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  • Started: 10/19/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 10/21/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 21
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
Contest Directions: Here's the shocking news for today. L'Oreal lipstick was found to contain the dangerous levels of lead - the highest level in the US lipstick market. The research was done by an independent research group that studied levels of toxins contained in different lipstick brands sold in the United States. The study showed that 61 percent of sold lipstick contains detectable levels of lead, with L'Oreal being the prime offender. Lead is a metal that is toxic to human body and causes a damage to the brain, blood vessels, and may lead to infertility.
The above report suggests that L'Oreal lipstick creates looks that literally could kill - it is a dangerous weapon - when it comes to looks and health.
Photoshop lipstick any way you wish. Make other things shaped as lipstick. Make unusual things appear from a lipstick tube (snail, cigar, etc.). Merge lipstick with other objects - weapons, etc. These are just some ideas.

Contest Info

    • Started: 10/19/2007 06:00
    • Ended: 10/21/2007 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 21
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
21 pictures
  • Cigarette Lipstick

    Cigarette Lipstick
        • Two packs a day could really kill you now! Love it.
        • wow this is just awesome, great execution.
        • Great theme, I would add some shading to the box lid's edge where the lipstick is closest and the floor where the lipstick is closest...other than that it's top notch chop.
        • A beauty. The concept is genius and it looks so real, I wanna buy a pack
  • Water Lipstick

    Water Lipstick
        • Nice water manipulation, I know how much a pain it can be to make it look good and you have done that here.
        • Congrats, Shark with your first advanced contest trophy!
        • cheers NewsMaster.

          I really dig the community and competitions here.
        • Shark can't live without his water! Great job and congrats!
  • Frog Lipstick

    Frog Lipstick
        • Smart idea. A shadow from the cap is needed too.
        • Congrats Skorp...I really liked this one. Would freak me out if I opened up a tube and saw this tho.
  • Lead Lipstick

    Lead Lipstick
        • You can commit suicide with either the lipstick or the razor.
        • this it's so so nice bu you forgot the razor's reflection at the lepstick's cap.
        • Nice image, but I was wishing you had made a larger image for the full view.
        • this is very nice...almost looks like a real ad...
  • Lipstick Spray

    Lipstick Spray
        • By the looks of her fingernails, there's been some lead applied there too? Or was it the glue?
        • By the looks of her fingernails, there's been some lead applied there too? Or was it the glue?
          HAH! I didn't even notice that! LOL!
  • Lipstick Pen

    Lipstick Pen
        • LOL. You can see the person taking the picture of the pen in the reflection on the cap in full view.

          Nice image.
        • very clear and crisp...looks very nice..
        • Looks real and impressive. I would slightly increase the levels for the lipstick part.
  • Lipstick Bullets

    Lipstick Bullets
        • Nice. I think I would have liked this even better had they all been full sticks like the one on the right. And your masking around the holders could be more accurate. I definately like the different colors. Cool pic.
        • Lipsticks are somewhat blurry but the composition is impressive.
  • Lipstick Swiss Knife

    Lipstick Swiss Knife
  • Zombie Lipstick

    Zombie Lipstick
        • Yeah, I agree, it is creepy. Was creepy to work on it, too. I am not sure of the effects of extreme lead poisoning to the body (if you don't die first), but this is how I pictured it. Parts rotting and falling off. And even through all of this, she still manages to put on her lipstick...cuz she's worth it.

          It's my first time doing a chop decaying someone. Any tips on improvement would be great.

          [Edited by User on 10/20/2007 7:08:02 PM]
        • Scary. The result looks quite impressive.
  • Lethal Lipstick

    Lethal Lipstick
        • sweet and simple...sorry..just ran out of words.
        • Why did I not think of that? Clever sign.
        • Cute, I love the crossbones. Be careful with your shadowing. You have blurred it on both sides of the stick. There should not be a shadow on the topside of the lipstick, nor on both sides of the cap.
  • Katyusha Lipstick Launcher

    Katyusha Lipstick Launcher
        • the tail fin on the lowest missile seems to be cropped kinda bad. missing a trianglular area. other than that, good execution.
        • Nice idea. The bottom lipsticks should be darker than the ones on the top. The need some shadows.
  • Lipstick Bullet

