump out the window LOL Did you know the national average for cops is 98??? If that is true, criminals must have the IQ clay.
          You can get tested online for a fee but beware of anything that only requires 10 minutes. And deviation tests are silly, find a ratio based test. I reccommend contacting MENSA. Oxford and Stanford are also two names that come to mind. I think maybe the Oxford Capicity test is one of the better ones. Good hunting.

          Yeah, I mixed up the light referencing. Wasn't real obvious in a diffused environment so went with it in the chop. LOL
        • Since the first time I saw this work, I already knew it would be among the top 4. Congratulations on gold Hitspinner, and thanks for the gift of this beautiful work

          [Edited by User on 2/17/2010 12:52:56 PM]
  • Prehistoric Mutation

    Prehistoric Mutation
        • Freaking love it! Reminds me some fairy tales too!
        •! Glad that club is strategically placed
        • lol, ty. Wasn't sure how big to make that club mac...
        • love the little factory in the background.

          i would only select the shadow of the pipe and add some red in it maybe.


          [Edited by User on 2/14/2010 6:34:47 AM]
        • ...another piece of sheer guys are great!
        • Perfect idea and execution. 5* rated! Congrats, certainly on top 4 no doubt
        • wow, FW. REally really good. I would have had a difficult time choosing whose is actually the best entry here. Both yours and Hit's are masterpieces.
        • Gawd we must be from the same planet hahahahaahahah. See that little boiler thingie up on the cliff in your chop. I got the same source and was going to drop it in mine but it was already getting cluttered so elected to fog out the hill in the background and left the area empty. LOL Truth, swear to God, D! Anyway, super congrads on the silver, it's awinning chop for sure. Oh heck, they are all winners in my book. Great contest
        • An other great one from a master, what else can I expect. Congrads Funkster I envy your youth.
        • Congratulations. The one singular eye told me it was 'Master Funkwood' at work with stunning precision and artistry.
        • Thanks guys, I was kind of trying for a Tolkien / hobbit feel to this one, in a strange kinda way.
        • Congrats Funkwood wicked stuff!!
          by the way, may I borrow some of your broken crayons?
        • That's it, Funkster! Tolkien-like it is! I was thinking what theme it reminds me and could not figure it out until you said it! You sure can keep us guessing till the end, mister! You lost to mutants of Hitman by mere 0.06 points - tight race! Congrats on the silver, bud!
        • Great work funkwood, after seeing the sources you really find an appreciation to all of the work that has gone in this chop...
        • As I said....congrats on silver, funkwood
        • Fantastic use of sources. It's what choppin is all about. Great work FW!
  • Mutant Zombie Man

    Mutant Zombie Man
        • This is all you o_0
          Mega freaky dude & mega mad chop!
        • Looks like an AZRainman image (I think-not sure...?) but, for the disease it appears to have.
        • Correction: AZRainman's image is different but, I have a similar image from Worth1000. Was that yours?
        • As I stated in the user comments....
          "All" my "Own" photos used to make this.
          Maybe you could ask AZ the same question?
        • I did ask AZR and I have all my answers. I saved the one you did at Worth and the original. It is unique-good luck.
        • I dunno where the "pasted in" is coming from all I see is photoshop mastery at it's best in my humble opinion.
        • OZ!!!! Now here is a line-up I have not seen before. I've been in the winners circle with Funkster before but never you and him. If a man is measured by the company he keeps, I am a long fellow LOL Great work as always
        • Congrads, but the top 3 look like the stump brothers in my humble opinion
        • Congrats on bronze Ozplasmic! great work!
        • Zombiefied masterpiece, OZ! Glad to see you participating again, after so many moons! Zombies love moons you know Congrats on the bronze!
        • Excellent work ozplasmic...
          Don't know why but it reminds me of Tom Cruise...
  • Egyptian Mutant God

