Manet Modernized

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  • Started: 1/25/2012 05:00
  • Ended: 1/28/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 46
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Manet Modernized
Contest Directions: This Monday the artistic world has celebrated the 180th birthday of Edouard Manet - the French artist who greatly contributed to impressionism and realism movement in art. Prior to becoming an artist, Manet twice failed the examination to join the navy, after which he decided to pursue a career in art, where his talents were quickly discovered. Manet studied under the academic painter Thomas Couture, a painter of large historical paintings. In his spare time he copied the old masters in the Louvre.
Photoshop any painting by Edouard Manet to include some modern elements in it. Think of product placements, celebrities, modern architecture, and even sci-fi features, etc. and show how Manet paintings would be different if he painted them in the modern days. Note: If you use any of Manet's paintings with "bare subjects" (e.g. "The Luncheon on the Grass" or "Olympia"), please cover them up with bikini before submitting.

Contest Info

    • Started: 1/25/2012 05:00
    • Ended: 1/28/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 46
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
46 pictures
  • The Tramp

    The Tramp
  • Woman Lepidopterist by Manet

    Woman Lepidopterist by Manet
        • This looks great! She's in the right position for that too.
        • pretty but better alive.
        • Butterflies were very pretty to watch anywhere! good thought to use this technology in this pic, All is perfect matching
        • Beautiful work and great nicely executed like it
        • i adore this! congratulations!!! crusader234 beautiful!
        • Work of art here, very clever composition and delicate blending of the sources! Merging photos and a painting is a challenging job but you did it with flying colors!
          Congrats on the silver, crusader!
  • The Yacht Club by Manet

    The Yacht Club by Manet
        • "Really Pierre, I wish you had put your shirt on!"
        • This is so well put together. It really works.
        • Good Composition and very well executed.
        • What are these small spots everywhere in the pic
        • Yea i see the small spots too but otherwise its a great piece put together !!!
        • Fits the scene like a glove! Great work!
        • I think the spots are maybe a form of pointillism maybe?
        • Nice effect as was said before.

          [Edited by User on 1/28/2012 9:29:39 PM]
        • Thanks everyone...and yeah those spots are made when I use the oil painting filter...which does a fair job, except with the spots tho...
        • Fantastic work, Mundo!
          Congrats on the bronze!
  • Alien Ships in Antonin Proust Painting

    Alien Ships in Antonin Proust Painting
  • Angels, Jesus and Video Games

    Angels, Jesus and Video Games
        • Lot of work in this basement dwelling video playing christ twist. Am impressed. How did you move the arm??
        • I found some forearms that were the right pose (but had a watermark) and got my hubby to copy the pose with our game device, taking the photo so that there was white fabric between his body and arms so his arms were easy to cut out. I then colour corrected, merged and smudged the two images together and backfilled over the old arms with a combination of copying the existing fabric and drawing in my own. Thanks for asking, I have found the occasional notes on here and the tips very useful.
        • I think the hands and gadget could be smaller and the big box a little less sharp to blend in. (Sorry I know nothing about them)
        • Very well executed!!, Nice thought of playing video games. Its really good
        • LOL freaky art nice game freak painter
        • This is just the best! The Angels are like " Jesus is re-spawning again" Great work!
  • Modern Boat in Venice Manet Painting

    Modern Boat in Venice Manet Painting
        • Its excellent work seen on the Yacht and its reflection on the water
  • Prince Charles' New Pets

    Prince Charles' New Pets
        • Is this an allegory about the Prince Charles? and Royalty? The Dodo made me wonder. Not sure about the Spanish part. Certainly food for thought. The horns are at an odd angle too. Fascinating image.
        • Very Funny nice expression of the horse
        • Funny horns seen on the head of Putin, Like the horse expression of showing love to him.
  • Still Life Fruit & Hamburger by Manet

    Still Life Fruit & Hamburger by Manet
        • Well put together. The burger could do with being a little lumpier, it looks a little bit like thick sauce.
        • Yes the Burger looks big bigger, anyway great thought of making this chop all the best
  • Manet in Venice

    Manet in Venice
  • Costa Concordia Sinking by Monet

    Costa Concordia Sinking by Monet
        • You made me laugh despite myself. Very well done.
        • Just to be a stickler, noticing the signature, this is a Monet, not a Manet.

