Mouth Eyes
Contest Directions: When it comes to horror images, one of the most disturbing depictions of human face is with mouths in the place of eyes - such illustrations are favorite of many horror books.
Photoshop mouths in the place of eyes of any human or animal. Humans can be celebrities, politicians, characters from paintings, or any other people. You can make your entry horror-looking (see example), or make it any other style - e.g. glamor style with pretty women's mouths for eyes.
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  • Keith Richards with Mouth Eyes

    Keith Richards with Mouth Eyes
  • Gollum with Mouth Eyes

    Gollum with Mouth Eyes
  • Hulk Hogan with Mouth Eyes

    Hulk Hogan with Mouth Eyes
  • Anthony Hopkins with Mouth Eyes

    Anthony Hopkins with Mouth Eyes
  • Paris Hilton with Mouth Eyes

    Paris Hilton with Mouth Eyes
  • Doll Mouth Eyes

    Doll Mouth Eyes
  • Storm From X-Men with Mouth Eyes

    Storm From X-Men with Mouth Eyes
  • Oprah with Mouth Eyes

    Oprah with Mouth Eyes
  • Will Smith with Mouth Eyes

    Will Smith with Mouth Eyes
  • Marilyn Manson with Mouth Eyes

    Marilyn Manson with Mouth Eyes
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The eyes reflect the inner world of a human being. It is not casually stated by the people's wisdom, that the eyes are the mirror of the human soul. First, on which people pay their attention, looking into the mirror is the skin condition around the eye – the most sensitive part on the face. Its thickness is only half a millimeter. On the marginal areas the thickness of the skin immediately increases four times more. The dark shades of the shadows visually decreases the eye, makes them more deeply embedded, but bright shades, inversely increases the eye, and “disclose” them. That’s why if you want to achieve the most effectiveness of beautiful eyes, choose light shades. Apply shades after applying the pencil or lead: It makes your appearance more soft and dreamy. And if you want to add a character of drama, then apply pencil or lead after applying the shades. Curl eyelashes – This helps to lift them and give them a suitable form. Afterwards secure the eye makeup layer wise with the ink. To make the eyelashes bulky (for increasing the effect of the eye) choose a more dense ink. Never lead the internal border of the lower eyelashes – This makes the eye visually smaller, than they are. Do you think about how your lips look? Average, beautiful, weathered, cracked or dry. With the first ones the problems are little, and the others have to be taken care of. Such lips will not dress the face. For the weathered lips the best thing is to apply a natural honey mask, which is better to do with a thick brush. In 20 minutes honey can be consumed, carefully licking with the tongue. A mask curd cheese with some cream gives marvelous softness to the lips. For a single time with a tea spoon this mixture is sufficient. It is spread all over the surface of the lips and for 10 minutes is kept under the “Wet Cover” of lignin “Wood wool”, material, which is used for bandages. The muscles around the mouth have to be per cussed in the evenings after washing with a wet napkin, moistened in a lotion. On that place, where the wrinkles form earlier, put a moisturizing mask. It is made of slices of ice cream, but not from the cherished cucumber. Pale lips have to be massaged gently everyday with a soft tooth brush, wetted in cold water. This procedure is good to do during the morning and evening wash up. Face powder, must be powdered and lips, as the lipstick stands still better on the powder base. The mouth, or oral cavity, is the front part of the digestive tract, and starts from the oral fissure and ends at the pharynx (if it is absent is ends straight at the esophagus). The mouth in animals develops wholly or partially by invaginating ectoderm from the foregut. Oral cavities of invertebrates are often associated with special attachments: splitting and cutting formations in free-living nemathelminthes, jaws of gasteropodas and squids (cephalopodas) and oral parts in arthropoda. The mouth of vertebrates is paved with a multilayered, sometimes cornified epithelial tissue. Fish and terrestrial vertebrates have jaws (teeth) at the front and sides, a muscular bed from below where the hyoid arch is hidden in its depths, and plays the role of a tongue in many animals. The roof of the mouth in fish and amphibians is strengthened by bones of basis cranii which form the so called primary palate and postnaris which open immediately in the mouth. Amniotes have their mouth divided into upper (breathing) and lower (secondary mouth) parts by means of an extended hard palate. From its backend in mammals is the soft palate, which divides the oral cavity and pharynx. In the bird’s palate and also very often mammals have papilla, cross cushions or palatine scutes covered with keratinous coating and they help in grinding food. The keratinous layer of these cushions in edentate whales grows rapidly and later takes the shape of baleen. Mammals, because of the growth in the soft flexible labia between the jaws and teeth, have a cavity, the so called threshold of the oral cavity. The threshold of the mouth in several mammals forms the side projections which are the cheek pouches. Mammals and humans have a tongue, teeth and mouth glands located in their mouth. The human mouth is topographically divided into the front part, or entrance of the mouth derivative of oscular bay, and the back part, or cavity of the mouth itself. The lips at the front, the cheeks at the sides, the alveolar appendages of the upper and lower jaws and teeth are boundaries of mouth. The oral cavity itself is limited by the fornix of the upper and lower palate at the top, below it is located the mucous membrane covering the muscles and root of the tongue, the fundus of the mouth, at the front and sides covered by the internal surface of alveolar appendages of the upper and lower jaws and the teeth. The mouth at the front is connected with the outdoor environment by means of the oral opening; the fauces at the back is connected with the pharynx. Located here are the lymphoepithelioma organs, the tonsils. In the depths of the mucous membrane there are many small salivary glands. The emunctory canals of the big salivary glands (parotid, hyoid, submandibular) are also opened in the mouth. Blood circulation, chyle efflux and innervation of the walls of the mouth are closely linked with the vascular and nervous systems of the jaws. The gustatory organs and receptors are located in the mucous membrane. A constant bacteria population is maintained in the mouth which serves as a biological barrier for microbes, and also located there is flora. The mouth takes participation in the processes of: digesting food, breathing, the formation of voice and acts of speech. Diseases of the mouth: Gingivitis, stomatitis, dental problems, siseases of the jaws, tongue, lips, and salivary glands (see. Sialolthiasis) smokers patch, papilloma and others.

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