    Egyptian Mutant God
        • Excellent chop!
          The face reminds me of Michael Jackson
        • JT, another impressive piece. Keep the pressure on. Top chopping there and you got a cup to prove it!
        • Congrads name to long to type, moving up to the big time.
        • Beautiful work, great concept and execution!
        • Super artwork!
          Great skills and awesome imagination.
        • Beautiful wooden trophy here! Congratulations, JT!
        • Absolutely beautiful....
          Excellent work and great use of sources...
          Congrats on the woody..
  • Mutant Ear Nose Man

    Mutant Ear Nose Man
        • Pretty Freaky I would say
          Great job!
        • Decievingly clever mix. The nose is like one of those nasty vampire bats...hmmmm or is it a fruit bat with that knarly nose?
        • Thanks heaps!
          I was amazed too, at how much my ears, when put together, looks like a vampire bat's nose!
          Sad, but true!

  • Twisted Mutant Woman

    Twisted Mutant Woman
        • Wild stuff here!
          Does she have a boyfriend?
        • I knew this one was done by a class A+++ chopper but you hoodwinled me this time. Was clueless it was yours.
        • Great, the hands have it, clap,clap,clap.
  • Mutant Potato Man at the Beach

    Mutant Potato Man at the Beach
        • Pretty damn good!
          It's be nice to make hands look not plastic though to match the head
        • Referencing what Pot? Whatever-it's unique.
        • This little guys is wonderful, I like the edit also with the arms.
        • Thanks, He was a last minute, "Oh Oh I got a great idea for a mutant, can I get it done and submitted in time?" I clicked submit at 2:59 and just about freaked when I realided I uploaded the wrong pic Hahahahahaha Thank God there is a grace period or you guys would have be going, Hitspinner has finally slipped off the edge. I rapidly reposted the right pic in time before anybody was the wiser, but for a second....jeeeeeze!
        • You did my whole family. Call my lawyers, Shakem, Downe, and Bolt.LOL
  • Frog with Six Eyes

    Frog with Six Eyes
        • I wanted to say awesome, but somebody beat me to it, so Extremely impressive or daunting, inspiring great admiration, or awesome.
  • Woman with Long Arms

    Woman with Long Arms
        • rolling on the floor with laughter! Brilliant! Maybe we should do a contest on celebrities with long arms
        • You took the words right out of my mouth kell...very effective chop!
        • Then I'd say we are all unanimous. Great one Mundo!
  • Giraffe with Two Legs

    Giraffe with Two Legs
  • Woman with Shoe Shaped Feet

    Woman with Shoe Shaped Feet
        • As ideas go, this is probably the best. It is subtle but suddenly you get it total ninja strike LOL
        • Thank you by the nice comment, Hitspinner
  • Crocodile Starfish

    Crocodile Starfish
  • Man with Tummy Face

    Man with Tummy Face
        • LoL, I like how u'v placed the ears on the shoulders FV is much better.
        • Nice one Hobbit. Did you use an HD filter on this?
  • Barack Obama the Cyclops

    Barack Obama the Cyclops
  • Bulldog Dalmation Mutant

    Bulldog Dalmation Mutant
        • Should had erased a little more around the right ear, the white is still showing.
  • Mutant Human Thing

    Mutant Human Thing
  • Horse with Tiny Front Legs

    Horse with Tiny Front Legs
  • Oryx with Lots of Legs

    Oryx with Lots of Legs
  • Mutant Lady with Feet Hands

    Mutant Lady with Feet Hands
  • Six Legged Horse

    Six Legged Horse
  • Dachshund with Ten Legs

    Dachshund with Ten Legs
  • Two Faced Barack Obama

    Two Faced Barack Obama
  • Big Headed Cow

    Big Headed Cow
  • Seeing Eye Dalmation Dog

    Seeing Eye Dalmation Dog
  • Backwards Dinosaur

    Backwards Dinosaur
  • Woman with a Double Tongue

    Woman with a Double Tongue
  • Woman with a Man on Her Back

    Woman with a Man on Her Back
  • Mutant Giraffe

    Mutant Giraffe
  • Happy Mutant Goat

    Happy Mutant Goat
  • Two Headed Seagull

    Two Headed Seagull
  • Fat Giraffe

    Fat Giraffe
        • That's way funny and so cool!
          Awesome critter!
        • Looks like "eating greens" won't always make you slimmer
  • Mutant Spider Monkey