        • Costa is sinking!! where is the Captain
        • No Gold but, a great effort for sure.
  • Sarah Palin Working at the Bar by Manet

    Sarah Palin Working at the Bar by Manet
        • My daughter says she has an ah-bra - LOL
        • We need to see source files... PLEASE!

          Seriously very nice!
        • Put them away dear, you are putting people off their dinner.
        • Out of my mind Put some stuff for the Beer.
  • The Queen by Manet

    The Queen by Manet
        • "Hurry up there, one is getting terribly stiff".
        • Nice Portrait!!, Good work with the texture looks real.
  • Yellow Submarine by Manet

    Yellow Submarine by Manet
        • John, George and Ringo just left in the flying submarine.
        • Submarine in the sky interesting job done
        • its too innovate!!! if we compared the image of that time, Nice thought - Flying Submarine
        • innovate ????? , innovation refers to the use of a new idea or method . These are the guide lines of what this contest is all about i thought. Thinking outside of the box & putting more sources into a entry ,i thought was how things worked here on FN . Correct me if i'm wrong
  • Waiting at The Airport

    Waiting at The Airport
        • "Hey Mother, just look at those great big noisy birds over there!"
        • This is such a sweet gentle image with the modern background blended in really well.
        • Thanks all of you, really appreciate all your comments guys. I made this in hurry though, but still cool that you like it!
  • Modern Musicians by Manet

    Modern Musicians by Manet
        • And now for an evening of sparkling wit and entertainment
        • all are busy engaged in playing music, Picture speaks thousand words
  • Painting James Bond by Manet

    Painting James Bond by Manet
        • Such a wonderful art what is the use of the gun there
        • To Balodiya , Judi Dench was James Bonds Boss , She always carried a gun on her wherever she went. Thx for the comment !!!!!
        • Very well done, Nice strokes on the picture is perfect
  • Manet McMuffin

    Manet McMuffin
        • No Madame, I prefer to eat at a 5star establishment
        • Nice use of the Brand on this artistic work. good job
  • Edouard Manet Working on a Computer

    Edouard Manet  Working on a Computer
        • The monitor actually fits in the painting as if it was real. Love it.
        • Monet gains glimpses of the eternal in his daydreams
        • very well expressed. good job done here
        • Oh my god so many friend requests on my FB
  • Manet Karaoke Player

    Manet Karaoke Player
  • Meryl Streep's Tea Time by Manet

    Meryl Streep's Tea Time by Manet
        • Just wondering if a little softening of the edges of the face would be a good idea?
        • I used surface blur & also blur tool with the smudge tool on all of Meryl's face , neck & hair plus the paint daubs & a texture . I do'nt see what you are saying . Thx for dropping by , LOL !!!!
        • Great work on Face, so clean and perfectly mix.
        • I meant the lines at the edges/sides the black ones. But it is still a great image.
  • Kate Middleton by Manet

    Kate Middleton by Manet
        • Nice Art work done, but not clear in some areas like the ear
        • The ear is on the original picture balodiva
  • Edouard Manet's Bouquet of Flowers Coffe and an iPhone

    Edouard Manet's Bouquet of Flowers Coffe and an iPhone
        • I feel the starbucks up is a little on the shap side.
        • Clean Job, Nice use of today's gadgets in this chop
        • So many stuff, and there is an iPhone with high resolution cam
        • Thanks all for the comments
          Some good votes some unfair but ok
  • Woman Waiting by Manet

    Woman Waiting by Manet
  • Manet Painting of Concordia Sinking

    Manet Painting of Concordia Sinking
        • Concordia sinking!! nice concept entered here, good job and welcome to freaking news!!
  • Manet Time Traveller

    Manet Time Traveller
        • Why he is so dull anyway good job done
        • His face looks like he is worried of something!! Cool Man u did a good job
  • Gypsy Angelina Jolie by Manet

    Gypsy Angelina Jolie by Manet
        • You're going to meet a talldarg stranger very soon.
        • I wonder if perhaps Angelina's face could have been a little smaller to allow for her naturally high forehead?
        • Mmmmm , ????? , i likey just find the way it is .
        • Balodiya Thx !!!!

