Legal Marijuana Products
Contest Directions: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed the "marijuana bill" downgrading possession of an ounce or less from a misdemeanor to an infraction. The change will keep marijuana-related cases from becoming court-clogging jury trials, even though the penalty will remain a fine of up to $100, with no jail time. Violations will not go on a person's record as a crime. Before turning to politics and becoming a governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a strong supporter of marijuana legalization; in the 1977 documentary "Pumping Iron", Schwarzenegger was shown smoking a marijuana joint.
Show what marijuana products we may expect to see when marijuana becomes fully legal.
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  • Marijuana Car

    Marijuana Car
  • Mark Zuckerberg Smoking Marijuana

    Mark Zuckerberg Smoking Marijuana
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Using iPot Marijuana

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Using iPot Marijuana
  • Mr.Pot Head Toy

    Mr.Pot Head Toy
  • Old Ladies Smoking and Growing Marijuana

    Old Ladies Smoking and Growing Marijuana
  • John Lenon and Yoko Ono Smoking Marijuana

    John Lenon and Yoko Ono Smoking Marijuana
  • Obama and Schwarzenegger Smoking Marijuana

    Obama and Schwarzenegger Smoking  Marijuana
  • Penelope Cruise Stoned

    Penelope Cruise Stoned
  • The Family Guy Marijuana

    The Family Guy Marijuana
  • Weedies Marijuana Breakfast of Champions

    Weedies Marijuana Breakfast of Champions
  • Child Drinking Marijuana Milk

    Child Drinking Marijuana Milk
  • Young Girl Smoking a Joint Painting

    Young Girl Smoking a Joint Painting
  • Marijuana Pot Tarts

    Marijuana Pot Tarts
  • Terminator Eating a Pot Sandwich

    Terminator Eating a Pot Sandwich
  • The Hemp Club For Men

    The Hemp Club For Men
  • Weedios Marijuana Breakfast Cereal

    Weedios Marijuana Breakfast Cereal
  • California Weeds

    California Weeds
  • Marijuana Milk From California

    Marijuana Milk From California
  • Ironman The Quest for Weed

    Ironman The Quest for Weed
  • Marijuana Wreath

    Marijuana Wreath
  • Doping Mama Marijuana Wii Game

    Doping Mama Marijuana Wii Game
  • American Gothic Marijuana Painting

    American Gothic Marijuana Painting
  • Marijuana Femme

    Marijuana Femme
  • Cannabis Bowling

    Cannabis Bowling
  • Marijuana on the Back of a Truck

    Marijuana on the Back of a Truck
  • Hemp Basball Bat

    Hemp Basball Bat
  • Woody Harelson Giving a Bong to Kofi Annan

    Woody Harelson Giving a Bong to Kofi Annan
  • Susan Boyle with a Big Bottle

    Susan Boyle with a Big Bottle
  • Marijuana Cotton Candy

    Marijuana Cotton Candy
  • Marijuana Advertisement

    Marijuana Advertisement
  • Woman Eating Marijuana Ice Cream

    Woman Eating Marijuana Ice Cream
  • Marijuana Cooking With Emeril

    Marijuana Cooking With Emeril
  • Marijuana Cat Nip

    Marijuana Cat Nip
  • The New PO-Chia Plant

    The New PO-Chia Plant
  • Marijuana Movie

    Marijuana Movie
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Marijuana has similar properties to hashish, which is also extracted from hemp, but in a little different form, more similar to tobacco. In the USA, marijuana was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, especially amongst the youth. The deplorable results associated with the effects this narcotic use and strict control in the struggle against narcotics have led to a sharp decrease in the abuse level of marijuana, especially in comparison with the peak, observed during 1979-1980. However, according to data from American researchers, in 1992 around 67 million Americans took marijuana, at one time in life at least once. Marijuana belongs to the most widespread drug used in America today. Marijuana is dried, crushed flowers and leaves of certain type of hemp (cannabis). The intoxicating properties depend on the levels of tetrahydrocannabidinol content, causing a narcotic effect. The substance, similar to tobacco, and made by drying the leaves and flower tips of cannabis, is part of marijuana, which is distinguished depending on its purity and on the source and selection of materials being used. Sinsemila, which is extracted from the unfertilized plant of female cannabis and hashish - a resinous substance of the cannabis plant, are popular in addicts because of the high concentration of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabidinol). It is considered that THC is the chemical which is responsible for the majority of psychoactive effects of the plant. Marijuana is generally smoked in the form of loosely rolled cigarettes. Cigarettes containing marijuana can be worked-up with certain impurities, including phencyclidine (PCP), which changes the effects and toxicity of these products. There are many street names of marijuana which include: pot, grass, weeds, lady Mary, Akapulko treasures and pea jacket. Although marijuana, which is grown in United States, was once considered to be of poor quality due to the low concentration of THC, the advancement in selection and cultivation of plants, led to the production of strong-acting marijuana grown in the country. For example, sisemillia with average THC levels, its production has increased from 3.2% in 1977 to 12.8% in 1997 in the USA. Marijuana contains famous cancer causing toxins and chemical drugs that gets deposited in the adipocytes of addicts for several months. Marijuana abusers experience the same health problems as smokers, for example: bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma. Some other effects of marijuana abuse include an increase in heart contractions, dryness in the mouth, the reddening of eyes, relaxed motor skills and concentration and also persistent hunger. The frequent abuse of marijuana increases the risk diseases of the lungs and reproductive system, as well as the suppression of the immune system. As reported, from time to time hallucinations, illusions and paranoia can develop. Sources of Marijuana: United States: Cannabis quickly grows in remote districts and on lands where it is possible to prevent supervision and identification of owners. To reduce the spread of marijuana cultivation, the USA developed a Program of destruction and reducing the spread of cannabis in the country in 1979. Other countries: Organizations, involved in drug-trading, operating from Mexico, are responsible for providing large quantities of marijuana in drug market. However, the traders, who are located in Far East countries such as Cambodia and Thailand, also supply this drug to the global market. Marijuana from Thailand, which is often called "Thai Sticks", is confiscated more rarely than marijuana of Mexican origin. The effect of this drug varies from person to person. Someone feels absolutely nothing while someone feels relaxed or excited. In rare cases, the abuse of narcotics is accompanied by intense thirst or wildness. According to studies conducted in the USA, marijuana abuse stimulates the development of a few types of cancer and affects the respiratory and immune systems of the person. Marijuana contains more than 400 chemical compounds. Some of them are cancer causing. For example, the smoker who smokes 5 cigarettes of marijuana in a week receives as many harmful compounds as smoking a pack of usual cigarettes daily. One has to decide if it is necessary for you? Marijuana lovers have an acute short term memory loss. The risk of developing schizophrenia and mental disturbances increases, which demand urgent medical care. Studies have shown that marijuana smoking damages intellectual functions. Changes take place in the brain, which are similar to those that arise from the use of heroin, cocaine and other strong narcotic substances. Marijuana is smoked in several ways: • With the help of pipe (most simple and widespread means of "dry smoking”); • Cigar; • From cup (bong) - self-made smoking device, made from plastic bottles; • Using a medical pipette Smoking marijuana is many times more dangerous than tobacco smoking but, it does not mean that the later can be used and is harmless to health. The effects are the same both by marijuana abuse and tobacco, they simply appear much faster in the first case.

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