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  • Don Quixote & Sancho Panza On Motorbikes

    Don Quixote & Sancho Panza On Motorbikes
  • Mini MotorBike

    Mini MotorBike
  • Motorcycle with Flower Wheels

    Motorcycle with Flower Wheels
  • Motorcycle With Small Front Wheel

    Motorcycle With Small Front Wheel
  • Norton Motorcycle Advert

    Norton Motorcycle Advert
  • Motorcycle Postage Stamps

    Motorcycle Postage Stamps
  • Rooster Riding a Motorcycle on a Tightrope

    Rooster Riding a Motorcycle on a Tightrope
  • New Chopper Motorcycle

    New Chopper Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle Jump

    Motorcycle Jump
  • US Dollar Motorcycle

    US Dollar Motorcycle
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The first motorcycle and the first automobile emerged very similarly in many ways. Firstly is was treated as the carriage with an engine of internal combustion – the precedence of the construction of a steam engine up to the critical 1885, however after this date to similar automobiles the term “motorcycle” or “automobile” is applied. A common father to these two vehicles is the German engineer Gottlieb Daimler, although again in the same way not every country names their “parents”. But the genealogical tree, if the automobile is recorded in its predecessors by all types of wheeled vehicles, so the ancestors of the motorcycle are at one with the bicycle. The solid monograph as per the history of the automobile is accepted to start from the middle of the fourth millennium before Christ – particularly to this time it is related to the first wheels, the remains of which were found in the wrecked cities of Mesopotamia. The motorcycle does not claim for the Laurels Patriarchy and decently starts the making of its prehistory by the 17th century of the Common Era. As per the construction it was similar enough to the motorcycle of an English innovator Colonel Holden. The first motorcycle Holden made was in 1896, and in history it became the first motorcycle in the world with a four cylinder engine. The engine is placed horizontally and two cylinders at the front side and the other two at the back side, the piston rod is connected to the piston with the horizontal positional placement in the middle. Holden tried to manufacture his motorcycles as a series, but the fate of the company was also similar to the history of the Munich’s company: the splash enthusiasm quickly turned into disappointment, and commercial success did not happen. For the public, who gave a rising torch flame to motorcyclist’s hopes, stood the French inventors Graf Albert De Dion (1856-1946) and George Button (1847-1938). And in 1898 the production of new models started with more powerful engines. The vehicle was very popular: in the beginning of 1901 more than 3500 “Werner” motorcycles were released, under license their production was tuned up in Germany and Great Britain, not saying anything about the many imitations. One of the first trade marks of the motorcycle “Werner” still with the surface ignition brought in the Czech industrialist Vatslav Clement (in those years his country was called as Austria-Hungary) in 1898. Clement from 1895 along with Vatslav Lauren made the bicycles “Slavia”. And he got an idea of expanding the production program copy to the French’s latest. The manufactured perfection of his copy did not suit the others, and for better stability they decided to shift the engine to the lower frame angle. Their motorcycle, came out into the world in 1899, had a single cylinder four stroke engine with a working capacity of 293 cm3 and a power of 1.75 horse power, an ignition from magneto self construction, driving on the hind wheel with a flat belt, weighed 55 kilograms and raised a maximum speed of 55 kilometers per hour. Basically, this was the first motorcycle with a modern composition, if we don’t take into consideration the Daimler. But however, only to the brothers of “Werner” did the idea come into mind to patent it – that’s why formally they are treated as the developers of the modern motorcycle. “The New Werner”, released in 1901, not only was a big commercial success, but also stood as an example for all of the motorcycle constructors – from Russia to the USA.

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