Mountain Climbing
Contest Directions: Photoshop this mountain climbing image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - giving this mountain climber some new clothes or objects, putting the climber into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas.
Many thanks to Jason Boutsayapha and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.
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  • Mountain Climbing for Eagle Nest

    Mountain Climbing for Eagle Nest
  • Mountain Climbing with Women

    Mountain Climbing with Women
  • Home Climbing Training

    Home Climbing Training
  • Climbing Mount Rushmore

    Climbing Mount Rushmore
  • Pool Jumping

    Pool Jumping
  • Scary Mountain Climbing

    Scary Mountain Climbing
  • Falling from Cliff

    Falling from Cliff
  • Plunger Mountain Clinbing

    Plunger Mountain Clinbing
  • Mountain Climbing with Vultures

    Mountain Climbing with Vultures
  • Crawling on Rocks

    Crawling on Rocks
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Mountaineering or mountain climbing is a type of sport, the main objective of which is to lay a passage through to the mountain top. Usually, the technical part of the route may extend from several hundreds of meters to several kilometers. In this case, as a rule, stationary safety points are not available on the entire route. The duration of the ascent, depending upon the complexity and distance, can last for several hours, several days, weeks and even months. The mountain climbing style is divided into two: Alpine and Himalaya climbing styles. The alpine style is the successive climbing up to the top along with all entire tackle. The Himalaya style distinguishes itself with the preliminary preparation of ascent routes, staking of safety cords (handrails), setting up of intermediate camps, delivery of equipment and oxygen to these camps, which proposes repeated ascents and descents from camp to camp. The Himalaya style is the original mountain siege, occupying sometimes 2-3 months but such tactics has allowed people to reach summits on Everest or other mountains of 8000m and higher. Mountaineering competitions in several categories are held annually: * Altitude – technical category — ascent above 7000 m; * Technical category — technically difficult ascent up to 7000 m; * Rock category — climbing only rocky mountains including Crimea; * Winter category — Ascent, accomplished in winter periods. Western climbers are also divided into: * Big Wall — climbing big walls extending up to kilometer and more; * Solo — Ascent onto the mountain alone (in Russia, such kind of climbing is officially prohibited). In the West, solo walking is very popular and gradually, admirers of such styles can be found even in Russia, however, only ascents in pairs (two persons) or groups on routes with a specific complexity category for each person of the group are included in the sports test category. Eleven sub-categories of difficulty with respect to routes are distinguished : 1B, 2А, 2B, 3А, 3B, 4А, 4B, 5А, 5B, 6А, 6B.

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