Contest Directions: Interesting news from paleontology this week. A new species of dinosaur was found which had a mouth shaped like a vacuum cleaner, designed to hoover up food from what is now the Sahara desert. This dinosaur species lived over 110 million years ago and is considered one of the strangest dinosaurs that ever existed.
Take any animals or people and change the anatomy of their mouths (shape, size, etc) to something unusual - e.g. square, triangle, round. You are allowed to assign mouths of one species to another (e.g. human with a shark mouth). Feel welcome to also change the jaw structure if you wish.
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  • Anne Hathaway Dog

    Anne Hathaway Dog
  • Bird Dog

    Bird Dog
  • Horse BullDog Hybrid

    Horse BullDog Hybrid
  • Lizard with a Beak

    Lizard with a Beak
  • George Bush Senior with a Strange Mouth

    George Bush Senior with a Strange Mouth
  • Pig Bird

    Pig Bird
  • Fish Mouth

    Fish Mouth
  • Scary Shark Mouth

    Scary Shark Mouth
  • Lindsay Lohan Dog

    Lindsay Lohan Dog
  • Funny Dog Mouth

    Funny Dog Mouth
37 high resolution images
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Mouth is a corporal opening of the body of the human beings, through which the food is taken in and, in many conditions, takes participation during respiration. In many vertebrates there are tooth and tongue in the cavity of mouth. The external part of the mouth may have different forms. For human beings it is encased by lips and for the birds it is in the shape of a beak. It would have been very attractive to imagine a female’s body and its part (parts) in an order of discourses, dominating, for example, (to bind one self chronologically, as such general review would be great) in the pre-industrial Russia (X – Starting of XIX era). As the hair already stood as special thing in the ethnographical study 17, I suggest paying attention to the semiotics and symbolisms of male and female mouth and the imagination regarding the meaning of mouth (lips, tooth, and tongue). It would be relevant to put some particular problems of experiments of the feminine soul: 1) To unfold the design of the mouth of a man and woman body, match them and see whether they are similar or a different perception, to discuss the differences and answer to the questions. To what extent is the mouth of man and woman body is described by the valuation of the man’s action (Whether they are evaluated in the predominating discussions in the categories of similar and different). 2) To find out, whether there was certain “general” sample ideal for a ladies mouth (Visually and/or narrative discussions) and, consequently, lips, tooth, tongue or there were many models, which were used for finding the standards and ideals, health and b beauty, sexual attraction, and as they have changed.
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