Lance Armstrong Endorsements
Contest Directions: In a 2.5 hour interview with Oprah, Lance Armstrong confessed that he used doping and steroids to win Tour De France 7 times. The interview will air on Thursday and Friday on The Oprah Winfrey Network. Lance is stripped off the Tour De France titles, and asked to return the prize money. Sponsors, who paid millions of dollars to Armstrong for his healthy image trough the years of his sports career, are not amused and may file charges against him. Armstrong still gotta make a living somehow, especially to pay for the big legal fees he's facing, but his only source of income in the last years has been ads and endorsements of products. Now that Armstrong went from hero to zero, what sponsors, people, and companies may hire him to endorse them or advertise their products?
Who will (or definitely will not) sign ad contracts with Lance now? Show the probable and most improbable products and services (or even people, and countries) Lance Armstrong may (or may not) endorse now.
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  • Blood Doping Kit

    Blood Doping Kit
  • Armstrong Coffee

    Armstrong Coffee
  • Lingerie posing

    Lingerie posing
  • Gump Condoms

    Gump Condoms
  • Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong
  • Bike Safety

    Bike Safety
  • Liar vs liar

    Liar vs liar
  • The nurse

    The nurse
  • Lance Crackers

    Lance Crackers
  • The purity of the nature

    The purity of the nature
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