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Contest Directions: This Saturday the frontman "stone" Mick Jagger is turning 65. His father was a British teacher, his mother was an Australian immigrant to England and became an active member of the Conservative Party. For his services to music, in 2003 Jagger was knighted, as Sir Michael Jagger by Charles, Prince of Wales. The knighthood caused some friction between him and another "stone" Keith Richards, who was irritated that Jagger accepted "f---ing paltry honor." Another bandmate, Charlie Watts, added "Anybody else would be lynched: 18 wives and 20 children and he's knighted, fantastic!" To which Jagger replied: "I think they would probably like to get the same honor themselves. It's like being given an ice cream — one gets one and they all want one. It's nothing new."
To celebrate the upcoming 65th anniversary of Mick Jagger, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what other professions Jagger could have chosen, what movies he could have played in, show Mick Jagger in paintings, make him endorse products and services, show how he will look like in the future, etc. Here's a good example.
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  • The Sound Of Mick

    The Sound Of Mick
  • Jagger Glass

    Jagger Glass
  • mick jagger as a black female

    mick jagger as a black female
  • Mick Jagger

    Mick  Jagger
  • The Young Gondolier

    The Young Gondolier
  • What a Drag it is Getting Old...

    What a Drag it is Getting Old...
  • Mick Pan

    Mick Pan

  • Sketch

  • Big Mick

    Big Mick
  • Jaggers' American Gothic

  • Jagger Twins

    Jagger Twins
  • mick jagger

    mick jagger
  • Unpaint it Black

    Unpaint it Black
  • Mick impersonating Elvis!

    Mick impersonating Elvis!
  • The superhero of rock

    The superhero of rock
  • Jagger as stamp

    Jagger as stamp
  • Sir Jagger

    Sir Jagger
  • Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger
  • Pulp Jagger

    Pulp Jagger
  • Only 65.....He's Just a Baby

    Only 65.....He
  • step brothers

    step brothers
  • The Queen's Food Taster

    The Queen
  • Maybe...

  • Mount Stones

    Mount Stones
  • Sir "Mick" Jagger

    Sir "Mick" Jagger
  • Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger
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This contest is fueled by the following news: There's no need for a special introduction for the front man of The Rolling Stones - for many years he has become more an idol than a rock star, and attracted the attention of the mass media. Once the modest student of the London School of Economics, enamored of the blues, Mick Jagger would kill the music world with his original vocal style and charismatic scenic image. In the successful career of the Rolling Stones which covers already more than forty years, the front man image has played as much an important role as a scandalous one. In any case Mick Jagger’s person always involved the public no less than the composer successes of the band and the skill of the musicians. At first the gloomy Jagger looked annoying against the cute lead vocalists of 60’s. His gloomy bearing, pout, a slender figure (he wore jeans of the children's size) caused the dual relation from thick musical magazines. To this effect Mick Jagger's main achievement is an effective transformation which has a high market value. Michael Philip Jagger was born on July, 26th, 1943 in Dartford, Kent, England. In one class of his preparatory school he was with a certain Keith Richards for 5 years. Destiny has decided to play a part in the meeting of the two heroes of rock, but just for now it left the biggest stuff for later. During the 12 year separation from Keith, Mick Jagger had time to like the spirit of a rock 'n' roll and even to knock together a school group Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. And though he studied business at the prestigious London school of economics, thoughts of a musical career did not leave him. Keith Richards was convinced of it, when the childhood friends happened on each other at a railway station expecting a train. Mick held under his arm a little blues record, and there was nothing for Keith but to start talking with him, to restore their friendship, and then to assemble the group known today and to the entire world as The Rolling Stones. The Golden Age of The Rolling Stones found in their number guitarist Bryan Johns (Brian Jones), bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts. Having begun with the imitation of rock 'n' roll of people such as Chuck Berry and the blues of Muddy Waters, the five created the style, which bred a huge number of imitators. By the end of the 60's the Rolling Stones already could compete with the Beatles in popularity, having to their credit hits like "Paint It Black", "Time Is on My Side", "Get off of My Cloud", "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash". In such well-known songs be the Rolling Stones such as "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", "Get off of My Cloud", "19th Nervous Breakdown" and "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow?", Jagger struck his aim at conservatism, religions, to being a female and even on a life as that. The ruthless criticism and nihilism became an integral part of the steel of his creative work, finished to shine. Jagger's negativism based itself on Keith Richards' reliable musical support, the author of the most memorable melodies of the Rolling Stones, and on the skills of his colleagues in the group. By common efforts from 1968 to 1972 the Rolling Stones have executed and have exceeded the plan by the creation of an albums series which stood the test of time: "Beggar's Banquet" (1968), "Let It Bleed" (1969), "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out" (1970), "Sticky Fingers" (1971), "Exile on Main Street" (1972). Jagger persistently resisted any solo temptations for a long time, almost 25 years. Probably he felt that there is a reason for fear: when he finally was tempted in the late eighties, results were rather doubtful. with the exception of a few quite good tracks, including "Just Another Night", his first album "She's the Boss" (1985) and "Primitive Cool" (1987) became a faster disappointment for both the musician, his fans, and for the critics. His records had some success of course, because Jagger shocked the public for 20 years. Supported by a train of attractive video clips and a finalist in The Top 20 with the single "Just Another Night", the disk "She's the Boss" sold a million copies, getting to 13th position on the pop charts. The second album "Primitive Cool" was not so successful: it only got to 41st position and the circulation was less than a half-million copies. It inclined sober thoughts from Jagger and the return to the Rolling Stones on the big scene and to renew concert activity. Mick Jagger is full of energy till now, is unshakable and, apparently, is invulnerable, this piercing “Juggernaut” of rock 'n' roll.

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