Masters of Camouflage
Contest Directions: Many underwater species are true masters of camouflage - their coloring was a successful evolutionary strategy, which allowed them to blend with environment and hide from their natural predators.
In this contest you are asked to photoshop any animals (except humans) giving them paint jobs to blend with environment (house, nature, office, etc.). We encourage (but don't require) you to submit entries showing any animals in urban environment, and their camouflage paint-jobs to blend with a street, office (etc.) where they are located. Here's a good example 1, and example 2.
20 hi-res pictures
  • Zoo Break Rhino

    Zoo Break Rhino
  • SiFi Spider

    SiFi Spider
  • Surprise.

  • Rhinoflage

  • Juventus Fan

    Juventus Fan
  • Camo

  • Camouflage

  • Houston? We've had a problem here.

    Houston? We
  • The Amorous Hedgehog

    The Amorous Hedgehog
  • Oh Deer

    Oh Deer
20 high resolution images
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