Michael Bloomberg
Contest Directions: Help Michael Bloomberg in his re-election bid. Create images of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg doing things normally associated with the "common man" or the everyday New Yorker.
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  • Bloomberg

  • Naked Bloomberg

    Naked Bloomberg
  • Bonging Bloomberg

    Bonging Bloomberg
  • Bloomberg

  • Toss the TP

    Toss the TP
  • Waiter Bloomberg

    Waiter Bloomberg
  • Pride

  • Yankee Game

    Yankee Game
  • Regular Guy Mike Bloomberg

    Regular Guy Mike Bloomberg
  • Fishing

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This contest is fueled by the following news: Many New Yorkers are not convinced that their Mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, can understand their needs. They question whether a mayor with a private plane, a sprawling Manhattan townhouse, ritzy vacation homes and a personal fortune worth billions can even begin to understand the wants and needs of average people. Despite the fact that Mayor Bloomberg's approval ratings have ballooned and his poll margins are steadily widening over his re-election challengers, his image with voters is not perfect. There remains a perception that he's an out-of-touch billionaire when it comes to ordinary residents of the Big Apple. As he heads towards the November 8th election, this remains his biggest political handicap. When pollsters interview people, ther are evenly split over whether or not the Mayor understands the needs and problems of everyday citizens.

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  • Started: 7/31/2005 06:05
  • Ended: 8/2/2005 06:05
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 21
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