Manet 2013
Contest Directions: Today (January 23) is the 181st birthday of Edouard Manet. He originally wanted to join the French navy but failed the exams twice, and turned to art. So, in all honesty, we have to thank the French navy for giving the world the artist who became one of the founding fathers of impressionism and realism art movements. Manet trained in the studio of Thomas Couture - a hugely popular French history painter at the time. Before Manet developed his famous impressionist style, he spent two years in the Louvre where he trained and copied the old masters.
Photoshop any painting by Edouard Manet to include some modern elements in it. Think of product placements, celebrities, modern architecture, and even sci-fi features, etc. and show how Manet paintings would be different if he painted them in the modern days. Note: If you use any of Manet's paintings with "bare subjects" (e.g. "The Luncheon on the Grass" or "Olympia"), please cover them up with bikini before submitting.
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  • boy-blowing-bubbles-Universum

  • Manet's Zombie Musician.

  • I need some more energy

    I need some more energy
  • Rachel Ray Takes Over

    Rachel Ray Takes Over
  • Photoshopping on the can Victorian Style

    Photoshopping on the can Victorian Style
  • Angelina Manet

    Angelina Manet
  • Edouard Online Dating Service

     Edouard Online Dating Service
  • La Prune

    La Prune
  • Obama,Michelle and Bill

    Obama,Michelle and Bill
  • Sea Doo

    Sea Doo
  • Another Jenny Craig Success

    Another Jenny Craig Success
  • Home Theater

    Home Theater
  • Woman Reading iPad

    Woman Reading iPad
  • Ann Hathaway Manet style

    Ann Hathaway Manet style
  • Blow up dates

    Blow up dates
  • Obama playing bubbles

    Obama playing bubbles
  • Canal Diver

    Canal Diver
  • Joe, keep your hands off my bumbum

    Joe, keep your hands off my bumbum
  • Freaking Bikini

    Freaking Bikini
  • My Fellow Americans

    My Fellow Americans
  • The Balcony by Edouard Manet, 1869

    The Balcony by Edouard Manet, 1869
  • The British Singer by Edouard Manet, 1860

    The British Singer by Edouard Manet, 1860
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