Contest Directions: April 20 is celebrated by marijuana smokers because of iconic 420 numbers in the date. Statistics shows that most Americans have smoked marijuana in various ways. Bill Clinton did not inhale. Don Imus obviously did.
In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to marijuana. An example would be to show how Cannabis may rule the world in photos, magazines or paintings.
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Cannabis, most know by the name marijuana, is a plant that's both prohibited and admired in most countries. There's also a big discussion whether it should be legalized. Current American laws vary from state to state, but most consider marijuana to be a drug, classified pretty much the same as other heavier drugs. Thus its possession and distribution is outlawed in most states - some will allow possession of small amounts for personal consumption only. Most people who use cannabis argue that this is no more of a drug than simple tobacco, and smoking it is no more of a crime that cigarettes which are legal and sold to everyone over legal age. The Netherlands has been the first country to make it legal for the above reasons and also for several for medical reasons. It's been clinically proved that medical marijuana use helps patients get over pain and depression from AIDS and cancer chemotherapy treatments. Further research also proved that marijuana stagnates the growth of cancer in lab animals. People have been growing marijuana since ancient times. Its leaves and seeds were found in the old tombs of the Incas and Egyptian pharaohs. Many tribes in Africa and Australia still grow it and use it in their celebrations, weddings, and burials, claiming that smoking marijuana help them hear the spirits and talk to the dead. Some tribes still make massive bonfires burning the leaves of the "dragon grass" as they call it, for over 24 hours, thus exposing all members of the tribe including children to the smoke with hallucinogens in it. Such bonfires are usually accompanied by dancing and all night long celebrations of important holidays and events in the life of the tribe. Scientists claim that cannabis is native to central Asia, where travelers usually got marijuana seeds to bring to other countries. Many famous songs and paintings were created under the impression of this drug, which opens the boundaries of imagination and helps release the mind of the stereotypes and chains of modern society. Effects in the short term: The effect appears almost immediately after smoking marijuana and reaches a peak within 30 minutes and continues from 2 to 4 hours. The effect of the orally taken drug continues from 5 to 12 hours. Large portions of metabolites of cannabinoids are released from the organism after 3-4 days. They can be identified in the blood on the third day and in urine, on eighth day of abstention after a single dose. In case of long-term regular abuse, the metabolites of cannabinoids can be found in the urine for several weeks. Physiological effects: The following are the main physiological developments due to the effect of marijuana on the organism: * Conjunctivitis of eyeballs (reddening); * Tachycardia (increase in the speed of heartbeats) and as consequence, an increase in blood pressure; * Mouth dryness. Psychological effects of cannabis (the general term for designating the psychoactive products of hemp) include euphoria, oneiroid condition, calmness and drowsiness (or sleeplessness, which depends on the person). This frustration is classified as intoxication by cannabis. Marijuana increases the sensitivity to external stimulus, allows remembering the details, which passed earlier unnoticed, makes colors brighter and rich and also increases the perception of music and art, and experience time as if it is slowed down and it seems that much is taking place every moment. Concerning the identification of new details, which were unnoticed earlier — it is possible it takes place due to changes in the perception of the priority system. So, for example, it can appear that under the influence of marihuana, it is much more pleasant to contemplate natural phenomena rather than the activities of people. An increased sensitivity to sounds and to everything that takes place around the person taking hemp is also often observed. A set of fine details and particulars are given the same importance as in the case of other events. An inexplicable panic fear ("treason") was sometimes observed. In this case, the effect of marijuana does not exclude the possibility of a sufficient assessment of ambient conditions, which is explained by the possible normal behavior of people, who take marijuana in public places. Some researchers consider that the last effect (episodes of panic fear) is the consequence of the stimulation of the brain sections responsible for imagination and creativity thus not leaving place for self-control. A consciousness breakdown is often observed; though feeling the effect of drug, people smoking marijuana at the same time, notice that they are in a changed consciousness condition. Paranoid ideas may arise in them but at the same time, they laugh over these ideas. De-personalization and de-realization can occur. This ability to retain objectivity is explained by many cases, when smokers manage quietly to behave in public places even when they are under a strong intoxicated condition. Except for the aggravated attention to ambient details and episodes of fear or fun, intoxication by marijuana is usually characterized by an increased raised appetite: usually, the person under the influence of marijuana is capable of eating his usual daily (or several) portions of a meal in a single go (“Swine”) but experienced smokers usually control their behavior better. In this case, the sensitivity of the flavor receptors increases and the meal seems to be several times tastier than usual.

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  • Started: 4/20/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 4/22/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
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