Contest Directions: Photoshop this ladybug image any way you wish. Examples may include giving it a new paint job, merging the ladybug with some other object or animal, including the ladybug in paintings. These are just some ideas.
You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly.
Thanks to Lyina for the idea, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.
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  • Gas Bug

    Gas Bug
  • Turtle Bug

    Turtle Bug
  • Lady Volkswagon Beetle

    Lady Volkswagon Beetle
  • Bug Polo

    Bug Polo
  • Rumble in the Leafs

    Rumble in the Leafs
  • The Lady Bugs

    The Lady Bugs
  • what it is this?

    what it is this?
  • Bug-Eyed Monster

    Bug-Eyed Monster
  • Lady Bugger

    Lady Bugger
  • Ladybug Suite

    Ladybug Suite
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Ladybugs (L. Coccinellidae) - family of beetles, or coleopterous, is distinguished with trinomial because third one is a very small joint with the fourth half one is hidden in between twin blade sulcus of second joint. Body of ladybugs is hemispherical or oviform, more or less convex. A short head with 11 antennae, rarely with 10 articulated antennae clipped on to sides front end of head and which can bent underneath head. Abdomen consists of 5 free joints. Lady - bugs are spread all over the world and known more than 1000species. Some of them can be seen on trees, shrubs or grass where there are plant lice; some can be seen field grass; some can be observed on meadows near streams, while the others only on trees; and also on rush and other water plants. Ladybug of water plants have longer legs which help them to hold on to plants bent by winds. Like grown up ladybugs, their larvae feed on plant lice, and some ladybugs like their larvae eat plants. In case of danger, beetles bend their antennae underneath head, legs hidden under its body, pretend to be dead and release yellow pungent liquid which was used before for treating toothache. Some species with larger legs run for safer place. Beetle hibernates under the bark of trees, under roots and etc. In spring, females lay yellowish eggs on leaves; from eggs emerge lengthened and pointed backwards larvae. Ladybugís larvae often have bright color and marked with blotches and thorns; they have 3 joint antennae, at both sides of head there are 3-4 simple eyes; legs are quite lengthy. Chrysalides are fixed to the leaves by its back of the body. Majority of ladybugs are useful because they consume lot of plant lice which harm plants, but only little of them harmful because of their consumption of plants. The most ordinary type is a seven-doted ladybug (Сосcinella septempunctata). It has 7-8mm length. Chest clypeus color is whitish with a spot in front corner; red top wings with 7 dots, and is very common in Europe, North Africa and Asia. This type feeds on plant lice thatí why it is very useful. In English speaking countries ladybug is also called lady beetle. Both names imply Virgin Mary hence in catholic countries ladybug is considered insect of the Holy Mother. Thatís why ladybug can not be killed. More over people long before noted that ladybug effectively destroys plant lice.

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