    Lipstick Bullet
        • nice but the lipstick it's large than the gun's hole.
        • the lipstick expands when it hits the air....heck I don't know, lol.
  • Deadly Lipstick

    Deadly Lipstick
  • Murder Lipstick

    Murder Lipstick
  • Lipstick Army

    Lipstick Army
  • Darth Vader Lipstick

    Darth Vader Lipstick
  • Blood Lipstick

    Blood Lipstick
        • Fair concept but I would emphasize on the lipstick by giving it a bigger place in the entry and making lips take larger space too.
        • Also, layouts like this look much better if don't put everything on the edge. I would move the lipsticks and text in a little.
  • Skull and Bones Lipstick

    Skull and Bones Lipstick
  • Graffiti Lipstick

    Graffiti Lipstick
        • I would add some blur and skew the lip print to follow the wall perspective. Fair concept.
  • Slow Death by Lipstick

    Slow Death by Lipstick
  • Lipstick Gun

    Lipstick Gun
        • the gun is extremely blurry. Should be very easy to find a larger source in the internet.
        • Agree with the above. Somewhat blurry due to lower resolution sources.
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Almost in every ladies' bag a wonderful helper to make up a beautiful form could be found - a lipstick. However to be suitable to choose and use, this cosmetic preparation should be very careful. Composition of a general lipstick has 4 ingredients in it: Base, supplements, dyes and aromatizes. Base - It is a natural vegetative wax from palm trees, grass leaves and cereus waxen. Besides wax lipstick includes oils (for example, castor oil, which beautifully softens lips) and film-forming substances (polymers and silicate derivatives, which gives shining and firmness). Among the supplements, including in the components of lipstick, mostly it is Vitamin A and E. They have anti-inflammatory action, contains vegetative extracts and sun-protective filters. The color of the lipstick depends upon the mixtures of pigments and dyes. And the perfume hides the smell of raw material. Besides that, all lipsticks contain conservatives, which save the properties of the lipstick, as well as antioxidants, preventing its oxidation. Kinds of Lipsticks Depending upon the content lipsticks may be classified as moisturizing, nourishing, long-lasting, hygienic and shining for lips. Moisturizing lipsticks not only color the lips, but also softens them, preventing peeling. It consists of avocado oil, cacao, castor, sunflower or coconut oil, chamomile extract. Quick erasing property is the disadvantage. Nourishing lipsticks protects lips from cracks during the winter period of the year; indeed it consists of a large quantity of wax. Long-lasting and super long-lasting lipsticks do not keep the signs and may hold on the lips for 24 hours. They are easily drawn and posses pleasant texture. It consists of dyeing pigments in mixture with the ethers. When the last mentioned disappears, on the lips remains a color film. But it is not recommended to use the long-lasting lipsticks everyday, because they make the lips dry. Hygienic lipsticks prevent drying and formation of cracks. These are Ideal for caring of lips during winter. This Consists of vitamins, nourishing and moisturizers and anti-inflammatory substances. But unfortunately, similar lipsticks do not shade the lip, that's why this usage does not have decorative character. Shine for the lips ideally suits for the natural make-up. It contains of the vegetative dyes in a small quantity, oils and vitamins. But have to be careful with the application, as indeed the mist spreads very easily. Choosing the color correctly There exist some principles, with the help of which it is recommended to select a lipstick: - As dark is the skin, so luscious and bright should be the lipstick; - As fair is the skin, so natural shades should be there in the lipstick (for example, dull-rose colored, beige toned); - For a normal skin tonus golden colored and all red shades are suitable. While buying a lipstick: A good quality lipstick should be soft and light applied on the lips, equally laid, no spread out and no devolving. It should not tighten the lips; keep the sense of heaviness and stains after rubbing. A good lipstick always smells tasty. Droplets or spots should not be present on the surface of lipstick. Hard, brittleness and bad smell of a lipstick indicate the poor quality of a lipstick. A small experiment can be carried out to examine the selected lipstick: Draw a line with the tester on a piece of paper. If the lipstick is of good quality, line will be homogeneous, with out lumps, pellets and roughness. Apart from this, apply a small quantity of the lipstick on backside of the palm. This allows in determining the how the lipstick is applied, whether it can be erased easily or not and the color of lipstick on your skin. For a total confidence it is recommended to apply on the lips directly in the shop itself, indeed the shades of the lipsticks may change very easily, applied on the natural color of the lips.

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