    Mutant Spider Monkey
  • Multi Faced Barack Obama

    Multi Faced Barack Obama
  • Elephant with Tail Trunk

    Elephant with Tail Trunk
  • Praying Mantis with Many Legs

    Praying Mantis with Many Legs
  • Delta Eagle

    Delta Eagle
  • Candice Swanepoel With Long Legs

    Candice Swanepoel With Long Legs
        • Wow this really shows how desensitized we are to models being edited because it took me a couple of seconds to realize her legs are almost 2x her body.
  • Two Headed Fish

    Two Headed Fish
  • High 5

    High 5
  • Tony Blair with a Hand Beard

    Tony Blair with a Hand Beard
  • 3 Headed Bulldog

    3 Headed Bulldog
  • Baby Elephant with Tail Ears

    Baby Elephant with Tail Ears
  • Barack Obama Multitasking

    Barack Obama Multitasking
        • This president can effectively work twice as fast as his predecessors
  • Two Legged Camels

    Two Legged Camels
  • Big Mouth Britney Spears

    Big Mouth Britney Spears
  • Giraffe Evolution

    Giraffe Evolution
  • Gigantic Caterpillar

    Gigantic Caterpillar
  • Orangutan with Four Eyes

    Orangutan with Four Eyes
  • Cheeky Mutant Monkey

    Cheeky Mutant Monkey
  • Man with Eyes on His Forehead

    Man with Eyes on His Forehead
  • Three Headed Giraffe

    Three Headed Giraffe
  • Kangaroo with Six Arms

    Kangaroo with Six Arms
  • Evolution Gone Wrong

    Evolution Gone Wrong
  • Thumb Head Lady

    Thumb Head Lady
  • Bald With Six Legs

    Bald With Six Legs
  • Mutant Turtle

    Mutant Turtle
  • Very Long Mutant Ant

    Very Long Mutant Ant
  • Kangaroo with Six Legs

    Kangaroo with Six Legs
  • Chimp with Two Mouths

    Chimp with Two Mouths
  • The Ultimate Ballet Dancer

    The Ultimate Ballet Dancer
  • Very Long Horse

    Very Long Horse
  • Elephant with Four Tusks

    Elephant with Four Tusks
  • Scorpion with Two Stingers

    Scorpion with Two Stingers
  • Backyard Mutant Pets

    Backyard Mutant Pets
  • Fly Lady

    Fly Lady
  • Ring Bug

    Ring Bug
  • Multi Legged Frog

    Multi Legged Frog
  • Kangaroo with Two Floors

    Kangaroo with Two Floors
  • Mutant Kill

    Mutant Kill
  • Tri-wing Eagle

    Tri-wing Eagle
  • Man with Four Legs

    Man with Four Legs
  • Lady GaGa with Three Heads

    Lady GaGa with Three Heads
  • Osama Bin Laden with a Forked Tongue

    Osama Bin Laden with a Forked Tongue
  • Huge Baby Chick with Tiny Chickens

    Huge Baby Chick with Tiny Chickens
  • Forked Tongue Cow

    Forked Tongue Cow
  • The Jackson Twins

    The Jackson Twins
  • Highly Developed Ape

    Highly Developed Ape
  • Plastic Veins and an Extra Eye

    Plastic Veins and an Extra Eye
  • Zebra with Mutant Eyes

    Zebra with Mutant Eyes
  • National Bird Update

    National Bird Update
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