          [Edited by User on 1/28/2012 5:22:00 AM]
        • Good work seen on the face, Better if some smoke added to Cigar butt
        • A nice image, on second thoughts as you wanted the gypsy look, it wasn't necessary for her to look exactly like Angelina
  • Modernized Manet Painting

    Modernized Manet Painting
  • Bob Dylan in Manet Painting

    Bob Dylan in Manet Painting
  • Madame Manet at the Computer Keyboard

    Madame Manet at the Computer Keyboard
        • Moved the computer in place of a piano very clever job done
        • Haa ha ha this is the effect of technology, the Head is bending down to see the computer. Good use of source
        • Madame Manet e-mail's you: "Merci for your kind comments!"
        • She is learning photoshop Version
          -0.0 Beta
  • Man Wearing Jeans in Manet Painting

    Man Wearing Jeans in Manet Painting
  • Picnic Ground Manet Painting

    Picnic Ground Manet Painting
        • So peaceful here, not an animal in sight!
        • Great work with colors, the sign board tells all the story
        • Where is this national park, I like to go this beautiful place
  • Manet Astronaut

    Manet Astronaut
        • Its really wonderful to represent this act on this art work. Like this chop
        • Flying high get some shaving kit along this time
  • Waiting for Monoploy Players by Manet

    Waiting for Monoploy Players by Manet
        • This is Edgar DEGAS' l'absinthe
        • GeneralPepper The extra hooker could be Manet.
        • I stand corrected! Thanx Ganmerlad.
          In fact its "La Prune", not at all a hooker but actress Ellen Andrée.
  • The Battle by Manet

    The Battle by Manet
        • Great idea, the only thing I would suggest would be running a further artistic effect over it so the modern parts blended in with the painting style of the oil painting.
        • Oh dear, better grab a rope and rescue some survivors!
        • So much work has gone into this, I hesitate to say anything. However I feel the fire clouds look stretched and could do with being rounder. This would give a more natural look. in my humble opinion
        • Excellent chop of using the war scence on the background. And Water spoofing out is excellent good work seen here all the best!!!!!!
  • Manet at Hooters

    Manet at Hooters
  • The Girl in the Red Bikini by Manet

    The Girl in the Red Bikini by Manet
        • My Granny knitted this bikini. Hope it doesn't fall off when it's wet....
        • The bra is not cut out as well as it could be. I think maybe a higher res version would help.
        • Nice Bikini, good thought to use this here and lovely Hat.
  • Manet's Farm

    Manet's Farm
        • They eat frogs and snails here, lets go to America and live on burgers
  • Woman with an iPad in Manet Painting

    Woman with an iPad in Manet Painting
  • Man Smoking Marijuana in Manet Painting

    Man Smoking Marijuana in Manet Painting
  • Man Drinking Red Bull in Manet Painting

    Man Drinking Red Bull in Manet Painting
        • "Just what I need, a dose of caffiene to get me going"
        • LOL!!, one is Red Bull and the other ?? funny thought!
  • Manet Modernized

    Manet Modernized
        • Interesting take. Good for future illustrations.
        • excellent work, Looks like a new poster boy for future
  • Manet's Blue Period

    Manet's Blue Period
        • Is this Charlie Watts and Amy Winehouse?
          Can't see Manet in here, too much blue bur.
        • Was Monet's blue period, now it's mine, need a couple of 4's to take last place, no work in this, could have put a beer can in original of something and did better. This was all in Fun. Just love the face, to bad she couldn't stay off the Junk, Like Me.

