Let it Snow Winter Paintings
Contest Directions: This Saturday, December 1, will mark the official end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Last year, dry and warm winter disappointed skiers, snowmobilers and winter enthusiasts. They have something to cheer about this week, as weather forecasts across the country promise snowier winter season than we had last year. Let it snow!
To mark the upcoming start of winter, let's "winterize" any famous paintings by adding snow to them and adding warm winter clothes to the characters in the paintings. Adding snow is a must, adding winter clothes is optional.
This gallery only contains our top 21 selections from its parent contest Let it Snow! (Winter Paintings). All 22 contest pictures can be viewed here.
  • Elder sister

    Elder sister
  • The Little Knitter

    The Little Knitter
  • Mona Lisa Winter

    Mona Lisa Winter
  • figure at a window

    figure at a window
  • Frozen Biblis

    Frozen Biblis
  • Winter gothic

    Winter gothic
  • Snowshoeman

  • Winter Poker Dogs

    Winter Poker Dogs
  • Doggy's Christmas

  • American Gothic Winter

    American Gothic Winter
  • Dali's Blue Butterfly Boat Bonanza

  • Winter

  • Wet glory

    Wet glory
  • NHL lockout 1486 Year (NHL deputy commissioner S. Botticelli)

    NHL lockout 1486 Year (NHL deputy commissioner  S. Botticelli)
  • A Snowy-Night!

    A Snowy-Night!
  • The TimeSquare Coffee Drinkers

    The TimeSquare Coffee Drinkers
  • It's that time of year, again!

  • skating after the tree lightening

    skating after the tree lightening
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  • "Mom" is Winterized

    "Mom" is Winterized
  • Touche !

    Touche !
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  • Started: 11/28/2012 06:00
  • Ended: 12/1/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 21
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  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
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