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Contest Directions: This week I stumbled upon the list of the 50 worst music band names in history. While the chart is subjective it offers some insights about how the group names were chosen, with some witty author's comments. I was surprised to learn that "Green Day" was made as a reference to the whole day of pot smoking. And it's interesting to see the band which made #1 spot of the chart, - it reminds me the conversation we had in FreakingNews chat room yesterday.
Create visualizations of music band names of your choice. E.g. huge rocks rolling down the hill would remind us of one of the greatest bands in music history. It's up to you whether you want to reveal the band's name in your entry title, or camouflage it with something else, and ask other members to guess group's name in the comments. For the purposes of this contest we will also allow names of individual music artists and one-man groups.
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  • Living Colour

    Living Colour
  • Stone Temple Pilots

    Stone Temple Pilots
  • Blind Melon

    Blind Melon
  • Badfinger

  • U2 Riddle

    U2 Riddle
  • Black Eyed Peas

    Black Eyed Peas
  • Buddy Holly & The Crickets

    Buddy Holly & The Crickets
  • Steppenwolf

  • The Jefferson Airplane

    The Jefferson Airplane
  • Eminem

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This contest is fueled by the following news: Music band is group of persons, unified with some kind of general goal or work, who are one way or other linked to music. Generally music band consists of musicians, but in them may be included other musical agents (producers, sound directors) or people, who are directly not interested in music creation (artists, poets). In different musical categories and directions there are different forms of classification of groups by number and by character. Usually, according to the tradition, inherited by classical music, a group of two participants is called a duet, of three – trio, of four – quartet, of five – quintet, of six – sestet, of seven – septet, of eight – octet, and of big number of participants – musical band. In Rock – music for the groups the term Rock group is used. From this term rose versions like pop group and punk group. In Jazz, terms Jazz ensemble, Jazz orchestra and Jazz band are used. Vocalists group is called as chorus. There is a concept of orchestra in academic music. There is a concept of ensemble of songs and dance, vocal – instrumental ensemble, and orchestra of native instruments. Rock Group is a music band, working in rock music category. First rock groups appeared in USA and Great Britain in second half of 1950-s, at the same time with the popularization of Rock-and-roll. Development of the format of rock group is related with the growth of self creativeness in repertory of one or another music performer. Usually even till the mid of 1960-s music groups performed others songs, or served with the general accompanying ensemble under a leading singer. Tendency to self composition of songs and production of harmony generated requirement in the organization of new type compact groups. In Great Britain in 1950 year on the skiffle wave and total increase of masses for rock and roll among teens gave rise to hundreds of favorite Skiffle-groups, many participants who stood as famous musicians. Among the foremost famous rock groups The Crickets, The Coasters, The Shadows may be named. Music industry, however, continued supporting on marketing of singers or – in case with the groups – leaders of the musical groups, than groups of that kind. Only big success and perfect pictured image like the groups, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, helped in a real way to break this tendency. Example The Beatles showed significant influence on rock group format of 1960-s. and whole archetype rock groups of such kind. In a paradoxical way, they also influenced on the production of artificial, collected by the producers of the groups, for whomever a bright image, and recorded the music and so on. Typical examples may be served as The Monkees, Herman’s Hermits, who never played on the musical instruments during recording in the studios, but nevertheless, had many hits and big popularity. Big role among them played, respective, producers, managers. Usually musical activity of such groups has gone down to no, as only change the dominating style. Basically conditions of rock groups weigh upon two types, as written above – self developing and producer’s projects. Hybrid versions are possible, when groups create managers; they are selected by the musicians and give a total image, how ever proper songs are written and played by participants themselves of such groups (Sex pistols, The Clash). Most diversified composition of rock groups include performers of typical rock musical instruments (guitar, bass, drums, with keyboard). Classical structure looks in the following way: • Vocalist • Guitarist (leader- guitar) • Rhythm-guitarist • Bass-guitarist • Timpanist or percussionist In many cases trio, consisting of guitarist, bas-guitarist, and timpanist, out of whom the function of a vocalist is performed by one of the musicians (Cream, The Police, Stray Cats, Nirvana).

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