          [Edited by User on 1/28/2012 10:05:27 AM]
        • No need to get in a huff HoHouse, the contest directions clearly said modernise Manet. This doesn't even have a paint effect or use an original Manet anywhere.
  • Edouard Manet Drinking Beer

    Edouard Manet  Drinking Beer
        • Good job done on the Beer Can, nice looking pose
  • Michelle Obama by Manet

    Michelle Obama by Manet
        • Can you stand back a bit please? You are scaring me!
        • Oh!!!, multiple art work! Interesting to see this
  • Big Foot in Manet Painting

    Big Foot in Manet Painting
        • Big foot would, I feel, benefit from Brown fur and an increase in size. Otherwise it is a great idea
        • Nice Picnic Spot nice backgroud selection
        • Great idea to bring the Big foot here. Nice one
        • Interesting concept. Wish the image were bigger though
  • Edouard Manet - the French Artist

    Edouard Manet - the French Artist
        • All painting blended digitally on the background Am i right??? good job
46 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Édouard Manet ( January 23, 1832, Paris - April 30, 1883, Paris) – was a French painter, engraver and one of the founders of Impressionism. Youth: Edouard Manet was born in house No 5 on Bonaparte street in the Paris quarter of Saint Germain des Pres to Auguste Manet, Head of Department in the Ministry of Justice & Eugenie - Desiree Fournier, daughter of French diplomat & former Consul in Gothenburg. Swedish King Charles XIII was godfather of Manet's mother. In 1839, Manet was sent to study at Canon Poiloup's School and later, due to his absolute indifference towards education, his father transferred him to "full boarding" at College Rollin, where he studied during the period from 1844 to 1848 without showing much success. In spite of the strong desire of Manet to become a painter, Manet's father, who wanted his son to choose a lawyer's career, strongly opposed the art education of Manet. However, his mother's brother, Edmond Edouard Fournier, understanding the boy's artistic vocation, advised him to attend special lectures on painting, for which he enrolled his nephew and also personally paid the expenditure. Thanks to Uncle Edmond, who regularly accompanied the boy to museums, Manet discovered the Louvre for himself, which had a decisive impact on his personal and creative life. Painting lessons, curiously enough, did not arouse the expected interest in Manet, largely because of the academic teaching quality and instead of making sculptures using plaster, the boy preferred to paint portraits of his colleagues, who soon became a model for many of his classmates. Journey to Brazil: In 1848, after completing his education, young Manet faced stiff opposition from his father on his decision to become a painter. Some sort of compromise was made when Manet decided to enrol in the navy school in 1847, however, Manet failed the entrance exams miserably (the total lack of education from Manet was visible). Nevertheless, he was allowed to go on a training voyage on the sailing ship "Havre and Guadeloupe" as preparation for re-examinations. While on voyage, the ship, in particular, visited Brazil. The exotic and rich colors of tropical countries strengthened his desire to learn pictorial art - from the trip, Manet brought large numbers of drawings, sketches and etudes. Often, he used crew members as models. Numerous letters, written by Manet to his relatives while on this journey, were stored, in which he described his impressions on the carnival in Rio and the exotic beauty of Brazilian women. On the other hand, he was a critic of slavery and a possible restoration of the monarchy in France. One tenth of the subsequent works by Manet comprise of sea landscapes and his sea journey to Brazil was instrumental in him deciding to make sea landscapes. Establishment: In July 1849, after returning to Paris, Manet once again made an unsuccessful attempt to clear the entrance examination of Naval School. This time, Manet's father, after considering the numerous drawings brought from his trip, had no doubt in the artistic vocation of his son and advised him to take admission in the Paris School of Fine Arts (École des Beaux-Arts). But, fearing the very rigid and academic program in the school, in 1850, Manet joined the studio of Thomas Couture, who was fashionable during that period and who became famous thanks to the monumental canvas "Romans in the Decadence of the Empire" in 1847. Particularly, this is the period when the conflict starts to flare between Manet and the Classical Roman tradition of painting, that prevailed at that time in France. Ultimately, the sharp aversion towards the bourgeois style resulted in clear break-up of Manet with Couture and the young artist left the studio of his teacher. However, on the request of father, Manet was compelled to apologize and return back to studio, though he retained his aversion towards strict teachings of Couture. The situation worsened for the young artist with the unwanted pregnancy of his long-standing sweetheart Suzanne Leenhoff. To avoid infamy and the anger of his father, the paternity of Koella was attributed to Manet only at the mayor's office. Another version also made the rounds that the newborn was not his son but the brother of Suzanne.